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    Open Call for Papers | Annals of Esports Research | New open access journal published through Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

    AER publishes innovative original research, opinion, and educational information related to Esports. All disciplines and approaches to understanding Esports are encouraged, with special interest in the health, performance and experience, and well-being of players, fans, and coaches. Our goal is to advance academic and industry discussions and research in Esports. We welcome empirical, conceptual, and qualitative research and industry driven manuscripts. AER is an open access journal published through Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

    Call for papers | “Reflections on football. Contributions from studies on the media, journalism and communication“. Special Issue of Mediapolis – Journal of Communication, Journalism and Public Sphere |...

    Appearing in the 19th century and popularised in the 20th century, football has reached the new millennium as a trend and behaviour setter, assuming itself as a complex “integral social factor” worthy of profound reflection and research by the Social, Human and Communication Sciences. The challenge of this issue is to demonstrate how football can and should be the subject of research in the academic and scientific sphere, given its social plasticity and appeal to interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary approaches.

    Call for Papers | “Lockdown Leisure”, Special issue of Leisure Studies | Call ends February 7, 2022

    The special issues explores the medium to long-term impacts of lockdowns, drawing inspiration from Ken Roberts’ ‘Lock down leisure in Britain’ (Leisure Studies 39(5): 617-628), but other questions emerge. These include: How have socially distanced, isolated and bubbled sociality affected leisure?  How might leisure lives have been ‘sanitised’ through the lockdown? How have these issues affected different demographics in different ways?  How have new leisure providers developed and what does this mean for older providers? How do these trends pan out internationally?

    Call for Papers | “Sport Psychology and The Olympic Games: Helping Athletes Shine in the Shadow of the Pandemic”, Special Issue of Scandinavian Journal on Sport and Exercise Psychology....

    The value and timeliness of a special issue on supporting high performance in stressful contexts lie in the unusual mix of a world-leading sport event and a worldwide life-changing pandemic. We believe that measures taken in these unusual circumstances may inform sport psychology work in general. We expect all submissions to be rigorous and have the potential to advance the field.

    Komparativa perspektiv på den svenska idrottens historia – inbjudan till att skriva en kortare essä till Idrott, historia och samhälle | Skicka den senast den 30 juni 2021

    Denna inbjudan avser en text för publicering i Idrott, historia och samhälle, Svenska idrottshistoriska föreningens årsskrift. Texten ska reflektera över det faktum att den svenska idrottshistorieskrivning präglats av ”metodologisk nationalism”. Med några få undantag har man i sina undersökningar oreflekterat utgått från en svensk nationell kontext. Essän ska reflektera över detta och diskutera den svenska idrottens historia utifrån exempelvis ett internationellt, komparativt perspektiv.

    Call for Papers | “NCAA Division III College Athlete Development and Experience” | Special Issue if Journal of Athlete Development and Experience. Call ends June 15, 2021

    The goal of this special issue is to highlight and examine athlete development and experiences specific to the NCAA DIII population in an effort to expand and fill this gap in the current literature. We invite proposals for this special issue of the online, open-access journal. The special issue will serve as a forum to explore research, issues, and practical applications of best practice strategies in the development of DIII athlete well-being.

    Call for Papers | “Sport Management: Mission and meaning for a new era” | Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly. Call ends June 10, 2021

    We think sport is still important, and so is our endeavor to study it, understand it and contribute to its use as public good. In times of pandemics and not to forget climate warming, more than ever we are incited, if not forced, to rethink what sport is, what it means to us. As a research community on sport, it is our obligation to critically reflect upon the essentials of sport. We invite authors to submit papers on the theme “Sport management: Mission and meaning for a new era”.

    Call for Papers | Lockdown and Being : Space, Place, Movement | Special Issue of Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology. Call ends July 30, 2021

    The outbreak of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns have problematised the taken-for-granted notions of ‘space’, ‘place’ and ‘movement’, and thrust them into the foreground of discussions - not only in academic circles but also in popular culture, news media, policy making, and politicking. Potential paper topics might relate to place and space as conceived and constructed through specific forms of movement, such as in soma-aesthetics, performance, theatre, sports, care, community, tourism, etc.

    Call for Papers | “Active Sport Ecotourism and Sustainability”, Special Issue of International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing. Call ends January 3, 2022

    Sport ecotourism focuses on sustainable sport tourism in largely untouched natural and often rural environments. Ecotourism has helped extend an understanding of contributory effects associated with tourism accommodations, activities, and mobility includes economic stimulus, social, cultural, and environmental outcomes. This special issue focuses on the importance of sustainable management and/or marketing practices of active sport ecotourism.

    International Review for the Sociology of Sport Calling | Proposals for Special Issues | Editors for a Virtual Special Issue. Call ends July 1, 2021

    We are delighted to announce that the International Review for the Sociology of Sport is now accepting Proposals for Special Issues. A Special Issue provides an in-depth and sustained engagement with a particular topic through the curation and publication of a number of research articles. In addition we invite expressions of interest from people who would like to edit a Virtual Special Issue.
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