Women, War and Sport: The Battle of the 2019 Solheim Cup | A Summary

    The article "Women, War and Sport: The Battle of the 2019 Solheim Cup” by Ali Bowes, Alan Bairner, Stuart Whigham & Niamh Kitching was published online in the Journal of War and Culture Studies October 21, 2020. The study considers the way in which the competitors in the 2019 Solheim Cup were represented in the British print media. Results highlights that national identity is a key descriptor of the female competitors, legitimising their position in the battlefield of international sport.

    Sosiale forskjeller i barn og ungdoms deltakelse i friluftsliv i Oslo

    Oslo är en stad med social ojämlikhet. I en ny forskningsrapport av Kirsti Pedersen Gurholt, Ida Helene Dahl Torp och Jørgen Weidemann Eriksen undersöks barn och ungdomars deltagande i friluftsliv och hur Oslo kommun kan arbeta målmedvetet för att utjämna sociala skillnader i friluftsliv och hälsa. Våren 2018 svarade cirka 7 100 ungdomar i åldern 13-19 år på sex frågor om deltagande i friluftsliv.

    The Olympic Games: Dream-come-true or a precarious career phase?

    Participation in the Olympic Games is most athletes’ greatest dream and ultimate goal. The article out of the Paths-to-Rio study by Astrid Schubring, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Anna Post & Stefan Pettersson however, demonstrates that Olympic hopefuls enter a precarious career-phase for which the elite athletes taking part in the research were ill prepared. Athletes trained with pain or sickness, competed injured, dieted or took painkillers.

    There are gay footballers – and there always have been

    In this chapter from his book What You Think You Know About Football is Wrong (Bloomsbury), Kevin Moore tackles homosexuality in football, and more specifically the myth that it doesn’t exist. Going back into the history of the game, Moore unearths several examples of gay footballers, while also accepting that there are many unknown cases for the very good reason that those coming out as gay pro footballers usually pay a heavy prize.

    Between rounds: the aesthetics and ethics of sixty seconds | A Summary

    The article "Between rounds: the aesthetics and ethics of sixty seconds” by Dr. Joseph D. Lewandowski was published online in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, July 9, 2020. Drawing on work in the philosophy and sociology of sport, Lewandowski explores the complexities and contradictions that inform the minutes between rounds of a professional boxing match in an attempt to make explicit the aesthetics and ethics of pugilistic competition.

    This is why it is problematic to select children in sports

    Selection mechanisms in children and youth sports is a contested issue in Swedish sports as well as among sport studies scholars. In this article, Professor Karin Redelius of the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences poses the question ”So, what is the problem choosing some children over others?”, and provides some answers based in empirical research as well as in ethical norms and legal statutes such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Physical Activity Interventions in School and Their Impact on Scholastic Performance: English and Swedish...

    The school is the only arena where the vast majority of children and youth can be reached, and school programs have had better results for improving inhibitory control than any other approach. The aim of this study by Ingegerd Ericsson was to present and discuss intervention effects of Physical Activity (PA) carried out in the classroom compared to motor skills and Physical Education (PE) interventions.

    Sportswriters and Rowing Correspondents

    We’re pleased to be able to re-publish this piece from Hear The Boat Sing, in which Göran Buckhorn, HTBS Editor, reflects on the sports writers and rowing correspondents of yesteryear, nicely illustrated with portraits and book covers. At the end of this stroll down Memory Lane he imagines a Hall of Fame for Rowing Writers – but stops short of letting his imagination include its management by HTBS.

    Kampen om egoet

    Fremtidens elitetræner skal, hævder Svens Aage Sørensen i denne artikel, kunne lede sine udøvere i, hvornår egoet er en konstruktiv drivkraft i deres karriere, og hvornår det i sidste ende ender med at blive en stopklods. Ydermere skal fremtidens elitetræner kaste lys på egne drivkræfter og motiver. Hvornår står eget ego i vejen for en meningsfuld relation til udøveren, kollegaer og andre samarbejdspartnere.

    Physical activity during the Covid-19 pandemic

    A compelling body of evidence suggests that physical activity, defined as a behavior that involves human movement and increases energy expenditure, is important for health and well-being among people of all age groups. The protective measures because of the spread of the coronavirus has had and will have negative consequences for people’s physical activity and health. In his article, Andreas Fröberg discusses this problem and looks about for solutions.
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