The annual Hot Undies Run benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Undies for Everyone, in Houston TX.

    An unremarkable but well-crafted story of loss, sport and charity, that pulls at the...

    Yet another benefit of sport and physical activity, negating the traditional understanding of “le sport pour le sport”, is the effects of combining it with charity. This is the subject of a monograph by Catherine Palmer, Fitness Philanthropy: Sport, Charity and Everyday Giving (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), which Aurélien Daudi has read on our behalf. His review problematizes the concept of fitness philanthropy while acknowledging its healing potential and other positive aspects.

    The modern ski resort – from exclusive jet set playground to white middle-class paradise

    For a sports historian with a strong personal as well as scholarly partiality for skiing, it was to be expected that our reviewer Leif Yttergren would find much to like in Philipp Strobl & Aneta Podkalicka’s edited volume Leisure Cultures and the Making of Modern Ski Resorts (Palgrave Macmillan). Described by Yttergren as human geography with a (technology-) historical focus, the book is exciting and commendable as well as inspiring for future studies in the Swedish context.

    Readable and beneficial sports coaching anthology, offering new perspectives

    Described by the publisher as an array of research project abstracts, Exploring Research in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy: Context and Contingency (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, edited by Charles L. T. Corsby & Christian N. Edwards), comprises five parts and 19 chapters over a mere 187 pages. Still, our reviewer Marie Hedberg, well versed in this field, found a good overview of theories and of areas where they can be used, but she questions the generalisability of the results in the various chapters.

    The Journey of South Africa from Whiteness to Humanity

    One of the biggest political achievements by activist playing the sports card is the boycott against South Africa by a number of sports and sporting events. The story is outlined in Pitch Battles: Sport, Racism and Resistance (Rowman & Littlefield) by two central figures in the anti-apartheid struggle, Peter Hain and André Odendaal. Wray Vamplew is our appreciative reviewer; he is, however, keen to point out that racism in sport did not start, nor did it end, with South African apartheid.

    Imponerande betraktelse över idrottens förändring över tid

    Jens Ljunggren är professor vid Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet med stort engagemang i idrottens historia och historiografi, vilket nu senast kommit till uttryck i boken Den svenska idrottens historia (Natur & Kultur). Den nya boken imponerar på vår recensent Isak Lidström, snart själv doktor i idrottshistoria. Inte minst uppskattar han bokens intellektuella nivå och författarens förmåga att balansera mellan akademins krav på stringens och populärhistoriegenrens krav på läsvänlighet.

    Engaged and thoroughly engaging about Irish sports on film

    Gaelic games, including Gaelic football, hurling, Gaelic handball and rounders, are the most popular sports played in Ireland, and form an important part of Irish cultural identity. In his book Gaelic Games on Film: From silent films to Hollywood hurling, horror and the emergence of Irish cinema (Cork University Press), Seán Crosson traces the Gaelic games through a hundred years of filmic representation, a journey that our reviewer Dilwyn Porter found most enjoyable.

    IDROTTSARVET – Årsböcker från Idrottsmuseet i Göteborg med historisk tyngd

    Livaktiga Idrottsmuseet i Göteborg inkluderar i sin verksamhet publiceringen av en välmatad årsbok, IDROTTSARVET. Vi bad Anders Östnäs om en översiktsrecension av de tre senaste årgångarna och han fann mycket matnyttigt att bita i för den idrottshistoriskt intresserade. Ett rikhaltigt bildmaterial bidrar till att lyfta såväl enskilda artiklar som hela årsboken.

    A most timely textbook on online research methods in sport studies

    Taking your research to the ’net was for many a reality before the corona pandemic, but as Daniel Bjärsholm points out in his review of Jamie Cleland’s, Kevin Dixon’s and Daniel Kilvington’s textbook Online Research Methods in Sport Studies (Routledge), it’s now a necessity to master online research rather than a preference. And for that purpose, this book is highly suitable. A few drawbacks aside it provides valuable insights for students and scholars alike.

    Aktuell og samfunnsrelevant avhandling som undersøker ledelsen av idrettsanlegg

    På dagen för ett år sedan försvarade Peter Forsberg sin avhandling I idrætsforeningernes tjeneste: En undesøgelse af ledelse af danske idrætsanlæg (Idrættens Analyseinstitut). Forsberg har undersökt ledning och förvaltning av danska idrottsanläggningar i ett historiskt och samtida perspektiv. Eivind Skille var en av ledamöterna i bedömningskommittén, och vi bad honom om en recension. Han konstaterar att området är underbeforskat och väkomnar Forsbergs väl genomföra studie.

    A learned and readable study of sport and physical culture in Ireland

    The History of Physical Culture in Ireland, Conor Heffernan’s Ph.D. thesis published by Palgrave Macmillan, is the first study to deal with physical culture in an Irish context, covering educational, martial and recreational histories. We asked historian Hans Bolling for a review, and he is highly appreciative of Heffernan’s efforts – “a book well worth spending time with”. In his review, Bolling creates added value by including information about the Swedish contribution to physical culture in Ireland.
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