Topic: Tourism and sports

The topical pages gather articles, book reviews and other material from about a particular topic of sport studies, such as ”action sports”, “sport history”, “gender, sex and sports” or “tennis”. The topical page contains links to published texts relevant to the topic in question.


Carlsson, Bo En essä om golfturism, The Anti-Golf Movement och golfbanor med KRAV-märkning (041109)
Radmann, Aage & Susanna Hedenborg Marketing the Perfect Ride: A Study of the Marketing of Horse Tourism on the Internet (published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum Vol 10, 2019)
Preuss, Holger Lasting Effects of Major Sporting Events (061213)
Weed, Mike Sports Tourism and the Development of Sports Events (061213)

Book reviews

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Venner på tur: Naturguiding som relasjonell kunnskap Thomas Vold Oslo: Norges idrettshøgskole 2015 (Henning Eichberg 160421)


Konferensrapport: Sport, Tourism and City Marketing  Annette Bergendorf & Deval Eminovsky (061213)


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