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    Between rounds: the aesthetics and ethics of sixty seconds | A Summary

    The article "Between rounds: the aesthetics and ethics of sixty seconds” by Dr. Joseph D. Lewandowski was published online in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, July 9, 2020. Drawing on work in the philosophy and sociology of sport, Lewandowski explores the complexities and contradictions that inform the minutes between rounds of a professional boxing match in an attempt to make explicit the aesthetics and ethics of pugilistic competition.

    Physical Activity Interventions in School and Their Impact on Scholastic Performance: English and Swedish summaries

    The school is the only arena where the vast majority of children and youth can be reached, and school programs have had better results for improving inhibitory control than any other approach. The aim of this study by Ingegerd Ericsson was to present and discuss intervention effects of Physical Activity (PA) carried out in the classroom compared to motor skills and Physical Education (PE) interventions.
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