European Physical Education Review, Vol. 28, 2022, No. 2


Open Access
‘I am finding my path’: A case study of Swedish novice physical education teachers’ experiences when managing the realities and challenges of their first years in the profession
Runa Westerlund and Inger Eliasson

Open Access
Relationships between students’ individual interest, achievement goals, perceived competence and situational interest: A cluster analysis in swimming
Cédric Roure and Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner

Video modeling examples are effective tools for self-regulated learning in physical education: Students learn through repeated viewing, self-talk, and mental rehearsal
Omar Trabelsi, Adnene Gharbi, Mohamed Abdelkader Souissi, Nourhen Mezghanni, Mustapha Bouchiba, and Maher Mrayeh

One-year stability of physical education-centered physical literacy indicators on objectively measured physical activity
Sami Yli-Piipari, Arto Gråstén, Mikko Huhtiniemi, Kasper Salin, and Timo Jaakkola

Effects of the Sport Education model on adolescents’ motivational, emotional, and well-being dimensions during a school year
Antonio Méndez-Giménez, María del Pilar Mahedero-Navarrete, Federico Puente-Maxera, and Diego Martínez de Ojeda

Workplace experiences of physical educators with and without National Board Certification K. Andrew R. Richards, Amelia Mays Woods, Mengyi Wei, and Jeongkyu Kim

Investigating preservice classroom teachers’ practices and views about teaching physical education lessons: An exploratory case study
Niki Tsangaridou, Ermis Kyriakides, and Charalambos Y. Charalambous

Motivation, basic psychological needs and intention to be physically active after a gamified intervention programme
Javier Fernandez-Rio, Marc Zumajo-Flores, and Gonzalo Flores-Aguilar

Understanding US PETE Faculty Stress in the Sociopolitical Environment of Higher Education
K. Andrew R. Richards, Shelby E. Ison, Kim C. Graber, Amelia Mays Woods, Chloe Walsh, and Wesley J. Wilson

Trans-Contextual Model Predicting Change in Out-of-School Physical Activity: A One-Year Longitudinal Study
Hanna Kalajas-Tilga, Vello Hein, Andre Koka, Henri Tilga, Lennart Raudsepp, and Martin S. Hagger

A three-legged stool: Teachers’ views of Junior Cycle Physical Education curriculum change Mary O’Sullivan, Brigitte Moody, Melissa Parker, and Michael Carey

Open Access
Learning communities and physical education professional development: A scoping review
Melissa Parker, Kevin Patton, Luiza Gonçalves, Carla Luguetti, and Okseon Lee

Open Access
Cross-cultural comparison of fundamental movement skills in 9- to 10-year-old children from England and China
Jiani Ma, Michael J. Duncan, Si-Tong Chen, Emma L.J. Eyre, and Yujun Cai

Open Access
Enacting assessment for learning in the induction phase of physical education teaching
Björn Tolgfors, Mikael Quennerstedt, Erik Backman, and Gunn Nyberg

Open Access
Body image(s): Problematizing future physical education teachers’ beliefs about the body and physical activity through visual imagery
Gustavo González-Calvo, Vanesa Gallego-Lema, Göran Gerdin, and Daniel Bores-García


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