European Physical Education Review, Vol. 26, 2020, No. 1

Running: A way to increase body awareness in secondary school physical education
Heléne Bergentoft

Influence of a physical education teacher’s perceived age on high school pupils’ perceptions of effectiveness and learning
Colin G Pennington, Matthew D Curtner-Smith, and Stefanie A Wind

Autonomy support, motivational climate, enjoyment and perceived competence in physical education: Impact of a hybrid teaching games for understanding/sport education unit
Alexander Gil-Arias, Fernando Claver, Alba Práxedes, Fernando Del Villar, and Stephen Harvey

Recruitment and initial socialization into adapted physical education teacher education
K Andrew R Richards and Wesley J. Wilson

Flipped learning, pedagogy and digital technology: Establishing consistent practice to optimise lesson time
Julia Sargent and Ashley Casey

What effect on learning does increasing the proportion of curriculum time allocated to physical education have? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Dean Dudley and Raewyn Burden

Teachers as role models for physical activity: Are preschool children more active when their teachers are active?
Peggy Cheung

Moving beyond rigid orthodoxies in the teaching and assessment of movement in Swedish physical education teacher education: A student perspective
Erik Backman, Gunn Nyberg, and Håkan Larsson

Test anxiety in physical education: The predictive role of gender, age, and implicit theories of athletic ability
Sarah Danthony, Nicolas Mascret, and François Cury

Exploring the meaning of movement capability in physical education teacher education through student voices
Gunn Nyberg, Erik Backman, and Håkan Larsson

Seeing is believing: Primary generalist pre-service teachers’ observations of physical education lessons in Ireland and Switzerland
Maura Coulter, Fintina Kealey, Sarah Louise Langan, John McGarvey, and Serena Padden

Effects of occupational socialization on United States secondary physical education teachers’ beliefs regarding curriculum design
Laura F Prior and Matthew D Curtner-Smith

Negotiation patterns of a preservice physical education teacher and his students during sport education
Kelsey McEntyre, Matthew D Curtner-Smith, and Stefanie A Wind

Junior high school students’ achievement goals, social goals, and self-reported persistence in physical education settings
Jianmin Guan, Ping Xiang, Xiaofen D Keating, and William M. Land

A comparison of activity levels of girls in single-gender and mixed-gender physical education
Laura Wallace, Duncan Buchan, and Nicholas Sculthorpe

A student-centred digital technology approach: The relationship between intrinsic motivation, learning climate and academic achievement of physical education pre-service teachers
Antonio Calderón, Lourdes Meroño, and Ann MacPhail

Learning in action sports: A scoping review
Eva Ellmer, Steven Rynne, and Eimear Enright

Resilience in physical education: A qualitative exploration of protective factors
Kate Tudor, Mustafa Sarkar, and Christopher M Spray

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