European Physical Education Review, Vol. 25, 2019, No. 1

Participants’ physical activity levels and evaluations of a school sport programme in Papua New Guinea
Stephanie Hanrahan, Steven Rynne, Emma Beckman, and Tony Rossi

Instructional and learning outcomes in China and the USA as policy implications
Haiyong Ding and Ang Chen

A school excursion to a museum can promote physical activity in children by integrating movement into curricular activities
Lærke Mygind, Tine Kryger, Gry Sidenius, Jasper Schipperijn, and Peter Bentsen

In search of a critical PETE programme
Rod Allan Philpot

School-based physical activity opportunities in PE lessons and after-school hours: Are they associated with children’s daily physical activity?
Peggy Cheung

Attaining the Active School Flag: How physical activity provision can be enhanced in Irish primary schools
Richard Bowles, Déirdre Ní Chróinín, and Elaine Murtagh

Social class and the emergent organised sporting habits of primary-aged children
Sharon Wheeler, Ken Green, and Miranda Thurston

‘It doesn’t seem like PE and I love it’: Adolescent girls’ views of a health club physical education approach
Gay Timken, Jeff McNamee, and Sarah Coste

Acculturation of prospective German physical education teachers
Anne M Merrem and Matthew D Curtner-Smith

Adolescents’ physical activity levels on physical education and non-physical education days according to gender, age, and weight status
Jesús Viciana, Daniel Mayorga-Vega, and Maribel Parra-Saldías

Injury prevention in physical education teacher education students: Lessons from sports. A systematic review
Lennert Goossens, Roel De Ridder, Greet Cardon, Erik Witvrouw, Ruth Verrelst, and Dirk De Clercq

What is the best swimming stroke to master for beginners in water safety tests?
François Potdevin, Sophie Jomin-Moronval, Patrick Pelayo, and Jeanne Dekerle

Figuring out the prevalence of fitness testing in physical education: A figurational analysis
Laura Alfrey and Michael Gard

Elementary physical educators’ positioning in teaching English language learners
Takahiro Sato, Jennifer Walton-Fisette, and Insook Kim

A combined movement and story-telling intervention enhances motor competence and language ability in pre-schoolers to a greater extent than movement or story-telling alone
Michael Duncan, Anna Cunningham, and Emma Eyre

Emotional labor, teacher burnout, and turnover intention in high-school physical education teaching
Ye Hoon Lee

Schools’ engagement with the Get Set London 2012 Olympic education programme: Empirical insights from schools in a non-hosting region
Shushu Chen and Ian Henry

Researching social justice and health (in)equality across different school Health and Physical Education contexts in Sweden, Norway and New Zealand
Göran Gerdin, Rod Allan Philpot, Lena Larsson, Katarina Schenker, Susanne Linnér, Kjersti Mordal Moen, Knut Westlie, Wayne Smith, and Maureen Legge

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