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Call for Papers | “Sport Economics Issues Facing Asian Sport Industry” | Special issue of Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends February 1, 2018

This special issues seeks to serve as a venue to help highlight and showcase research which advances and enhances and the understanding of sport in Asia. It will broadly cover topics in sports economics and sport management within Asia, and is open to submissions from various disciplines.

Call for Papers | “The Progress of European Ice Hockey in the Shadow of NHL and KHL” | Special issue of Sport in Society. Call ends September 30, 2018

This is a call for papers for a special ice hockey issue to deal with the development of European, and in particular Nordic, ice hockey, against a backdrop of two dominant hockey leagues, NHL to the west and KHL to the east, as well as an escalating process of commercialization of the game, and of sport in general.

Call for Papers | “Dance, Movement, and Leisure Cultures” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends December 31, 2018

Submissions should be theoretically and/or conceptually informed and engage with the myriad ways dance movement reflects and upholds value systems, but also how dance might shape and potentially disrupt and provoke such systems in the cultural spaces of leisure scholarship, leisure-based communities, and in popular culture.

Call for Papers | “Join the conversation on leisure cultures and wellbeing” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends June 30, 2018

This special issue aims to provide an interdisciplinary and world-wide opportunity for critical, theoretical, and methodological analyses concerned with leisure cultures and wellbeing. The issue seeks to make visible rigorous high quality social science research that build knowledge of the diverse relationships between leisure cultures and wellbeing.

Call for Papers | “Leisure Cultures and Glocal Challenges to National Populist Politics” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends January 31, 2018

At a time when key global actors institute “alternative facts” as a way to further institute racism, classism, homophobia, patriarchy and sexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression, this special issue aims to highlight what critical understandings of leisure can do to challenge anti-intellectual, imperial pursuits.

Call for Papers | “Beyond the US: The Globalization of Intercollegiate Athletics” | Special issue of Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends October 1, 2018

This special issue seeks to investigate the nature of various aspects of US-based intercollegiate athletics that can shed light on its uniqueness and distinctiveness. While college athletics in the US is unique, numerous countries are exploring plans to develop a system of intercollegiate athletics in their own markets.

Call for Papers | “Experimental Research in Sport Consumer Behavior” | Special Issue of Sport Marketing Quarterly. Call ends December 15, 2017

This special issue seeks to: (a) further the theoretical understanding of sport consumers through experimental methods and (b) enhance awareness and appreciation of the benefits of using an experimental approach in sport consumer behavior research.

Call for Papers | “Multispecies Leisure: Human-animal Interactions in Leisure Landscapes” | Special issue of Leisure Studies. Call ends September 30, 2018

This special issue aims to contribute towards a greater understanding of leisure as a complex, multispecies phenomenon. We welcome contributions from multidisciplinary and international perspectives that consider how understanding of (human) leisure experiences is enhanced through consideration of multispecies perspectives and environments.

Call for Papers | “Community sport and social inclusion: International perspectives” | Special issue of Sport in Society. Call ends October 15, 2017

This volume seeks to bring together the latest cutting-edge research related to the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion in community sport, as well as the broader outcomes and impacts that community sport programmes/events may have in promoting, or hindering, social inclusion in other areas of life, such as employment, education and migrant integration.

Call for Papers | “Football Business & Management” | Special Issue of Managing Sport & Leisure. Call ends January 31, 2017

This special issue aims to promote the expansion of multi-disciplinary enquiries into global football based practice, developing the understanding of football as a highly relevant commercial, social, and cultural phenomenon, and welcomes contributions from both applied and theoretical work which addresses football inquiry, method, and practice, at local, regional, and international levels.