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    How Joao Havelange became FIFA President

    In 1974, the Brazilian sports official João Havelange was elected FIFA’s seventh president since 1903. Havelange’s road to power has been mapped in a doctoral dissertation, The Making of a Global FIFA: Cold War Politics and the Rise of João Havelange to the FIFA Presidency, 1950–1974 by Luiz Guilherme Burlamaqui (de Gruyter). Historian Björn Horgby is our appreciative reviewer, apart from some marginal remarks, and he foresees Burlamaqui’s study becoming a standard work in various branches of sports research.


    Call for Book Chapters | A Critical Muslim Study of Arab and Middle Eastern Sport, for the Emerald Book Series Research in the Sociology...

    Our objective is to bring together a diverse community of scholars, both established and emerging, who represent and write about sport and/or physical cultures in the Arab World and Middle East about communities from these regions who are living in diaspora in the West. We are interested in chapter submissions that utilize intersectional, postcolonial, and/or decolonial epistemologies.

    Call for Abstracts | 12th Annual Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference | Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University, Prague, October 19–21 2023....

    The 12th Czech Philosophy of Sport Conference will be held at the Faculty of PE and Sport, Charles University, Prague, October 19–21, 2023. We plan to organise a ‘physical’ meeting with a limited number of online presentations as exceptions. The conference will be in English and under the aegis of the Philosophy of Sport Section of the Czech Kinanthropological Society, Czech Republic. We cordially invite you to participate in this event.

    Call for Chapter Contributions | Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Sport Management Education | Call ends October 31, 2023

    This book seeks to provide current and future sport academicians with a wide array of pedagogical practices to help move the academic discipline forward, addressing the diverse and global nature of a changing world, industry, and academic landscape. The work is intended to support the knowledge and deepening of a wide array of teaching techniques to meet the changing needs of the industry and to provide platforms that resonate with a variety of teaching and learning styles.  

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