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    Call for Papers | “Painful Pleasure, Pleasurable Pain”, Special Issue of Journal for the Study of British Cultures | Call ends July 1, 2020

    Pain and pleasure are operative in the negotiation of the limits of the normative and the transgressive, but they are also intertwined within realms that are considered to be part of everyday culture and, as such, challenge the traditional dichotomy associated with both concepts – from the mother giving birth, to the marathon runner pushing his/her body to the limit, to the pleasures arising from modifiable flesh (e.g., tattoos, piercings etc.).

    Call for Papers | “Sport Management in Emerging Markets”, Special Issue of Emerging Markets Case Studies. Call ends September 1, 2020

    We welcome submissions of quality discussion-based teaching case studies that examine recent management decisions faced by organizations operating within the sport industry in emerging markets. Cases about decisions related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sport management are encouraged, although this special issue will not focus exclusively on this crisis. The special issue will be published in 2021, for use by instructors globally.

    Call for Papers |“Sport and Covid-19: Impacts and challenges for the future”, Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly | Call ends August 31, 2020

    The aim of this special issue is to explore the impacts of, and future challenges facing, sport from COVID-19. Contributions are welcome from across all settings, exploring all outcomes, and connected with personal, leadership, organisational, management and resourcing issues. We invite contributors to examine conceptually, empirically and theoretically, these impacts and future implications of Covid-19 on sport.

    Call for Papers | “The Athlete’s Voice in History”, Special Issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport | Call ends December 18, 2020

    From ancient times until today, athletes have been considered as the main protagonists of the sport system. The proposed special issue, guest edited by Stephan Wassong, Angela J. Schneider and Rob Hess, focuses on this topic by analyzing various facets of this role ascribed to, and sought by, athletes, especially those in the orbit of the Olympic movement, including the Paralympics, Youth Olympic Games and Special Olympics.

    Call for Papers | “Health Promotion and Sport”, Special Issue of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Call ends April 30, 2021

    Health promotion can be understood in different ways in relation to sport, and this Special Issue aims to explore this relation in-depth. The objective is to better understand how the sport sector can act as a health-promoting setting. We consider sport in a broad sense, including both competitive and recreational sport, targeting all groups across the lifespan and socioeconomic gradient, including every-day and non-organized sport practice.

    Call for Papers | “The Champions? Thirty Years of the Men and Women’s UEFA Champions League”, Special Issue of Soccer & Society. Call ends June 29, 2020

    This timely special issue not only explores the last thirty years of both Champions Leagues, but provides an opportunity to reflect on this transformation, examine the contemporary context and identify future challenges. We encourage submissions from all academic disciplines and across Europe (and beyond) so that readers will benefit from a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary European football.

    Call for Scholarly Commentaries | “Sport and the Coronavirus Crisis”, Special Issue of International Journal of Sport Communication. Call ends April 27, 2020

    This call asks sport-focused scholars to contribute short essays and analyses of how this unfortunate life-altering pandemic has affected the sport industry. For the most part this special issue will be devoted to scholarly commentaries (e.g., perspectives, essays, overviews, analyses, opinions, observations, recommendations, cases, interviews) of how the sport industry has been affected by this pandemic.

    Call for Papers | “Strategic Brand Management In and Through Sport” – Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Marketing. Call ends September 30, 2020

    This special issue, guest edited by Elisavet Argyro Manoli, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, aims to add to the ever-developing branding and sport branding literature, by exploring both forms that sport brand management can take, while taking into consideration its strategic nature and the rapid development of the sport sector and the wider social, technological and economic environment.

    Call for Papers | “Female Fandom: A Global Perspective”, Special Issue of Soccer & Society | Call ends May 1, 2020

    The increasing interest for girls and women to follow football, both live and through old and new media, raises important issues regarding politics, engagement, identity, gender, and power relations. This special issue of Soccer & Society, with guest editors Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg, highlights female fandom in a global perspective. We welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to the theme.

    Call for Papers | “Legal Aspects of Fantasy Sports” | Special issue of International Sports Law Journal. Call ends November 15, 2020

    Fantasy sports have more recently grown in popularity in the world outside the US, raising a number of novel legal questions. The ISLJ wants to support fruitful global discussions about these questions through a special issue. We welcome contributions from different jurisdictions analyzing fantasy sports from the perspective of various areas of law including, but not limited to, intellectual property law, gambling law, and competition law.
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