Taking the star-spangled knee: the media framing of Colin Kaepernick | A summary

    In this feature article, Steph Doehler summarizes her article in Sport in Society, in which she analyses the newspaper coverage of Colin Kaepernick’s protest using the concept of media framing. She identifies four key frames which can be scrutinized and understood using the theoretical framework of the protest paradigm. In an innovative approach the research also analyses the coverage of Kaepernick in 2020, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a police officer.

    ‘While we may lead a horse to water we cannot make him drink’: three...

    In this feature article, Lars Bjørke, Øyvind Førland Standal and Kjersti Mordal Moen summarize their article in Sport, Education and Society, in which they evaluated three physical education teachers’ engagement with a prolonged transformative continuing professional development initiative using participatory action research to implement Cooperative Learning. Their thorough qualitative study revealed four themes relevant to understanding the teachers’ journeys.

    The Emergence of the Swedish Horse-Riding School from the Mid-Twentieth Century | A Summary

    In this feature article, Susanna Hedenborg, Gabriella Torell Palmquist and Annika Rosén summarize their article in The International Journal of the History of Sport, in which they present research on the history of the Swedish horse-riding school. Horse-riding is one of the most popular sports for children and young people, and public support and its consequences distinguish Swedish equestrian sports and the activities of the riding schools from horse-riding activities in many other countries.

    Varför är idrottshistoria viktigt?

    Det finns ingen annan kulturyttring som lockar så många människor, leder till så stort engagemang och är så både känslomässigt och geografiskt identitetsskapande som idrotten, skriver Sven Peterson och Torbjörn Eriksson i denna debattartikel som ursprungligen publicerades i Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.

    Don’t buy a pig in a poke: Considering challenges of and problems with performance...

    In this feature article, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Robert Svensson, Daniel Svensson and Dan Fransson summarize their article in Performance Enhancement & Health, in which they present research on PATs, performance analysis technologies that are increasingly utilized in elite football on various levels to measure performance. It’s not quite as simple as it would seem to analyze and implement the results, and the authors identify the pitfalls and present useful suggestions for overcoming the problems.

    A Critical Note on Sporting Supererogation | A Summary

    In this feature article, Steffen Borge, Professor of Philosophy at Nord University, summarizes his article in Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, in which he discusses supererogation, i.e., a performance beyond the call of duty, in sport, and Alfred Archer’s understanding of the concept. One example of this, claims Archer, is Robbie Fowler denying a penalty decision in his favour. Borge refutes Archer’s claim and argues that there is no such thing as sporting supererogation.

    Om idrottens förlorade själ

    När coronapandemin slog till i början av 2020 drabbades världen – och sportvärlden – på ett sätt som ingen kunnat förutse. I en fin poetisk-filosofisk betraktelse undersöker filosofen och profesorn i idrottsvetenskap Kutte Jönsson vad pandemin och frånvaron av en fysiskt närvarande publik på sportevenemangen kom att innebära för idrotten, och mer specifikt för fotbollen; det handlar om idrottens själ, och det blev tydligt att läktarkulturen är en odiskutabel del av denna själ.

    The formation of heroes and the myth of national identity | A Summary

    In this feature article, Keith Parry at the Department in Sport and Event Management, Bournemouth University, summarizes his article in Sport in Society, in which he discusses sports hero formation in relation to national identity. He argues that the formation of sports heroes is shaped by established notions of national identity and longstanding mythological archetypes rather than proclaimed heroes’ personal traits or deeds.

    Perspectives on the integration of students with disabilities in physical education: An umbrella review...

    In this feature article, Andreas Fröberg summarizes his article in European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity, in which he presents the results of a comprehensive review of reviews of research on the integration of students with disabilities in physical education, including the views of students with and without disabilities as well as physical education teachers. They all have mixed experiences from and ambiguous attitudes towards the integration efforts.

    Complexity and interdisciplinarity in sport science: a PhD student’s perspective

    Taking her cue from Leah Monsees’ article published here in April 2021, Solveig Hausken-Sutter elaborates on the concept of interdisciplinarity and argues strongly for its potential in sport injury etiology research. Specifically, she sees interdisciplinarity as the solution to the challenges facing sport science following the development and progress of complexity theory. Approaching and understanding a complex phenomenon will always require an integration of diverse scientific disciplines.
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