European Physical Education Review, Vol. 25, 2019, No. 2

The nature of learning tasks and knowledge acquisition: The role of cognitive engagement in physical education
Yubing Wang, Ang Chen, Ray Schweighardt, Tan Zhang, Stephanie Wells, and Catherine Ennis

The long-term development of volleyball game play performance using Sport Education and the Step-Game-Approach model
Rui Araújo, Peter Hastie, Keith R Lohse, Cristiana Bessa, and Isabel Mesquita

Effects of situational interest dimensions on students’ learning strategies in physical education
Cédric Roure, Gilles Kermarrec, and Denis Pasco

The Lieberman–Brian Inclusion Rating Scale for Physical Education
Lauren Lieberman, Ali Brian, and Michelle Grenier

The effect of cooperative high-intensity interval training on creativity and emotional intelligence in secondary school: A randomised controlled trial
Alberto Ruiz-Ariza, Sara Suárez-Manzano, Sebastián López-Serrano, and Emilio J Martínez-López

The meaning of youth physical activity experiences among individuals with psoriasis: A retrospective inquiry
Justin A Haegele, Patrick B Wilson, Xihe Zhu, and T Nicole Kirk

Exploring the influence of perceived mattering, role stress, and emotional exhaustion on physical education teacher/coach job satisfaction
K Andrew R Richards, Nicholas S Washburn, and Michael A Hemphill

Ecological correlates of Spanish preschoolers’ physical activity during school recess
Marta Terrón-Pérez, Ana Queralt, Javier Molina-García, and Vladimir E Martínez-Bello

Attitudes of pre-service physical education teachers to healthism: Development and validation of the Attitude Towards Healthism Scale (ATHS)
Laura Alfrey, Justen O’Connor, Sivanes Phillipson, Dawn Penney, Ruth Jeanes, and Shane Phillipson

Perceptions and measurement of playtime physical activity in English primary school children: The influence of socioeconomic status
Nicola McWhannell, Carmel Triggs, and Samantha Moss

Physical activity patterns and factors that facilitate or hinder exercise among adolescents in an all-boys school
Koon Teck Koh, Choon Seng George Lam, Si Hui Regina Lim, and Ka Lam Sam

The impact of a special school placement on self-perceptions of confidence and competence among prospective PE teachers
Anthony Maher, David Morley, Julie Fimusanmi, and Paul Ogilvie

Religion as an other(ed) identity within physical education: A scoping review of relevant literature and suggestions for practice and inquiry
Daniel B Robinson

A test of common content knowledge for gymnastics: A Rasch analysis
Erhan Devrilmez, Fatih Dervent, Phillip Ward, and Mustafa Levent Ince

Expert recommendations for the design of a children’s movement competence assessment tool for use by primary school teachers
David Morley, Thomas Van Rossum, David Richardson, and Lawrence Foweather

Greek preservice physical education teachers’ mental models of production and reproduction teaching styles
Ioannis Syrmpas, Senlin Chen, Denis Pasco, and Nikolaos Digelidis

The experience of teaching using a game based approach: Teachers as learners, collaborators and catalysts
Kendall Jarrett and Richard Light

Moral development and sporting behavior in sport education: A case study of a preservice teacher with a coaching orientation
Benjamin Schwamberger and Matthew Curtner-Smith

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