International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 22, 2021, No 4


New jerseys: exploring the influence of NBA team jersey sponsorships on teams and sponsors
Sara Shoffner, Mark Slavich, Gi-Yong Koo

Identifying factors affecting the value of advertisements on football clubs’ and players’ social media: a discrete choice analysis
Matteo Balliauw, Evy Onghena, Simon Mulkens

To partner or not? A study of co-branding partnership and consumers’ perceptions of symbolism and functionality toward co-branded sport products
Ho Yeol Yu, G. Matthew Robinson, DongHun Lee

The influence of perceived fan orientation on satisfaction, loyalty and sport consumption behaviors
Hüseyin Köse, Metin Argan, David P. Hedlund

Sport consumer flow and shopping well-being in online shopping
Bomin Paek, Alan Morse, Minjung Kim, Hoyoon Jung

Business management in the football industry from a supply chain management perspective
Zhaleh Memari, Abbas Rezaei Pandari, Mohammad Ehsani, Shokufeh Mahmudi

Sport events as experiencescapes: the spectator’s perspective
Kirstin Hallmann, Anita Zehrer, Julia Rietz

The impact of ageing on aggression among sport fans: the mediating role of fan hatred
Tamar Icekson, Anat Toder Alon, Avichai Shuv-Ami, Yaron Sela

Comparing young adult responses to rational and emotional sports product advertisements: the moderating role of product type and gender
Mojtaba Ghasemi Siani, Sardar Mohammadi, Mohammad Soltan Hosseini, Geoff Dickson

Transdisciplinary sport and physical activity development in urban real-world labs
Hagen Wäsche, Richard Beecroft, Helena Trenks, Andreas Seebacher, Oliver Parodi

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