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    Call for Papers | “Understanding Socio-Cultural Effects of Mega-Events on Host Communities: Key Findings, Challenges, and Opportunities”, Special Issue of Social Sciences. Call ends August 8, 2021

    The rationale for this Special Issue is to contribute to knowledge with a collection of papers on socio-cultural outcomes and impacts as effects of mega-events on host communities from a multidisciplinary perspective. We will explore the methodological and conceptual challenges such work poses, and showcase opportunities and efforts for mitigating the unsustainable aspects of mega-event policies and practices.

    Call for Papers | “Race, Sports and Protest: The Sporting Antecedents of Black Lives Matter”, Special Issue of Sport in History. Call ends December 31, 2020

    We are looking for articles that assess the BLM protest movement in relation to its historical precursors in the sporting world – from the high-profile Black Power protests among sportspeople and teams of the 1960s and 70s through to the more recent protests at the start of the 21st century. In so doing, this special issue hopes to bring together important historical perspectives from which to view the events of more recent months.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Adopting New Technologies in Sports Marketing”. Call ends December 31, 2020

    New technologies are changing how people communicate and consume sport culture. Wearable devices are changing the way we track and monitor physical activities; extended reality (e.g., VR/AR/MR) is providing new channels for sporting experiences; new media is transforming marketing communication and consumer culture; and data analytics and management is revolutionizing how we operate sport organizations.

    Call for Papers | “Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education and COVID-19 Disruptions”, Special Issue of Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education | Call ends December 15,...

    COVID-19 has impacted significantly on teaching and learning in the domains of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education and forced it to move from traditional classrooms to the digital classrooms whether digital or hybrid. Such changes have led to disruptions in teaching and learning in the arena of Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education. These interruptions have impacted not only the students, but also the teachers and their families.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Anti-doping Interventions in Adolescents”. Call ends January 31, 2021

    Despite the increasing efforts to promote education on anti-doping, there is limited empirical evidence guiding educational anti-doping initiatives. The main goal of this Research Topic is to gather research in the field of doping in sport, particularly anti-doping intervention in adolescents. Interventions are not limited to educational methodologies. Innovative anti-doping intervention designs for adolescents.

    Call for Papers | “Creative Writing and Sport”, Special Issue of TEXT Journal Of Writing And Writing Courses | Call ends May 31, 2021

    Traditionally, sports writing brings to mind the box scores on the back pages or hagiographic biographies. We rarely consider sports writing as creative and nuanced or in multiple forms such as short fiction, poetry, plays, novels, long form essays and creative non-fiction. For this special issue of TEXT, editors invite work that interrogates the processes, concepts, intersections and liminal spaces of all interpretations of sports writing.

    Call for Paper | “Sport, Leisure, and Sustainability”, Special Issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | Call ends May 31, 2021

    For this Special Issue, we seek theoretically and empirically sound examinations of sport, leisure, and sustainability. We conceptualize sustainability to consist of issues related to the environment, economics, and equity. 2020 has illuminated potentially unsustainable practices in sport and leisure. Flooding as a result of climate change, wild fires in the Western United States, and COVID-19.

    Call for Papers | “The Current Status of Racism in Sport Psychology and Liberatory Practices for Dismantling Systemic Racism” | Special Issue of Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Call...

    There is considerable work to be done in sport and sport psychology to achieve racial equality across all sport sectors and for all members of sport. For example, substantial system-wide reform that addresses recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of racially and ethnically diverse candidates of color in senior sport leadership roles, and coach training and development models that emphasize racial and culturally aware approaches

    Call for Papers | Longer Distance Cycling: roles, requirements and impacts | Special Issue of Active Travel Studies. Call ends November 16, 2020

    While the combination of longer distance good quality infrastructure and e-bikes could act as an encouragement for some, the combination of the two may not be attractive to others. Overall the special issue is interested in the potential contribution of longer distance cycling and its implications, good and bad. On the positive side, there may be gains in accessibility and inclusion; on the negative, longer distance cycling may deter shorter (slower) cycling trips.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Women’s Professional Sport: Understanding Female-Specific Distinctiveness”. Call ends January 18, 2021

    This Research Topic seeks to address a gap in current scholarship, notably research that empirically examines the success and sustainability of approaches to developing, structuring, and delivering women’s professional sport. Professional sport is delimited as any sport that provides continuous paid employment and the opportunity to pursue said employment as a career.
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