International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 15, 2020, Issue 1

Comparing Masters athletes with varying degrees of coaching for psychological need satisfaction and frustration
Matt D Hoffmann, Bradley W Young, Scott Rathwell, and Bettina Callary

Sport emotions profiles: Relationships with burnout and coping skills among competitive athletes
Higinio González-García, Guillaume Martinent, and Antonia Pelegrín

A multifactorial comparison of Australian youth soccer players’ performance characteristics
Kyle JM Bennett, Andrew R Novak, Matthew A Pluss, Aaron J Coutts, and Job Fransen

State-of-the-art review of athletic wearable technology: What 113 strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers from the USA said about technology in sports
Tony Luczak, Reuben Burch, Edwin Lewis, Harish Chander, and John Ball

Exploring the practical knowledge of eccentric resistance training in high-performance strength and conditioning practitioners
Mellissa Harden, Claire Bruce, Alex Wolf, Kirsty M Hicks, and Glyn Howatson

Effect of acute antagonist static stretching on upper-body agonist power
Dave Elliott and Dayne Massey

The effects of measurement error and testing frequency on the fitness-fatigue model applied to resistance training: A simulation approach
Benedict H Stephens Hemingway, Katherine E Burgess, Eyad Elyan, and Paul A Swinton

Physiological and perceptual responses of youth soccer players to an intensified period of competition
Patrick C Maughan and Paul A Swinton

Pre- and mid-season repeated sprint ability of soccer referees from the first and second divisions
Yoav Meckel, Kiril Balikin, and Alon Eliakim

Shooting efficiency and structure of shooting in 3 × 3 basketball compared to 5v5 basketball
Frane Erčulj, Matic Vidic, and Bojan Leskošek

Effects of task constraints on training workload in elite women’s soccer
Sergio J Ibáñez, Emilio Pérez-Goye, Javier García-Rubio, and Javier Courel-Ibáñez

Nutrition and body composition of elite rhythmic gymnasts from Bulgaria
Silvia Miteva, Iliya Yanev, Stefan Kolimechkov, Lubomir Petrov, Lubomir Mladenov, Veneta Georgieva, and Petar Somlev

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