The Physical Educator, Vol. 77, 2020, No. 2

Kinesiology Students’ Experiences in a Service-Learning Project for Children With Disabilities
José A. Santiago, Minhyun Kim, Erica Pasquini, Emily A. Roper

The Effect of Prompting and Group Contingency on Middle School Students’ Physical Activity During a Badminton Sport Education Season
Zachary Wahl-Alexander, Annie Malecki, Steven Smart

Physical Activity Contributions of Dancing Classrooms Program on Middle School Students
Colin G. Pennington, Larry P. Nelson

Project Fit America’s Effect on Youth Fitness Levels
Joe Deutsch, Sean Mahoney, Roman Waldera, Michelle Martinez, Ethan Schnabel

Utilizing Documentary Film as a Pedagogical Methodology: Exploring the Student Experience Through Writing to Learn After Viewing The Rebound: A Wheelchair Basketball Story
Cathy McKay, Justin Haegele, Jenna McMahon

Cooperative Learning in Physical Education and Its Effects on Student Reading Comprehension Scores
Stephen Tiberi, Ismael Flores Marti, Michael K. Laughlin

The Veteran and the Novice: Investigating Teacher–Coach Role Conflict From Two Perspectives
Christopher Mellor, Karen Gaudreault, Colleen Fadale

The Effect of a Goal-Setting Program in Physical Education on Cognitive and Affective Outcomes of the Lesson
Chrysa Gerani, Argiris Theodosiou, Vassilis Barkoukis, Vassilis Papacharisis, Haralambos Tsorbatzoudis, Apostolia Gioupsani

Physical Education Cooperating Teachers’ Perceptions of Preparedness for the Student Teaching Experience
Hillary M. Franks, Jennifer M. Krause

The Role of Perceived Competence in Determining Teacher Support in Upper Secondary School Physical Education
Aron Laxdal, Erlingur Johannsson, Rune Giske

Japanese Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Experiences of Teaching Gymnastics in Physical Education
Sadaomi Iwaki, Takahiro Sato, Emi Tsuda, James Wyant

Motivational Climate in Physical Education Classes: Is It Really Determined by the Instructional Model?
Sima Zach, Rona Cohen, Michal Arnon

Teenagers Suffer Traumatic Orifice Injuries While Using Personal Watercraft
Nathan T. Martin

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