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    An examination of the Nordic model of welfare and physical culture,...

    Edited by Mikkel B. Tin, Frode Telseth, Jan Ove Tangen & Richard Giulianotti, and published by Routledge, The Nordic Model and Physical Culture examines the relationships between the Nordic social democratic welfare system and physical culture, across the domains of sport, education, and public space. Our reviewer is Joe Piggin. He has been physically active in almost all Nordic countries – and he quite likes this book.


    Call for Papers | “The Myles Brand Era at the NCAA: A Tribute and Scholarly Review”. Special Issue of Journal of Intercollegiate Sport...

    The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport will be publishing a special issue devoted to the living legacy of Myles Brand, the 4th president of the NCAA (2003-2009). Papers may address any aspect of Dr. Brand’s presidency – his philosophy, leadership style, initiatives, impacts, successes and challenges. Contributors are welcome to contact either guest editor if they have questions about a potential submission.

    Call for Papers | 2021 Virtual ASMA Conference | February 24–26, 2021. Call ends November 15, 2020

    The Applied Sport Management Association (ASMA) aims to build strong connections between scholars studying sport and practitioners working in the sport industry. We do this through our annual conference and our official journal—the Journal of Applied Sport Management. In particular, ASMA seeks to foster a supportive environment in which emerging scholars and aspiring professionals can exchange ideas and strengthen relationships.

    Call for Papers | “Women in Sports Law” | Social Issue of Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport . Call ends March 1, 2021

    This special issue of the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport aims to explore the many different facets of the issue of women in sport today. This call and the topic are to be read broadly and inclusively, so as to capture the many different voices, issues, and experiences that can and should inform the law and policy directed to sports. We welcome articles that look forward, interrogating settled ideas about the purpose and conduct of sport.




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