European Physical Education Review, Vol. 27, 2021, No. 2



Open Access
The potential of Lesson Study in primary physical education: Messages from a longitudinal study in Japan
Seiichiro Kihara, Mike Jess, Paul McMillan, Kazuki Osedo, Kenji Kubo, and Hiroshi Nakanishi

Physical activity levels during a Sport Education season of games from around the world
Federico Puente-Maxera, Antonio Méndez-Giménez, and Diego Martínez de Ojeda

Artefacts and influence in curriculum policy enactment: Processes, products and policy work in curriculum reform
Karen Lambert, Laura Alfrey, Justen O’Connor, and Dawn Penney

Open Access
Simplistic policy, skewed consequences: Taking stock of English physical education, school sport and physical activity policy since 2013
Iain Lindsey, Sarah Metcalfe, Adam Gemar, Josie Alderman, and Joe Armstrong

Barriers and facilitators to inclusion in integrated physical education: Adapted physical educators’ perspectives
Justin A Haegele, Wesley J Wilson, Xihe Zhu, Justin J Bueche, Ellie Brady, and Chunxiao Li

Open Access
Between ideal teaching and ‘what works’: The transmission and transformation of a content area from university to school placements within physical education teacher education
Björn Tolgfors, Erik Backman, Gunn Nyberg, and Mikael Quennerstedt

Open Access
Physical literacy and policy alignment in sport and education in Australia
Joseph J Scott, Susan Hill, Donna Barwood, and Dawn Penney

Students’ ability beliefs about running in physical education: Qualitative findings from longitudinal data
Ping Xiang, Jiling Liu, Weidong Li, and Jianmin Guan

Effect of a hybrid teaching games for understanding/sport education unit on elementary students’ self-determined motivation in physical education
Alexander Gil-Arias, Stephen Harvey, Francisco García-Herreros, Sixto González-Víllora, Alba Práxedes, and Alberto Moreno

Open Access
Social inclusion in multi-ethnic physical education classes: Contextualized understandings of how social relations influence female students’ experiences of inclusion and exclusion
Ingfrid Mattingsdal Thorjussen

Open Access
Including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities in mainstream secondary physical education: A revisit study
David Morley, Teresa Banks, Craig Haslingden, Benjamin Kirk, Samatha Parkinson, Thomas Van Rossum, Imogen Morley, and Anthony Maher

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