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    Nöjd med Stolt

    En ny samling av Åke Stolts krönikor från tiden på Sydsvenska Dagbladet och senare Idrottens affärer föreligger nu, Den allvarlga leken: Krönikor från idrottens värld (Arx Förlag). Birger Hedén har läst boken och bland annat hittat en mängd skäl för att det inte är lättviktigt att skriva om idrott. Men han delar inte Stolts Zlatan-beundran.


    Call for Papers | The European Association for the Philosophy of Sport (EAPS) 4th Triennial Conference | Université Paris Descartes, April 14–16, 2020, Call...

    Following the three previous editions of the EAPS/BPSA conference—Prague (2011), Nancy (2014), and Nijmegen (2017)—the 4th EAPS conference will be held in Paris, in collaboration with (BPSA) and the French-Speaking Society of the Philosophy of Sport (SFPS). We welcome papers from sport philosophy scholars on all aspects of the philosophy of sport and from scholars who have not researched or published in this area before, but have an interest in it.

    Call for Papers | The European Association for Sociology of Sport Young Researcher Award 2019 | Call ends January 31, 2019

    The aim of the Eass YRA award is to facilitate the integration of outstanding graduate students and young researchers into the European community of sociology of sport scholars. The award will be granted to a scholarly paper authored by a young researcher, which is deemed by a panel of judges to be of highest quality. The winning author will be invited to receive the award and present the paper at the Annual Conference of the Eass in 18-21 May 2020

    Call for Papers | The Eleventh International Conference on Sport & Society | Granada, Spain, June 18–19, 2020. Call ends November 19, 2019

    At this year’s conference, we want to focus on exploring strategies to improve health pathways, grounded in the social dimensions and cultural settings of physical activity. This includes the organizational strategies of national and international governing bodies of sport that regulate a large deal of participation in leisure and elite sport on the local, national and international levels.