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    Fascinating and ground-breaking study of women’s sport in Brazil

    Women and Sport in Brazil: Many Roles, a Single Struggle, edited by Katia Rubio (Editora Laços) shows the development of women athletes in Brazilian Olympic sports. The book presents stories of women who overcame various barriers to make it to the Olympic Games, and to make history. Alan Bairner, well up on male Brazilian athletes, primarily footballers, and with little insights into women and sports, now knows considerably more and intend to make it his business to continue to take an interest in women’s sport in Brazil.


    Call for Papers | “Remembering the Injured Brain in Sport History”, NASSH 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop | Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Washington DC‚ Thursday May...

    By interrogating medical and legal documents, media reporting, and participant accounts, sport historians can begin to build a clearer and fuller picture of brain injury knowledge in sport prior to 2005. This symposium brings together historians of sport, medicine, health, law, and the media to provide much needed rigor to current debates about who should assume historical and contemporary responsibility for protecting athlete brains.

    Call for Papers | “Emerging Horizons: bridging the borders between Physical Education Research and Practice“, the 2023 AIESEP International Conference | Santiago de Chile,...

    Emerging Horizons is a call for AIESEP members to share how our complex and interdisciplinary research is being taken up by all of those people who have a vested interest in physical education (PE), physical activity (PA), health, physical education teacher education (PETE) and sport pedagogy. While each theme offers a distinct area of interest, we also see each theme offering an opportunity to explore the holistic nature of our work and invites all to consider how their presentations may fit within one or more themes.

    Call for Papers | “Images of the Olympic Games”, Special Issue of Materiales para la Historia del Deporte | Call ends January 31, 2023

    This special issue – directed by Pierre-Olaf Schut, University Professor and Marion Philippe, Lecturer, both from the ACP laboratory of the Gustave Eiffel University (France), aims to propose a reflection on the polysemy of the word “image” as part of a historical reflection on the Olympic Games. Indeed, the word “image” can be considered from a figurative angle but also as a representation.

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