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    Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators, Volume 32, 2019, Issue 6

    Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators is a peer-reviewed professional journal that publishes practical, how-to articles for sport and physical education professionals at all levels. The journal provides information to help educators and coaches become more effective in their work.

    Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Vol. 90, 2019, Issue 4

    Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport publishes research in the art and science of human movement that contributes significantly to the knowledge base of the field as new information, reviews, substantiation or contradiction of previous findings, development of theory, or as application of new or improved techniques. The goals of RQES are to provide a scholarly outlet for knowledge that contributes to the study of human movement.

    Kinesiology Review, Volume 8, 2019, Issue 4: American Kinesiology Association Leadership Workshop: Hiring, Evaluating,...

    Kinesiology Review is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the National Academy of Kinesiology and the American Kinesiology Association. Its mission is to advance the field of Kinesiology by publishing evaluative, insightful, and integrative scholarly reviews of kinesiology research, both basic and applied. Kinesiology Review encourages the submission of critical reviews, analysis of significant issues, position papers, and synthesis articles pertinent to kinesiology.

    Norway’s first PhD course in sociology of sport at Nord University

    In September 2019, Nord University I Bodø, above the arctic circle in Norway, arranged the country’s first ever graduate course for Ph.D. students in the sociology of sport. In this report from the week-long event, two of the local participants, Anna Adlwarth and Mads Skauge, and the main initiator, Anne Tjønndal, describes the academic as well as the social goings-on; apparently, a great time was had by all.

    The International Journal of the History of Sport, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 7–8 |...

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is the world’s leading sport history academic periodical with fully-refereed global coverage of the subject. As well as regular issues, the IJHS also offers regionally-focused issues on the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and special issues each year on significant topics and themes.

    Doctoral studentships in sport sciences, specializing in the humanities and social sciences, at Malmö...

    The focus of the sport sciences Ph.D. program lies on the forms of sport and on their past, present and future importance for society. The program comprises a range of areas from competitive, recreational and experience sports to sport as a school subject as well as outdoor activities and physical recreation.

    Learning health in Swedish physical education: A critical case study of students’ encounters with...

    In this article by Marie Graffman-Sahlberg, Gunilla Brun Sundblad & Suzanne Lundvall, critical questions are being raised about the enforcement of learning a particular health practice in school physical education (PE). The aim of the study was to explore upper secondary students’ learning and understandings of a specific learning object, aerobic fitness and how this influences health, after participating in a period of a longer lab work in physical education.

    Sociology of Sport Journal, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 3

    The Sociology of Sport Journal (SSJ) publishes original research, framed by social theory, on exercise, sport, physical culture, and the (physically active) body. The purpose of SSJ is to stimulate and communicate research, critical thought, and theory development on issues pertaining to the sociology of sport. The journal publishes peer-reviewed empirical, theoretical, and position papers; book reviews; and critical essays.

    Call for Papers | The 3rd annual conference for the Center for Sociocultural Sport...

    The CSSOR Program Committee welcomes high quality academic work on either the Olympic Movement or broader sport studies topics such as race, gender, politics, legacy, youth, or disability. Scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, management, communication, ancient and modern languages, literature, visual and performing arts, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, economics, marketing, and law are encouraged to submit proposals or attend the conference.

    The Sport Psychologist, Volume 33, 2019, Issue 2

    The Sport Psychologist (TSP) is a scholarly refereed journal designed as a forum to stimulate thought and disseminate knowledge that focuses on the application and practice of sport psychology. TSP is published for sport psychology specialists who engage in research, teaching, and/or intervention in a variety of contexts including academic, public, and private settings. The journal is also intended for practitioners such as coaches who have training and interest in sport psychology.

    Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 13, 2019, Issue 3

    The Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology (JCSP) a scholarly refereed journal designed to stimulate thought, promote empirical investigation, and disseminate scientifically informed knowledge related to the comprehensive psychological care and overall well-being of athletes, coaches, and sport organizations. The Journal seeks to promote an understanding of theory, technique, and empirical findings specifically related to clinical sport psychology

    Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, Volume 10, 2019, Issue 4: The Application of...

    The aim of the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action is to provide psychology practitioners involved in the sport industry with sound information that is immediately applicable to their work. It provides sport psychologists with useful and sensible informed guidance that will make a difference in the way they practice. The scope of JSPA is any information that assists sport psychology practitioners to better understand, assess, and intervene with clients.

    Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Volume 27, 2019, No. 5

    JAPA is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes peer-reviewed original research reports, scholarly reviews, and professional-application articles on the relationship between physical activity and the aging process. The journal encourages the submission of articles that can contribute to an understanding of (a) the impact of physical activity on physiological, psychological, and social aspects of older adults and (b) the effect of advancing age or the aging process on physical activity among older adults.

    Imponerande om oskrivna kvinno(frilufts)liv

    Friuftsforskaren Jonas Mikaels vid Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan fick en tung volym att recensera. Antologin The Palgrave International Handbook of Women and Outdoor Learning, sammanställd av Tonia Gray & Denise Mitten och utgiven av Palgrave är på drygt 900 sidor med 62 kapitel. Och den är tung också i innehållsligt, akademiskt hänseende, konstaterar vår recensent, som dock pekar på det höga priset som avskräckande.

    The future of football? Thought-provoking anthology about football fandom in the age of digitalization

    In a new anthology from Routledge, Digital Football Cultures: Fandom, Identities and Resistance edited by Stefan Lawrence & Garry Crawford, a number of football scholars look at the digitalized future of the beautiful game. Our reviewer is Lise Joern, and she found interesting and critical insights to appreciate. She concludes, however, that technological development notwithstanding, much remains the same and is merely old wine in new bottles.

    Call for Papers | “Nationalism and Transnationalism: The Euro Cup in the Twenty-First Century”...

    The proposed special issue intends to explore the varied significances of the Euro Cup as a sports mega event (SME) in terms of national and transnational projections in the twenty-first century. The plan is to highlight and assess the new dimensions of the tournament in the new century in terms of hosting, participation, impact and legacy through the lens of national and transnational assertions, conflicts, and interactions.

    Soccer & Society, Volume 20, 2019, Issue 7–8: Moments, Metaphors, Memories: Defining Events in...

    Soccer a.k.a (association) football, the most popular mass spectator sport in the world, has become a major social phenomenon since the late nineteenth century. Through the social prism of soccer, scholars across the world have tended to understand various aspects of life. Soccer & Society is the first international journal devoted to the game of soccer, aims to focus on the game in the context of a more global world.

    American Journal of Health Education, Volume 50, 2019, Issue 6

    The mission of the American Journal of Health Education (AJHE) is to publish research manuscripts that focus on Health Education and Health Promotion interventions designed to prevent or delay the onset of the major chronic diseases and illnesses that impact populations of interest today (CVD, cancer, diabetes, COPD, cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s/dementia, etc.). In addition, AJHE is actively seeking manuscripts that inform the discussion on the role of lifestyle behaviors.

    International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 6

    The International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching integrates theory and practice in sports science, promotes critical reflection of coaching practice, and evaluates commonly accepted beliefs about coaching effectiveness and performance enhancement. The journal will publish peer-reviewed, original papers representing a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

    Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Volume 27, 2019, No. 4

    JAPA is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes peer-reviewed original research reports, scholarly reviews, and professional-application articles on the relationship between physical activity and the aging process. The journal encourages the submission of articles that can contribute to an understanding of (a) the impact of physical activity on physiological, psychological, and social aspects of older adults and (b) the effect of advancing age or the aging process on physical activity among older adults.

    Sport in History, Volume 39, 2019, Issue 4: Upfront and Onside: Women, Football, History...

    Sport in History is a history journal that publishes original, archivally-based research on the history of sport, leisure and recreation. The journal encourages the study of sport to illuminate broader historical issues and debates. Includes an extensive reviews section, an annual compendium of sports-related accessions to British archives and a 'Sport in Public History' section dealing with issues of sports-related heritage and memory in society.

    Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 16, 2019, Issue 10

    The Journal of Physical Activity and Health publishes original research and review papers examining the relationship between physical activity and health. The journal publishes articles examining how physical activity influences all aspects of health. JPAH is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published for researchers in fields of chronic disease in which physical activity may play a role in prevention, treatment, or rehabilitation.

    Call for Papers | Fifth Annual Sport & Discrimination Conference | Autonomous University of Barcelona,...

    Discrimination cuts across traditional academic subjects and the ethos behind this conference is therefore to bring together experts from different subject areas to exchange ideas and explore what we can learn from one another.  We welcome presentations about all forms of discrimination across any sporting context.  As in previous years of Sport and Discrimination events, submissions may approach the conference from a variety of perspectives.

    Går det att skapa bredd och fostra elitspelare i samma verksamhet? De första resultaten...

    Malmö Youth Sport Study, mer känd som MUSSE-studien, följer två årgångar elever som studerar vid Malmö idrottsgrundskola. Avsikten är att öka kunskapen om hur man kan skapa en verksamhet som både är inkluderande och inbjuder till deltagande i idrott och ett livslångt intresse för fysisk aktivitet och idrott (ett hälsoperspektiv) och samtidigt skapar framgångsrik talangidentifikation och talangutveckling (ett elitperspektiv).

    International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 10

    IJSPP focuses on sport physiology and performance and is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of sport and exercise physiologists, sport-performance researchers, and other sport scientists. The journal publishes authoritative peer-reviewed research with an emphasis on work having direct practical applications in enhancing sport performance in sport physiology and related disciplines. 
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