European Physical Education Review, Vol. 28, 2022, No. 1


Spanish physical education teachers’ perceptions of talent development
Alejandro Prieto-Ayuso, María Pilar León, Onofre Ricardo Contreras-Jordán, and David Morley

Does Sport Education promote equitable game-play participation? Effects of learning context and students’ sex and skill-level
Cláudio Farias, Yessica Segovia, Carla Valério, and Isabel Mesquita

Two physical educators’ sense of purpose as an indicator of teaching sustainability over time in a high-poverty school setting
Douglas W Ellison

The (im)possibilities of praxis in online health and physical education teacher education
Carla Luguetti, Eimear Enright, Jack Hynes, and Jeffrey Anthony Bishara

The effect of the Sport Education Model on basic needs, intrinsic motivation and prosocial attitudes: A systematic review and multilevel meta-analysis
Mika Manninen and Sara Campbell

Teachers’ and students’ perceptions of factors influencing the adoption of information and communications technology in physical education in Singapore schools
Koon Teck Koh, Li Quan Warrick Tan, Martin Camiré, Maria Agnes Alcantara Paculdar, and Wei Guang Andy Chua

A relational perspective on students’ experiences of participation in an ‘Interest-based physical education’ programme Irina Burchard Erdvik, Kjersti Mordal Moen, and Reidar Säfvenbom

Including students with physical disabilities in physical education in Singapore: Perspectives of peers without disabilities
Chunxiao Li, Justin A. Haegele, Cathy McKay, and Lijuan Wang

Students’ perceptions of visibility in physical education
Eli-Karin S. Åsebø, Helga S. Løvoll, and Rune J. Krumsvik

‘Same, same, but different?!’ Investigating diversity issues in the current Austrian National Curriculum for Physical Education
Stefan Meier, Andreas Raab, Brigitta Höger, and Rosa Diketmüller

Development of the Pre-service Physical Education Teachers’ Teacher Identity Scale
Jingwen Liu and Xiaofen D Keating

The (virtual) teaching of physical education in times of pandemic
Gustavo González-Calvo, Raúl A. Barba-Martín, Daniel Bores-García, and David Hortigüela-Alcalá


Teaching physical education in ‘paradise’: Activity levels, lesson context and barriers to quality implementation
Azeema Abdulla, Peter R. Whipp, and Timothy Teo

Adoption and fidelity of Sport Education in Spanish schools
David Gutiérrez, Luis Miguel García-López, Peter Andrew Hastie, and Yessica Segovia

‘Let them do PE!’ The ‘becoming’ of Swedish physical education in the age of COVID-19
Seguya Kamoga and Valeria Varea

Promotion of physical activity-related health competence in physical education: A person-oriented approach for evaluating the GEKOS intervention within a cluster randomized controlled trial
Stephanie Rosenstiel, Carmen Volk, Julia Schmid, Wolfgang Wagner, Yolanda Demetriou, Oliver Höner, Ansgar Thiel, Ulrich Trautwein, and Gorden Sudeck

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