European Physical Education Review, Vol. 27, 2021, No. 3


Open Access
Messy methods: Making sense of participatory research with young people in PE and sport
Hayley Fitzgerald, Annette Stride, Eimear Enright
pp. 421–435

A one-year follow-up of basic psychological need satisfactions in physical education and associated in-class and total physical activity
Arto Gråstén, Sami Yli-Piipari, Mikko Huhtiniemi, Kasper Salin, Harto Hakonen, Timo Jaakkola
pp. 436–454

Open Access
Understanding disruptive situations in physical education: Teaching style and didactic implications
Dag Ove G. Hovdal, Inger Beate Larsen, Tommy Haugen, Bjørn Tore Johansen
pp. 455–472

Enacting a new curriculum models-based framework supported by digital technology within a learning community
Antonio Calderón, Deborah Tannehill
2020; pp. 473–492

Developmental sequences for observing and assessing forceful kicking
Ryan S. Sacko, Till Utesch, Rita Cordovil, An De Meester, Rick Ferkel, Larissa True, Zan Gao, Jacqueline Goodway, Tim S. Bott, David F. Stodden
pp. 493–511

Open Access
Motivating students for physical activity: What can we learn from student perspectives?
Gwendolijn MM Boonekamp, John AJ Dierx, Erik Jansen
pp. 512–528

Perceived teachers’ autonomy support, positive behaviour, and misbehaviour in physical education: The roles of advantageous comparison and non-responsibility
Wei-Ting Hsu, I-Wei Shang, Chia-Huei Hsiao
pp. 529–542

“My mindset has completely shifted from asking what to asking why and how”: Influence of two effective and expert teachers’ value orientations on their curricula and pedagogies
Leah K. May, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith
pp. 543–558

The relationships between the 3 × 2 achievement goal model and test anxiety in Physical Education
Sarah Danthony, Nicolas Mascret, François Cury
pp. 559–573

Principals’ involvement in comprehensive school physical activity programmes: A social-ecological perspective
Karie Orendorff, Collin A Webster, Diana Mîndrilă, Kathleen MW Cunningham, Panayiotis Doutis, Brian Dauenhauer, David F Stodden
pp. 574–594

Open Access
‘Health First’ and curriculum reform in China: The experiences of physical education teachers in one city
Xuan Meng, Andrew Horrell, Paul McMillan, Guorong Chai
pp. 595–612

The relationships among personal accomplishment, resilience and teachers’ experience of teaching multiple school subjects role conflict
Cassandra Iannucci, K Andrew R Richards, Ann MacPhail
pp. 613–635

Ecological correlates of Spanish preschoolers’ physical activity and sedentary behaviours during structured movement sessions
Sara Lahuerta-Contell, Javier Molina-García, Ana Queralt, María del Mar Bernabé-Villodre, Vladimir E Martínez-Bello
pp. 636–653

The tennis common content knowledge measure validation
Emi Tsuda, Phillip Ward, Junyoung Kim, Yaohui He, Debra Sazama, Ali Brian
pp. 654–665

‘It’s how PE should be!’: Classroom teachers’ experiences of implementing Meaningful Physical Education
Stephanie Beni, Déirdre Ní Chróinín, Tim Fletcher
pp. 666–683

Exploring the impact of a student-centred survival swimming programme for primary school students in Australia: the perceptions of parents, children and teachers
Lauren A. Petrass, Kate Simpson, Jenny Blitvich, Rhiannon Birch, Bernadette Matthews
pp. 684–702

Alternative environment activities on both sides of the Atlantic: A Canada-Ireland consideration and comparison
Daniel B Robinson, Nathan Hall, José da Costa, Brent Bradford
First Published February 3, 2021; pp. 703–723

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