The Physical Educator, Vol. 76, 2019, No. 3

Understanding Career Changes: Physical Educators to Adapted Physical Educators
Takahiro Sato, Justin A. Haegele

Early Validation Evidence of the Canadian Practitioner-Based Assessment of Physical Literacy in Secondary Physical Education
Ken R. Lodewyk

Parents’ Perceptions of Coaching Behaviors Toward Their Child With a Hidden Disability in Recreational Youth Sports
Tiffanye M. Vargas, Margaret M. Flores, Robbi Beyer, Sharon M. Weaver

“The Stomp and Catch Was Too Easy!” Children’s and Teachers’ Perceptions of Inclusive High and Low Autonomy Motor Skills Instruction
Alice M. Buchanan, Benjamin J. Miedema, Mary E. Rudisill, Jerraco Johnson, Claire Bridges, J. Megan Irwin, Brooke Converse, Melissa Pangelinan

Effective Teaching Strategies for Low-Skilled Students
Ulana Lysniak, Anne Gibbone, Stephen Silverman

Open Access
Learning to Integrate Movement in Elementary Classrooms: Field Experiences of Preservice Classroom Teachers
Collin A. Webster, Robert Dan Michael, Laura B. Russ, Catherine A. Egan

Perceptions of Learning to Teach in a Constructivist Environment
Misti Neutzling, Erica Pratt, Melissa Parker

Relationship Between Physical Activity and Stress Among Junior High School Students in the Physical Education Environment
David C. Barney, Francis T. Pleban, Terrance Lewis

Influence of Visual and Auditory Stimuli on Exercise Intensity Among School-Age Children
Patricia Sandoval, Amanda Staiano, Holly Kihm

Zumba in the Postindustrial Midwest: Minority Women and Access to Physical Fitness
Selen Razon, Shannon Powers, Lindsay Pursglove, Dagny Zupin, Lawrence W. Judge

Analysis of the Sport Education Tactical Model in Badminton University Physical Activity Courses
Tony Pritchard, Andrew Hansen, Hannah Grossman, Matthew Williams, Sherrie Loomis

Enhancing Student Learning in Sport Education Through the Manipulation of Need-Supportive Instruction
Nicholas Washburn, Oleg A. Sinelnikov, K. Andrew R. Richards

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