Successful collaborations between academics and practitioners produced useful insights

    School Physical Education and Teacher Education: Collaborative Redesign for the Twenty-First Century by editors MacPhail and Lawson asks how physical education and physical education teacher education can be reconfigured together so that they are responsive to changes in today’s fast-paced, diverse and uncertain global society. In his review, Joacim Andersson finds the collaborative method for producing the book as important and promising as the outcome of those meetings of academics and practitioners.

    Vacker idrottsbiografi med ett enastående källmaterial

    Idrottshistorikern Isak Lidström, vars doktorsavhandling handlar om samiska spår i skidsportens historia, har läst Olle Backmans Pava Lars Nilsson Tuorda: En samisk hjälte (Visto Förlag). Tuorda medverkade i den andra Dicksonska expeditionen till Grönland 1883 och vann sedermera det första Nordenskiöldsloppet 1884. Vår recensent uppskattar högeligen Backmans forskning och den veritabla bladvändare till bok han skrivit på rak och enkel sakprosa.

    All you need to know about stress in sport

    Stress, Well-Being, and Performance in Sport, edited by Rachel Arnold and David Fletcher (Routledge) provides a comprehensive and contemporary overview of stress in sport and its implications on performance and well-being. Our reviewer is sport psychology professor Henrik Gustafsson. He would have loved to read this book as an undergraduate student and coach in cross-country skiing; as a professor he contends that this is the book to go to for insights about stress in sport.

    Värmlandsidrotten – i dåtid och nutid, i Värmland, i Sverige, och i världen

    Boken Värmlands guld: Mer än 100 år med värmländsk idrottshistoria av Håkan Kamp med flera (Värmlands idrottshistoriska sällskap) handlar om när idrotten kom till Sverige och senare till Värmland. Här presenteras också vinnarna av NWT:s guldmärke 1931–2020. Vår recensent Anders Östnäs har läst boken med stor förtjusning, och kryddar sin recension med egna minnen och erfarenheter av värmländsk idrott i världen.

    This strong anthology makes a significant contribution to the study of women’s sport

    As women’s sport continues to grow and develop there is an increasing need to critically examine the conditions in which women as athletes operate. Ali Bowes’ and Alex Culvin’s anthology The Professionalisation of Women’s Sport: Issues and Debates (Emerald Publishing) discusses the processes of professionalisation in women’s sports. Our reviewer is Alan Bairner, and he underlines that women’s professional sport needs to learn from the mistakes that have been made in men’s professional sport.

    A true pleasure for historians and hockey lovers, less so for critical sociologists

    Played on frozen ponds in cold northern lands, hockey seemed an especially unlikely game to gain a global following. Bruce Berglund’s The Fastest Game in the World (University of California Press) is a global history of a global sport, drawing upon research conducted around the world. Bo Carlsson, sport sociology professor who favors ice hockey over other sports, found a well-written av enjoyable history of hockey, but he sorely misses the critical sociological gaze.

    Viktig avhandling om bristerna inom barn- och ungdomsidrotten och dess konsekvenser

    Johan Högmans avhandling Barn i rörelse: Om förutsättningar för utveckling i alternativa (?) idrottsaktiviteter (Karlstad universitet) handlar om vårt samhälles strävan att finna nya, alternativa, vägar för att fler barn ska bli mer fysiskt aktiva. Den fokuserar på det som kallas alternativa idrottsaktiviteter och hur sådana aktiviteter kan utveckla barns intresse för fysisk aktivitet. Johan Norberg var Högmans opponent och därtill vår recensent, och han framhåller särskilt avhandlingens idrottspolitiska bidrag.

    “Study of the lives of women who are married to professional baseball players a...

    In his book The Sport Marriage: Women who make it work (University of Illinois Press), author Steven M. Ortiz draws on studies he conducted over nearly three decades focusing on the marital realities confronted by women married to male professional athletes. We gave this book to Norwegian sport sociologist Anne Tjønndal, who had a delightful time reading it. She concludes her appreciative review with warm recommendations.

    Norwegian book tackles the difficult questions surrounding sustainability in sports

    How do we understand the concept of sustainability in sports? What is sustainable development? Are the global sustainability goals ambitious enough? Idrett og bærekraft [Sports and sustainability] by Hanstad, Sandvik and Strittmatter (Fagbokforlaget) addresses these and many other issues. Daniel Svensson is the forum’s reviewer, and some objections notwithstanding he finds much in this book to please and inspire both himself and likely future students at sports-related higher education in Norway.

    Tennis – one of the greatest spectator sports of all time: A review essay

    The arrival of the Open era in 1968 was a watershed in the history of tennis – the year that saw professionals and amateurs compete on equal footing in all tournaments. The professionalization of tennis is the main theme in Greg Ruth’s Tennis: A History from American Amateurs to Global Professionals (University of Illinois Press). Sport historian Johnny Wijk was so inspired by Ruth’s writings that his review took the form of an essay with interesting reflections on the book as well as on tennis in general.
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