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    An important book that addresses young people’s vulnerability in sports

    Mike Hartill’s 2017 book Sexual Abuse in Youth Sport: A socio-cultural analysis (Routledge) is, sadly, as important today as it was four or five years ago. The problem of sex abuse in youth sports has not gone away, and as our reviewer Anders Östnäs reminds us, there has been numerous more or less high profile cases to remind us of that fact. Östnäs recommends Hartill’s book for researchers, policy makers and practitioners in youth sports.


    Call for Papers | “Sport Management: Mission and meaning for a new era” | Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly. Call ends June...

    We think sport is still important, and so is our endeavor to study it, understand it and contribute to its use as public good. In times of pandemics and not to forget climate warming, more than ever we are incited, if not forced, to rethink what sport is, what it means to us. As a research community on sport, it is our obligation to critically reflect upon the essentials of sport. We invite authors to submit papers on the theme “Sport management: Mission and meaning for a new era”.

    Call for Papers | Lockdown and Being : Space, Place, Movement | Special Issue of Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. Call ends July 30,...

    The outbreak of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns have problematised the taken-for-granted notions of ‘space’, ‘place’ and ‘movement’, and thrust them into the foreground of discussions - not only in academic circles but also in popular culture, news media, policy making, and politicking. Potential paper topics might relate to place and space as conceived and constructed through specific forms of movement, such as in soma-aesthetics, performance, theatre, sports, care, community, tourism, etc.

    Ledig tjänst | Universitetsadjunkt i idrottsvetenskap inriktning idrottslära till Malmö universitet. Ansök senast den 7 maj 2021

    Som universitetsadjunkt i idrottsvetenskap med inriktning idrottslära kommer du huvudsakligen arbeta med undervisning inom lärarprogrammet. Du kommer att undervisa i olika delar såsom atletisk form (t.ex. gymnastik och friidrott), bollspelsform, dansform, essentiell form (t.ex. orientering och simning) samt friluftsform. Vidare ingår handledning av studenter under deras verksamhetsförlagda utbildning på lärarprogrammet. Kompetensutvecklingstid ingår i tjänsten med 10% av heltid.

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