Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 39, 2020, Issue 3 | Don Hellison’s Life and Legacy


Thank You and Welcome
Bryan McCullick
Pages: 285


Open access
Don Hellison’s Life and Legacy: Introduction to the Special Issue
Paul M. Wright and David Walsh
Pages: 286–288

The Man Behind the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model: A Life History of Don Hellison
Jenn M. Jacobs and Thomas Templin
Pages: 289–299

“What’s Worth Doing?”: A Qualitative Historical Analysis of the TPSR Model
K. Andrew R. Richards and Victoria N. Shiver
Pages: 300–310

Don Hellison’s Scholarship Reconsidered
Paul M. Wright, Karisa Fuerniss and Nicholas Cutforth
Pages: 311–320

Principled, Modest, and Giving … Don Hellison’s Impact Through the Eyes of His Peers
Hans van der Mars
Pages: 321–330

The Evolution of Hellison’s Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Model in Out-of-School Contexts
Tom Martinek and Michael A. Hemphill
Pages: 331–336

Expanding the Boundaries of TPSR and Empowering Others to Make Their Own Contributions
Barrie Gordon and Sylvie Beaudoin
Pages: 337–346

Professional Development for Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility: Past, Present, and Future
Robin J. Dunn and Sarah A. Doolittle
Pages: 347–356

Open access
Don Hellison’s Life and Legacy: Concluding Thoughts
David S. Walsh and Paul M. Wright
Pages: 357–359


Recess Enjoyment, Affect, and Preferences by Gender and Developmental Level in Elementary School
Ken Lodewyk and Lauren McNamara
Pages: 360–373

Open access
The Influence of a Methods Course in Physical Education on Preservice Classroom Teachers’ Acquisition of Practical Knowledge
Jan-Erik Romar and Magnus Ferry
Pages: 374–383

My, How You Have Changed, PETE: An Updated Demographic Profile of U.S. Teacher Education Faculty
Kim C. Graber, Amelia Mays Woods, Chad M. Killian, K. Andrew R. Richards and Jesse L. Rhoades
Pages: 384–395

PETE Faculty Preferences and Responsibilities for Research, Teaching, and Service in the United States
Kim C. Graber, K. Andrew R. Richards, Chad M. Killian and Amelia Mays Woods
Pages: 396–406

Effects of a Concept-Based Physical Education on Middle School Students’ Knowledge, Motivation, and Out-of-School Physical Activity
Yubing Wang and Ang Chen
Pages: 407–414

Open access
Exploring Movement Learning in Physical Education Using a Threshold Approach
Dean Barker, Gunn Nyberg and Hakan Larsson
Pages: 415–423

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