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    Call for Participation | Course in interpretative writing in the sport sciences, 7,5 credits...

    In three sections, this course covers (1) Nuts and bolts of writing, scientific writing, and interpretative writing with and without a theoretical perspective; (2) Examples of interpretative/analytic writing; and (3) Writing an interpretative text. The course will entail writing exercises and students are expected to independently compose an interpretative text, which may consist of interpretation of literature or data, and/or a discussion of scientific data.

    Call for Papers | “Relentless Change: Innovation in Sport Business” – the 28th EASM...

    The London 2020 conference theme is “Relentless Change: Innovation in Sport Business”. Contributors have the opportunity to present in Parallel Sessions, Workshops, and attractive Poster Sessions during the conference. The main aim of all conference sessions is to encourage participants from across fields to share knowledge, provide new insights and inspire the future of sport management.

    Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 38, 2020, Issue 4

    The JSS publishes articles of a high standard on various aspects of the sports sciences covering a number of disciplinary bases, including anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, performance analysis, physiology, psychology, sports medicine and health. Editor’s pick from the current issue: CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE AND KETOSIS IN SELF-SUFFICIENT MULTI-STAGE ULTRAMARATHON RUNNERS by Kate H. Edwards, Bradley T. Elliott & Cecilia M. Kitic.

    Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, Volume 11, 2020, Issue 1

    The aim of the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action is to provide psychology practitioners involved in the sport industry with sound information that is immediately applicable to their work. Editor’s pick from the current issue: WE ARE STRONG: STRATEGIES FOR FOSTERING BODY EMPOWERMENT IN A BOXING PROGRAM FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS by Karisa Fuerniss & Jennifer M. Jacobs.

    Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, Volume 25, 2020, Issue 2

    The purpose of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy is to provide a forum for high quality educational research for a national and international readership. We intend this research to have a high impact on both policy and practice. Editor’s pick from the current issue: EXPLORING THE EDUCATIONAL LANDSCAPE OF JUGGLING – CHALLENGING NOTIONS OF ABILITY IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION by Gunn Nyberg, Dean Barker & Håkan Larsson.

    Sport in Society, Volume 23, 2020, Issue 3 | The Progress of Elite Ice...

    The considerable growth of interest in commerce, media and politics and their relationship to sport in international academia has resulted in academics in various disciplines writing about sport. Sport in Society is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary forum for academics to discuss the growing relationship of sport to significant areas of modern life. Editor’s pick from the current issue: BANDY V. ICE HOCKEY IN SWEDEN by Torbjörn Andersson.

    Kinesiology Review, Volume 9, 2020, Issue 1: Proceedings of the National Academy of Kinesiology’s...

    Kinesiology Review is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the National Academy of Kinesiology and the American Kinesiology Association. Its mission is to advance the field of Kinesiology by publishing evaluative, insightful, and integrative scholarly reviews of kinesiology research, both basic and applied. Editor’s pick from the current issue: WHAT IS THE VALUE OF PURSUING OPTIMAL ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE? by Cesar R. Torres.

    International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 18, 2020, Issue 1

    The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (IJSEP) publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in the science of physical activity, human movement, exercise, and sport. Editor’s pick from the current issue: EFFECT OF DIFFERENT EXERCISE MODES AT HIGH INTENSITY ON IMMEDIATE LEARNING AND AROUSAL by Håvard Lorås, Monika Haga & Hermundur Sigmundsson.

    English football – from commodification and consumer culture to democratic forms of governance

    Chris Porter’s contribution to the “Football Research in an Enlarged Europe” book series, Supporter Ownership in English Football: Class, Culture and Politics (Palgrave Macmillan), positions the culture of football fandom within the complex political and social class dynamics of contemporary society. Our reviewer is Arve Hjelseth, and he found Porter’s study instructive albeit somewhat wanting in theoretical depth.

    Lundh med mesterverk i gravejournalistikk om svensk klubbfotball

    Olof Lundh, framträdande fotbollsjournalist som gärna gräver upp det dom andra vill begrava, publicerade år 2018 boken Allsvenskan enligt Lundh: Makten, pengarna och tystnaden i svensk klubbfotboll (Albert Bonniers Förlag). Mads Skauge har läst boken, med stigande intresse, och han tycker att vi alla ska läsa mer av Lundh – och snart kommer Mads att få recensera årets Lundh-bok, Landslaget enligt Lundh.

    Call for Papers | 18th Annual Sport Marketing Association Conference | Las Vegas, NV,...

    Founded in 2002, the Sport Marketing Association has led the effort in developing and expanding the body of knowledge in sport marketing by providing forums for professional interaction among practitioners, academics, and students dedicated to the sport marketing industry. The Sport Marketing Association welcomes the submission of abstracts for its 18th SMA Annual Conference.

    International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 15, 2020, No. 3

    IJSPP focuses on sport physiology and performance and is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of sport and exercise physiologists, sport-performance researchers, and other sport scientists. Editor’s pick from the current issue: HIGH-INTENSITY TRAINING IN WATER POLO: SWIMMING VERSUS BALL DRILLS by Petros G. Botonis, Ioannis Malliaros, Gavriil G. Arsoniadis, Theodoros I. Platanou and Argyris G. Toubekis.

    Journal of Sport & Tourism, Volume 23, 2019, Issue 2–3

    The Journal of Sport & Tourism (JS&T) aims to publish research that makes a clear contribution, substantively, theoretically or methodologically, to the body of knowledge relating to all aspects of the relationship between sport and tourism. Editor’s pick from the current issue: IMAGE DIMENSIONS OF TWO SCANDINAVIAN ENDURANCE WINTER SPORT EVENTS by Kristine Blekastad Sagheim & Øystein Aas. OPEN ACCESS.

    The complexities of ownership in sport competently dealt with

    Contributions to Andrew Adams’ and Leigh Robinson’s edited volume Who Owns Sport (Routledge Focus on Sport, Culture and Society) deal with the complex issue of ownership in sport from multiple disciplinary angles, including philosophy, history, political science and management. Mark Brooke is our reviewer, and he deems this slim volume essential reading for sport scholars.

    Call for Papers | “Sport, ‘hegemony’ and ‘rebellion’ (from a Scandinavian horizon)”, Special Issue...

    In addition to focusing on hegemony in terms of power and dominance, this special issue will also host questions related to rebellion, disobedience, and non-compliance, as both a supplement and a contradiction to conformity. By putting the subject in a Scandinavian context, the issue will have a unique and exclusive status and position: as a wide-ranging analysis of hegemonic cultures in Scandinavian sports.

    Lediga platser | Prefekter till Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH | Ansök senast den 15...

    Vi utlyser nu tre prefekttjänster. Prefektuppdraget är på fyra år, med möjlighet till förlängning. För uppdraget som prefekt utgår ett särskilt uppdragstillägg. Vid extern rekrytering erbjuds en tillsvidareanställning som lärare motsvarande 100 % av heltid. Sex månaders provanställning tillämpas vid tillsvidareanställningar. Villkor och tillträde enligt överenskommelse.

    Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 12, 2020, No. 2

    Sports Health is an indispensable resource for all medical professionals involved in the training and care of the competitive or recreational athlete. The journal publishes review articles, original research articles, case studies, and more. Editor’s pick from the current issue: CANNABIS USE AND SPORT: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW by Shgufta Docter, Moin Khan, Chetan Gohal, Bheeshma Ravi, Mohit Bhandari, Rajiv Gandhi, and Timothy Leroux.

    Ledig tjänst, visstidsanställning | Universitetslektor i idrottsvetenskap, inriktning sport management till Malmö universitet |...

    Anställningen som universitetslektor i idrottsvetenskap med inriktning på sport management riktas främst mot det idrottsvetenskapliga programmet och inriktningen sport management med fokus inom kunskapsområdena ekonomi, juridik, organisation och verksamhetsstyrning. Anställningen innebär också programansvar för det internationella masterprogrammet Sport in Society.

    Ledig tjänst, tillsvidareanställning | Universitetslektor i idrottsvetenskap, inriktning sport management till Malmö universitet |...

    I arbetsuppgifterna ingår undervisning, handledning, seminarieledning, kursansvar och utveckling samt administration. Stor vikt läggs vid förmåga att forskningsanknyta kurser i grundutbildning inom såväl innehåll som pedagogik. Vidare ingår handledning av doktorander och att driva kurser inom forskarutbildningen i idrottsvetenskap inriktning samhällsvetenskap och humaniora. Dessutom ingår att initiera och driva forskningsprojekt och samverkan med det omgivande samhället.

    International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Volume 30, 2020, Issue 2

    The IJSNEM publishes original scientific investigations and scholarly reviews offering new insights into sport nutrition and exercise metabolism. Editor’s pick from the current issue: GB APPRENTICE JOCKEYS DO NOT HAVE THE BODY COMPOSITION TO MAKE CURRENT MINIMUM RACE WEIGHTS: IS IT TIME TO CHANGE THE WEIGHTS OR CHANGE THE JOCKEYS? by George Wilson, Jerry Hill, Daniel Martin, James P. Morton, Graeme L. Close.

    Call for Abstracts | Contemporary Perspectives on Athlete Activism (Routledge) | Call ends March 16,...

    This edited collection aims to provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary overview of athlete activism. While athletes as ‘activists’ – broadly defined – is not necessarily a new area of study, it has commanded a significant range of both scholarly and media attention in recent years. High-profile figures from across elite sport have lent their voices in an attempt to influence a variety of social, political, ethical and/or environmental issues.

    Journal of Athlete Development and Experience, Volume 1, 2019, Issue 3

    JADE was founded to give voice to the athlete experience and address issues surrounding athlete development. Our goal is to publish and promote research that focuses on people over profits. Editor’s pick from the current issue: PUPIL-ATHLETES’ LEARNING DISPOSITIONS AND THEIR POTENTIAL EFFECTS IN SCHOOL SPORTS-SITUATED TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS by Anna Renström and Cecilia Stenling.

    Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Vol. 91, 2020, Issue 1

    RQES publishes research in the art and science of human movement that contributes significantly to the knowledge base of the field as new information, reviews, substantiation or contradiction of previous findings, development of theory, or as application of new or improved techniques. Editor’s pick from the current issue: PHYSIOLOGICAL DEMANDS OF TRAMPOLINING AT DIFFERENT INTENSITIES by Nick Draper, Tane Clement & Keith Alexander.

    Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, Volume 47, 2020, Issue 1

    The Journal of the Philosophy of Sport provides a forum for discussion of philosophical issues – metaphysical, ethical, epistemological, aesthetic, or otherwise – arising in sport, games, play, dance, embodiment, and other motor-related activities. Editor’s pick from the current issue: MOUNTAINEERING, MYTH AND THE MEANING OF LIFE: PSYCHOANALYSING ALPINISM by Rufus Duits.

    Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 21, 2020, No. 3

    Journal of Sports Economics, publishes scholarly research in the field of sports economics. The aim of the journal is to further research in the area of sports economics by bringing together theoretical and empirical research in a single intellectual venue. Editor’s pick from the current issue: THE UNDESIRABLE CONSEQUENCES OF DOPING REGULATIONS: WHY STRICTER EFFORTS MIGHT STRENGTHEN DOPING INCENTIVES by Kasim Music.
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