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    Sport Scholar Profile | Mads Skauge, Nord University

    Mads Skauge is a PhD candidate in sociology at Nord University (Bodø). His doctoral thesis deals with social inequality in Norwegian youth participation and activity in organized sports and at commercial gyms. His research interests and fields of expertise are mainly within sports sociology, social inequality, youth, sports, fitness, public health, sports politics, e-sports, talent selection, football and quantitative methods.

    Call for Participation | Sport and Society: Power, Inequality and Technology | PhD Course, 7,5 ECTS, September 17–20, 2019, Nord University, Bodø, Norway

    The aim of this PhD course is to provide PhD students with more in-depth knowledge about three central aspects within social scientific inquiry into sport today: power, inequality and technology (e.g. how technology enables the development of new sports, understanding the link between power relations and social inequality in sport, and considering the role of new technology in how we understand and analyze sport).
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