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    The aims with this special issue call are (a) to augment theoretical understanding related to Olympic athlete mental health broadly defined, (b) to encourage diverse methodological approaches through which scholars and practitioners might better understand this important topic, and (c) to provide strong practical solutions that can contribute to the advancement of this topic in the field, through novel, internationally diverse solutions.
    This special issue of the Sport Management Education Journal seeks theoretical and empirical articles advancing the body of knowledge related to multicultural education, inclusive pedagogical practices, and social justice education in sport management courses and curricula. Therefore, the special issue encourages scholarship related to various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    This special issue invites papers on the intersection between sport and modern diplomacy. The conceptualization of myriad diplomatic conducts and gestures in sport is the key aim of this special issue. In addition to an insightful review of notable cases and incidents, this special issue particularly seeks papers that present sound theoretical underpinnings or/and potentially makes a useful conceptual contribution to sport diplomacy scholarship.
    While the interest for physical activity (PA) and pre-schoolers is growing, there seems to be less research focusing on organized sport activities for toddlers. Therefore, the editors encourage the submission of papers on the theme of the participation of toddlers and pre-schoolers in organized sport, for-profit programs and physical activity from a range of temporal, geographic, methodological and thematic perspectives.
    The proposed special issue intends to explore the varied significances of the Euro Cup as a sports mega event (SME) in terms of national and transnational projections in the twenty-first century. The plan is to highlight and assess the new dimensions of the tournament in the new century in terms of hosting, participation, impact and legacy through the lens of national and transnational assertions, conflicts, and interactions.
    This special issue will seek to build upon the existing literature in the field of sport and nationalism by bringing together a range of contemporary academics in this field of study, thus offering an opportunity to showcase contrasting theoretical positions on this topic within the same issue. The central focus of the special issue on the application of theories of nationalism to the field of sport provides an opportunity for novel and critical contributions to this field of study.
    Sport, history and society is a peer-reviewed academic publication of sport, leisure and recreation history seated in Sweden and Scandinavia. Its scope, however, goes beyond the borders of Scandinavia, and we publish articles in English as well as in Scandinavian languages. Representing the Swedish Association for Sport History (SVIF), the yearbook publishes original articles on historical aspects of sport in a broad sense, and invites scholars to contribute with articles to its yearbook.
    The Velvet Light Trap #87 seeks to deepen media studies understandings of sports. Given our current era of destabilization (of texts, genres, technologies, industries, distribution models, franchises, policies, etc.), sports undoubtedly remains a stimulus of—and, at times, barrier to—change in the media industries. We invite a variety of media scholars—not just those who specialize in sports media—to reconsider and engage with sports in new and dynamic ways.
    The purpose of Olimpianos – Journal of Olympic Studies is to provide a channel for communication and academic dissemination within Olympic and Paralympic studies. The scope s directed in 3 broad areas, humanities and Olympic Studies, governance and Olympic Studies, and communication, marketing and Olympic studies. The journal is Open Access.
    This special issue of the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics is designed to move our understandings of the experience college athletes have in their educational pursuits through a grounding in educational theory associated with academic engagement and success. It is unique from the extant research because it is intended to encourage scholarship that focuses on ways to increase participation in these activities.
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