The Physical Educator, Vol. 76, 2019, No. 5

Positive Youth Development and Citizenship Behaviors in Young Athletes: U.S. and Canadian Coaches’ Perspectives
Robert C. Hilliard, Lindsey C. Blom, Mariah Sullivan

Concussion Litigation and the Return-to-School Plan
Richard Bomgardner

At-Risk Youth in an After-School Program: Structured vs. Unstructured Physical Activity
Christopher John Kinder, Karen Lux Gaudreault, Jayne M. Jenkins, Christine E. Wade, Amelia Mays Woods

Enhancing “Coopetition”: A Model for Physical Activity Courses
Dennis Cobler, Rebecca Buchanan, Beverly Sheddan, Joy Scruggs, Beth Funkhouser, Danny Carter

Lifetime Participation Methodologies Implemented in Physical Education
Kristen Naomi Morgan

Upper Elementary School Students’ Attitudes Toward Physical Education in Skill-Themes and Multiactivity Approaches
Michael Gosset, Stephen Silverman

PETE Teacher Candidates’ Preferred Teaching Styles
Carol Wilkinson, David Barney, William F. Christensen

Effects of Common Core State Standards on Student Physical Activity Rates and Student and Teacher Perceptions in Physical Education
Clancy M. Seymour, Kiel Illg, James P. Donnelly, Karl F. Kozlowski, Christopher Lopata, Marcus L. Thomeer

Physical Education Teacher Education Faculty Self-Efficacy Toward Educational Technology
Kason O’Neil, Jennifer M. Krause

Exploring the Relationship Between Self-Determination Theory and Physical Education Teachers Meeting Recommended Weekly Physical Education Minutes
James W. Ball, Kimberly A. Maljak, Matthew R. Bice, Julia Valley, Thomas Parry

Cultural Competence of Urban Middle School Physical Education Teachers
Sara B. Flory, Rebecca A. Wylie

An Analysis of National Physical Education Curriculum Initiatives in Brazil
Carla Vidoni, Osvaldo Luiz Ferraz

Moving Up and Paying Up: A Case Study of Western Kentucky University’s Move to the Football Bowl Subdivision
Lawrence W. Judge, James Johnson, Don Hoover, Dan Tracy, Kara Holtzclaw, Andy Walsh, Kayla Dempsey, Taylor Harris

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