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    “Study of the lives of women who are married to professional...

    In his book The Sport Marriage: Women who make it work (University of Illinois Press), author Steven M. Ortiz draws on studies he conducted over nearly three decades focusing on the marital realities confronted by women married to male professional athletes. We gave this book to Norwegian sport sociologist Anne Tjønndal, who had a delightful time reading it. She concludes her appreciative review with warm recommendations.


    Call for applications | PhD Course 2022: Culture, Sport and Society, September 12–16 , 2022, Umeå University, Sweden

    The aim of the course is to advance student interest in, and understanding of, the social and cultural aspects of sport, with particular reference to broader issues of culture, cultural production and cultural politics. The course will feature a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops on these themes. Lectures and seminars will be given by leading academics from European universities.  Workshops will enable students to discuss their projects with lecturers and fellow students.

    The full programme for Play the Game’s anniversary edition 2022 is ready

    When several hundred international journalists, academics, sport leaders, athletes and others with an interest in international sports politics convene in Odense for the 2022 edition of Play the Game, it happens at a dramatic turning point in sports politics. After a major doping scandal and the invasion in Ukraine, Russia's power in sport is shrinking, and the question of who and what will fill the power gap left behind will be prominent on the conference’s agenda.

    Endagskonferens om idrott, social utsatthet och integration | Platinum Cars Arena, Norrköping, tisdag den 27 september 2022, kl 10:00–16:30. Anmälan senast den 13/9 2022

    Vad betyder idrotten för dagens samhälle? Hur kan idrott förstås i relation till social utsatthet och bidra till att skapa integration? Vi bjuder in till en unik konferens som fokuserar på samverkan och tvärsektoriellt kunskapsutbyte. Konferensen utgör ett forum för ömsesidigt lärande och spridning av idéer, kunskap och inspiration. Konferensen ger konkreta bidrag och exempel på hur olika organisationer och aktörer kan arbeta med att utveckla idrott i och för dagens samhälle!

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