Topic: Alcohol, recreational drugs, and sports

The topical pages gather articles, book reviews and other material from about a particular topic of sport studies, such as ”action sports”, “sport history”, “gender, sex and sports” or “tennis”. The topical page contains links to published texts relevant to the topic in question.


Book reviews

Alkohol i den danske idrætsverden – mellem vision og virkelighed Solveig Skovmose Vinther Århus: Aarhus Universitet 2011 (Henning Eichberg 130322)
Drugs, Alcohol and Sport Paul Dimeo (red) Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2006 (David Hoff 080305)
An ethnography of English football fans: Cans, cops and carnivals Geoff Pearson Manchester: Manchester University Press 2012 (Lise Joern 131113)
Mud, Sweat and Beers: A Cultural History of Sport and Alcohol Tony Collins & Wray Vamplew Oxford: Berg Publishers 2002 (Torbjörn Andersson 040620)
Sport, Beer, and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life Lawrence A. Wenner & Steven J. Jackson (red) Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group 2008 (Peter Dahlén 100217)
Sport and Alcohol: An ethical perspective Carwyn Rh. Jones Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2016 (Kutte Jönsson 170524)


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