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    Compelling insights on action sports communities resisting the all-dominating monolith with...

    Based on a decade of research by Belinda Wheaton and Holly Thorpe, Action Sports and the Olympic Games maps the relationship between action sports and the Olympic Movement from the inclusion of the first action sports to those featuring for the first time in the Tokyo Olympic Games and beyond. Anna-Maria Strittmatter, an action sports insider, is thoroughly enthused – this is a must read for action sports researchers and practitioners, as well as everyone interested in the governance of the Olympic movement.


    Call for Papers | “Queer Spaces in Sports” Conference | University of Hyderabad, Telangana, India, February 9, 2024. Call ends December 10, 2023

    The presence of queer people in various domains/spaces pertaining to art is quite visible, though liminal, like academics, arts, films, etc. However, when we try to examine about/of the spaces where the sexually and gender-wise marginalised people are not much ‘visible,’ one finds that sports is one such space, where there is a lacuna. Thus, to ruminate on, understand and discuss the reasons for this lacuna we present this Call for Papers to a conference which will deal with issues and concerns of marginal sections, gender-wise and sexuality, in the sports spaces.

    Calls for Papers | “(Re-)Placing Sport: Anthropological perspectives on a global problem”, Inaugural conference of the International Network of Sport Anthropology | Durham University,...

    At the International Network of Sport Anthropology, we recognise the need to challenge the hegemonic force of sport. We invite researchers from all related disciplines to consider how we might place sport more appropriately in context, seek to re-place it elsewhere, or indeed replace it altogether. We challenge researchers to consider more closely what sport is, including recognising that the very idea of ‘sport’ now permeates much of social life, affecting the ways definitions are formed.

    Call for Participation | The Sport and Leisure History Seminar Series, organised by the British Society of Sports Historians | Check out the program!

    The Sport and Leisure History Seminar is organised by the British Society of Sports History in association with the journal Sport in History. We have a varied programme of speakers from postgraduate researchers to leading specialists in the field of sport and leisure history from the UK and around the world.

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