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    Call for Papers | “Activism in College Sport”, Special Issue of Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics (JIIA). Call ends June 15, 2022

    Given the vast range of issues within and surrounding college sport, it is timely and important to have a special issue that explores historical and contemporary instances of activism in and through college sport, their impacts, and the future trajectory of these efforts. Empirical, conceptual, methodological, and theoretical submissions are encouraged. In this special issue, we invite scholars to offer critical examinations of different types of activism exhibited by individuals, groups, and institutions connected to college sport.

    Call for Papers | “Diversity and Sustainability in Electronic Gaming and Esports”, Special Issue of Journal of Electronic Gaming and Esports | Call ends March 1, 2022

    If esports and gaming strive to be an international and inclusive activity for everyone, then understanding the diversity of electronic gaming and esports and how they intersect with essential topics such as gender, identity, racism, multiculturalism, equality, accessibility, inclusion, sustainability, environmentalism, globalism (and glocalism), just to name a few, are of utmost importance. We are interested in submissions from any discipline.

    Call for Young Scholars | Sport and International Relations, Special Cores in The International Spectator | Call ends January 31, 2022

    In order to encourage the contribution of new generations of scholars to the scientific debate, The International Spectator currently welcomes the submission of proposals for THEMATIC SPECIAL CORES of 4-6 articles on the topic of “Sport and International Relations” by teams of young scholars (under 35 years of age), to be considered for publication in the journal. Proposals shall focus on any aspect of the multifaceted relationship between Sport and International Relations.

    Call for Papers | “Agency and Institutions in Sport”, Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly | Call ends November 1, 2022

    For this special issue we are particularly interested in empirical research that demonstrates clear theoretical contributions to advance our understanding of contemporary institutional work scholarship. Drawing on recent reviews we feel there are several themes that present opportunities to leverage distinctive empirical opportunities within sport and contribute to broader theoretical discussions around agency in institutional scholarship.

    Open Call for Papers | International Journal of Motorsport Management

    The International Journal of Motorsport Management is an online academic journal designed to address the unmet need within the motorsport industry for applied research that can be utilized by current industry teams, tracks, sanctioning bodies, sponsors, marketing agencies, and other related stakeholders. The goal is to provide the international motorsport community a centralized source for all topics “management-related” that can improve the daily function and efficiency of their organization.

    Call for Papers | “Rethinking Sport and Social Issues”, Special Issue of Social Sciences | Call ends September 1, 2022

    This special issue aims to bring together interdisciplinary discussions and analyses on contemporary sport, its transforming nature, and social issues connected to our way of understanding both sport and broader social life. With “rethinking sport” we want to emphasize the everchanging nature of sport. The issue welcomes contributions from a wide variety of perspectives including sociology, sport science, social work, cultural studies, gender studies, pedagogy, and more.

    Call for Papers | “Environmental attunement in health, sport and physical education”. Special Issue of Sport, Education and Society | Call ends November 18, 2021

    This call seeks to examine diverse scholarship on the possibilities and challenges of expanding social, cultural, political and embodied connections to place, space and ‘nature’.  Because many tools are needed to examine the complexity of these issues, we welcome papers that engage with a variety of approaches; especially research that is imaginative and considered in the application of empirical, theoretical, speculative or other methods.

    Call for Journal Article Reviews | Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies

    Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies invites graduate students to write a journal article review for its next volume (Vol. 30, 2021). Interested reviewers are encouraged to consult with the Journal Article Review Editor before writing an article review. A list of pre-approved articles will be provided to consult upon request. Olympika is particularly interested in reviews of articles that are concerned with the socio-cultural impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Olympic Games.

    Call for Papers | “Governance Changes to College Athletics”, Special Issue of Sports Innovation Journal | Call ends December 31, 2021

    Intercollegiate athletics is undergoing significant changes. The NCAA is convening a constitutional convention to review potential changes to governance and enforcement, including shifting more responsibilities to conferences and institutions. The special issue is looking for submissions in the following areas: College Athlete Experience; Alternative Governance Models; Name, Image and Likeness; Conference Realignment; Crisis/Pandemic Policy Management.

    Call for Papers | “Sport and species: How games, sports, and physical culture affect other animals”, Special Issue of Sport, Ethics and Philosophy | Call ends January 15, 2022

    This special issue aims to identify and address the fundamental ethical issues related to animal sports and games. It seeks to address whether humans are at all justified in using and involving animals for their sporting and recreational purposes, should the acceptance of animals in these activities be unconstrained, or ought limits to be set on sporting use. What are the duties owed to animals before, during, and after their use in sport? This special issue invites the submission of papers on this topic.
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