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    Impressively knowledgeable guide to the history of games that people actually...

    Wray Vamplew, nowadays entitled Emeritus Professor, is by no means resting on his laurels. His latest monograph, published just last August, is Games People Played: A Global History of Sport (Reaktion Books), in which Vamplew shows how sport has been practiced, experienced and made meaningful by players and fans throughout history. Not quite Emeritus, Professor Jens Ljunggren har read Vamplews voluminous effort, and his balanced review reveals his interest in the historiographical aspects of sport history.


    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Bicycling in the right direction? | Solveig Nordengen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December 9, 2021

    In her dissertation, Solveig Nordengen presents results from two systematic literature reviews with meta-analyses of cycling and cardiovascular disease, followed by national correlates of commuter cycling and the presentation of a novel bike traffic index to describe trends in cycling over the years.

    Disputation | Performance determinants and classification in paracanoe | Johanna Rosén, GIH, fredagen den 10 december 2021

    I Johanna Roséns avhandling har biomekaniska prestationsvariabler under paddling undersökts hos parakanotiser med funktionsnedsättning i syfte att utveckla och fördjupa kunskapen inom två evidensbaserade klassificeringssystem för para-kajak och para-va´a. Studier som i framtiden undersöker påverkan av funktionsnedsättning på paddlingsprestation och validiteten av systemen bör företrädesvis utföras på vatten för att ytterligare förbättra den ekologiska validiteten.

    Call for Papers | Media, Sport and Ireland Symposium 2022 |The Moore Institute, NUI Galway, May 19, 2022. Call ends January 14, 2022

    Sport occupies a central position in Irish social and cultural life, yet a relatively marginal position within the academy. This symposium aims to bring together sports scholars from across the humanities and social sciences whose work is variously concerned with the contemporary and historical cultural significance of sport, and which deals with the interplay between sport, the media and cultural industries and the lived experience of sport as popular culture in Ireland and across the Irish diaspora.

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