Sport Scholar Profile | Mads Skauge, Nord University


  • PhD candidate in Sociology, Faculty of Social Science, Nord University (Bodø, Norway).


Research interests

  • Sports sociology
  • Social inequalities in organized sport, fitness, physical activity and health (e.g. social class, gender, age and ethnicity)
  • Sports and public health policies
  • Youth sports
  • Fitness and modernity
  • Social class, habitus and sports (Bourdieu)
  • Esports
  • Football, talent selection and talent development
  • Quantitative methods

Selected publications

Non-levelled playing fields and the rise of fitness: Social inequality in late modern youth sport in Norway Bodø: Nord University 2022)

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Diamonds or stones? Rosenborg FC in the year 2018 (feature article in English, published 181127)
Doktorsgradsprosjekt: Sosial ulikhet i frafall fra ungdomsidrett og i de frafalnes trening på treningssenter [PhD project: Social inequality in dropout from youth sports and their transfer to fitness centers] (feature article in Norwegian, published 190117)
Fiks fotballen Jon Morten Melhus & Morten Eriksen-Deinoff Oslo: Melhus Communication 2018 (book review in Norwegian, published 190214)
Nils Arne: Et liv i svart og hvitt Otto Ulseth Oslo: Aschehoug 2018 (book review in Norwegian, published 190329)
Equity and Difference in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health: A Narrative Approach Fiona Dowling, Hayley Fitzgerald & Anne Flintoff (red) Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2014 (book review in English, published 190502)
Nils Arne: Et liv i svart og hvitt Otto Ulseth Oslo: Aschehoug 2018 (book review in English, published 190523)
Five reasons why VAR is doomed to failure (feature article in English, published 191004)
Norway’s first PhD course in sociology of sport at Nord University (feature article in English, with Anna Adlwarth & Anne Tjønndal 191119)
Allsvenskan enligt Lundh: Makten, pengarna och tystnaden i svensk klubbfotboll [The Swedish Premier League according to Lundh: Power, money and silence in Swedish club football] Olof Lundh Stockholm: Albert Bonniers Förlag 2018 (book review in Norwegian, published 200220)
Løvehjerte [Lionheart] Ståle Solbakken, with Peter Sloth & Knut Espen Svegaarden (Translated from Danish by Inge Ulrik Gundersen) Oslo: Aschehoug 2018 (book review in Norwegian, published 200311)
Where do They all Come From? Youth, Fitness Gyms, Sport Clubs and Social Inequality | A Summary (feature article, with Ørnulf Seippel, 210303)
Youth Sport 2.0? The Development of eSports in Norway from 2016 to 2019 | A Summary (feature article, with Anne Tjønndal, 210319)
Gendered Exercise as an Expression of Gendered Meaning? Exercise Contexts and Motives Among Norwegian Youths 13–18 Years Old, 2010–2018 | A Summary (feature article in English, with Kolbjørn Rafoss, 210427)
Kjønnet trening som uttrykk for kjønnet mening? Treningsorganisering og treningsmotiver blant ungdom i Norge 13-18 år 2010-2018 | Et sammendrag (feature article in Norwegian, with Kolbjørn Rafoss, 210427)
Organized Sport and School as Complementary and Competing Venues: Different Patterns for Minority and Majority Youth? | A Summary (feature article in English, with Arve Hjelseth, 210602)
Organisert idrett og skole som komplementære og konkurrerende arenaer: ulike mønstre for minoritets- og majoritetsungdom? Et sammendrag (feature article in Norwegian, with Arve Hjelseth, 210602)
Alternative Explanations for Socioeconomic Inequality in Youth Sports | A Summary (feature article in English, with Arve Hjelseth, 210908)
Football Fanatics: Explanatory Hypotheses, Developments, and Possible Threats for The Beautiful Game (feature article in English, 220228)
Racism and English Football: For Club and Country Daniel Burdsey Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2021 (review in English by Mads Skauge, published 221206)
Sports Economics for Non-Economists Wray Vamplew Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge 2022 (review in English by Mads Skauge, published 230516)

Published 2019-05-21 | Updated 2023-05-16

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