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    Science and Medicine in Football, Vol. 5, 2021, Issue sup1: Training and Playing Football...

    The mission of Science and Medicine in Football is to advance the theoretical knowledge, methodological approaches and the professional practice associated with the sport of football. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Resilience as a protective factor for well-being and emotional stability in elite-level football players during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic by Esben Elholm Madsen, Peter Krustrup, Carsten Hvid Larsen, Anne-Marie Elbe, Johan Michael Wikman, Andreas Ivarsson & Franziska Lautenbach.

    Solid, brugbar og ambitiøs grundbog om sportsverdens mange dele og hvordan vi håndterer dem

    Sport management-undervisningen i Skandinavien fick länge bedrivas med hjälp av främst amerikansk kurslitteratur, med amerikanskt fokus. På senare år har vi dessbättre sett en utgivning av läroböcker i ämnet på skandinaviska språk, och nu senast Sportsmanagement: Ledelse og kommercialisering i sportsbranchen av Kenneth Cortsen, Michael Hehr och Renate Nielsen (Hans Reitzels Forlag). Allan Bennich Grønkjær är i huvudsak positiv, ja smått entusiastisk i sin recension, men tipsar också om andra titlar.

    World Leisure Journal, Volume 63, 2021, Issue 4

    The purpose of WLJ is to stimulate and communicate research, theory, and critical thought in all areas that address leisure, including play, recreation, the arts and culture, sport, health and fitness, and travel and tourism. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: The social patterning of sport: dispositions in regular sports participation and stratification in Canada by Adam Gemar.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Antti Laine, University of Jyväskylä

    Antti Laine works as a Senior researcher and lecturer in sport sociology at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His research interests focus mainly on sport media, private sport sector (e.g. ice hockey and fitness) and sport as a societal phenomenon. Dr Laine has published numerous articles and acted as an editor in academic publications.

    “Entertaining reading about football as a vital element in the human comedy”

    In Heather L. Dichter’s edited volume Soccer Diplomacy: International Relations and Football since 1914 (Univerity Press of Kentucky) an international group of experts analyzes the relationship between soccer and diplomacy. We handed the book to Kristian Gerner, professor of history at Lund University and our expert reviewer in sport and international relations. He found that the book offers readable analyses of soccer as an instrument of diplomacy, but questions the use and understanding of the chosen terminology.

    Lediga platser | Universitetsadjunkt i idrottsvetenskap, inriktning idrottslära, till Institutionen för idrottsvetenskap, Malmö universitet...

    Som universitetsadjunkt i idrottsvetenskap med inriktning idrottslära kommer du huvudsakligen arbeta med undervisning inom lärarprogrammet. I tjänsten ingår kursansvar med utbildningsplanering, examination på grundnivå samt att bedriva forsknings- och utvecklingsarbete. Inom kunskapsområdet idrottslära kommer du undervisa i olika delar såsom atletisk form (t.ex friidrott), bollspelsform, essentiell form (t.ex. orientering och simning) samt friluftsform.

    European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 18, 2021, Issue 4

    EJSS’ function is to enable an international discussion about current issues and to foster collaboration between researchers from all social scientific sub-disciplines. It’s published 4 times per year. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Why do some papers get desk rejected from the European Journal for Sport and Society? by Adam B. Evans, Georgia Clay, Josef Fahlén, Remco Hoekman, Verena Lenneis, Maureen Smith, Pamela Wicker & Laura Wilcock.

    Free Virtual Lecture | Biofeminism: The Epistemic Politics of Inclusion in Women’s Sport, by...

    We are pleased to welcome this year's lecturer, Dr. Madeleine Pape, who is a sociologist and Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She obtained her PhD in the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019. Dr. Pape's current work examines feminist and scientific debates over biological sex and how claims about sex difference shape the pursuit of gender equity in sport and biomedical research.

    European Journal of Sport Science, Volume 21, 2021, Issue 12

    The EJSS is the official journal of the European College of Sport Science. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Practitioner observations of oral nicotine use in elite sport: You snus you lose by Andreas M. Kasper & Graeme L. Close.

    Call for Participants | Athlete Mental Health & Wellbeing Symposium, Online via Zoom |...

    In the first New School Athlete Mental Health & Wellbeing Symposium, we will bring together scholars, clinicians, and athletes from interdisciplinary, athletic, and personal backgrounds to discuss the status of athlete mental health and wellbeing across diverse contexts, obstacles and opportunities for engaging athletes in mental healthcare, how athletes and the media can work together to reimagine our expectations and representations of athletes and their wellbeing, and ways in which issues of equity and race-based discrimination negatively impact athletes.

    Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 39, 2021, Issue 23

    The Journal of Sports Sciences publishes articles of a high standard on various aspects of the sports sciences covering a number of disciplinary bases. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Ground reaction forces during sprint hurdles by Ryu Nagahara, Misaki Wakamiya, Yasuo Shinohara & Akinori Nagano.

    Journal of Applied Sport Management, Vol. 13, 2021, No. 1

    The goal of JASM is to publish sport business-focused research and conceptual contributions that bridge the divide between scholarship and practice. Only manuscripts that make a meaningful contribution to the sport industry based on practical, conceptual/empirical grounding will be considered for publication. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Intercollegiate Athletics Marketing-Generated Revenue: Within Autonomy Football Bowl Subdivision by Alicia Romano, Jamie Riggs, Alan Morse, and Yoon Tae Sung.

    Call for Participation | Digital Innovation in Sports, Master’s level course 7.5 credits (ECTS)...

    Recent years have seen drastic developments in terms of digitalisation in sports. The use of digital technology in sports affects how sports teams are organized and managed, how we gain access to sports information and design new sports equipment. Digitization has also created new sports, such as e-Sports, which have major consequences for the perception of what sports are and how sports are practiced.

    Call for Papers | The Diversity in Sport Regional Conference | Virtual event, hosted...

    The conference is a student-driven event targeting traditionally underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students (e.g. students of color, LGBTIQ students, students with disabilities) and early career professionals interested in careers in applied sport, exercise, and performance psychology. Through a variety of discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities, the conference provides a space for open dialogue around diversity and social justice issues in applied sport and exercise settings.

    Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour, Volume 4, 2021, Issue 4

    JMPB is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on innovative and impactful research on wearable monitors to assess such behaviors as physical activity, sedentary behavior, movement disorders, and sleep. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Simultaneous Validation of Count-to-Activity Thresholds for Five Commonly Used Activity Monitors in Adolescent Research: A Step Toward Data Harmonization by Gráinne Hayes, Kieran Dowd, Ciaran MacDonncha, Alan Donnely.

    Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, Volume 21, 2021, Issue 4

    The main purpose of the Journal is to provide a central point for the publication and dissemination of research and scholarship on adventure and the ‘outdoors’ as media for learning as well as recreation. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Sámi sports and outdoor life at the indigenous Riddu Riđđu festival by Bente Ovedie Skogvang (open access).

    Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 39, 2021, Issue 22

    The Journal of Sports Sciences publishes articles of a high standard on various aspects of the sports sciences covering a number of disciplinary bases. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Around the world in 16 days: the effect of long-distance transmeridian travel on the sleep habits and behaviours of a professional Super Rugby team by Tim D Smithies, Peter R Eastwood, Jennifer Walsh, Kevin Murray, Will Markwick & Ian C Dunican.

    Journal of Applied Biomechanics, Volume 37, 2021, Issue 6

    JAB contains original research articles, technical notes, computational model articles, review articles, target articles, and book reviews. JAB is an official journal of the International Society of Biomechanics. The Forum Editor’s choice from the current issue: Linear Relationships Among the Hand and Clubhead Motion Characteristics in Golf Driving in Skilled Male Golfers by Young-Hoo Kwon, Noelle J. Tuttle, Cheng-Ju Hung, Nicholas A. Levine, Seungho Baek.

    Call for Papers   | 5th Annual Sport & Discrimination Conference | University of Sunderland,...

    Discrimination cuts across traditional academic subjects and the ethos behind this conference is therefore to bring together experts from different subject areas to exchange ideas and explore what we can learn from one another.  We welcome presentations about all forms of discrimination across any sporting context.  As in previous years of Sport and Discrimination events, submissions may approach the conference from a variety of perspectives.

    Call for Abstracts | International Association for the Philosophy of Sport Conference August...

    Abstracts are welcome on any area of philosophy of sport (broadly construed), including metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics, and from any theoretical approach, including analytic philosophy and critical theory. While IAPS recognizes, values, and encourages interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies, acceptance is contingent on the philosophical content of the project. Emerging scholars are encouraged to submit works in progress.

    Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 43, 2021, Issue 6

    JSEP publishes peer-reviewed research articles by leading world scholars that explore the interactions between psychology and exercise and sport performance, and more. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “You Kick Like A Girl!” The Effects of Gender Stereotypes on Motor Skill Learning in Young Adolescents by Seyyed Mohammadreza Mousavi, Laura Gray, Sahar Beik, Maxime Deshayesn.

    Workshop | Cycling through gendered lives: exploring the link between structural gender inequalities, gender...

    This workshop will explore the link between structural gender inequalities, cultural gender norms, and women’s bicycling practices. Research works from around the world will be confronted to the “critical case” of Tokyo to identify ways forward for research on gender and cycling. To accommodate researchers from several different countries, and given the ongoing travel uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop will be held online.

    International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 16, 2021, No. 12

    IJSPP focuses on sport physiology and performance and is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of sport and exercise physiologists and other sport scientists. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Internal Training Load Affects Day-After-Pretraining Perceived Fatigue in Female Volleyball Players by Alexandru Nicolae Ungureanu, Corrado Lupo, Gennaro Boccia, Paolo Riccardo Brustio.

    International Journal of Sport Communication, Volume 14, 2021, No. 4

    The mission of IJSC is to provide a platform for academics and practitioners to disseminate research and information from diverse fields such as critical studies, sport management, advertising, etc. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Two Events, Two Brazils: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games by Diego Monteiro Gutierrez, Marco Antonio Bettine de Almeida, Gustavo Luis Gutierrez, Zack P. Pedersen, Antonio S. Williams.

    The Sport Psychologist, Volume 35, 2021, Issue 4

    TSP is a scholarly refereed journal designed as a forum to stimulate thought and disseminate knowledge that focuses on the application and practice of sport psychology. The Forum Editor’s choice from the current issue: From the Lesson Tee to the Course: A Naturalistic Investigation of Attentional Focus in Elite Golf by Steven Orr, Andrew Cruickshank, Howie J. Carson.
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