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    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Non-levelled playing fields and the rise of fitness: Social inequality in late modern youth sport in Norway | Mads Henrik Skauge Antonsen, Nord...

    Mads Skauge, frequent contributor to from early on in his PhD education, as a book reviewer, blogger and writer of a number of feature articles, has completed his dissertation, which is about social inequality in organised youth sport participation and the rise of fitness gyms. The inequality dimensions analysed are gender, social class and ethnicity with the aim to contribute to the understanding of inequality in sport and fitness participation.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Fitness clubs: A venue for public health? | Christina Gjestvang, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, February 17, 2022

    Christina Gjestvang’s PhD-project aimed to gain an increased understanding of those individuals who choose to join a fitness club, and are able to stay active, and continue with, regular exercise in a group of novice exercisers in their first year of a fitness club membership. A fitness club membership was not associated with increase in total physical activity level or numbers meeting the physical activity recommendations.

    Livestreamad disputation | Moving thresholds: Body narratives within the vicinity of gym and fitness culture av Greta Bladh, Umeå universitet, den 4 december 2020

    Studien tar sin början på ett gym, vilket har inskrivet i dess stadgar att verksamheten ska präglas av ett normkritiskt arbetssätt. Detta gym kan således ses som en plats där genuskodade normer, vilka i avhandlingen diskuteras i termer av trösklar, bearbetas på olika sätt med avsikt att skapa ett inkluderande klimat. Avhandlingen bygger på kvalitativa metoder såsom deltagande observationer, semi-strukturerade intervjuer, samt kollektiva minnesövningar.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Aurélien Daudi, Malmö University

    Aurélien Daudi is a Ph.D. student at Malmö University. The subject of his research is the thriving domain of social media, particularly the digital culture surrounding fitness which, through the advent of social media, has grown immensely in popularity and appeal, recruiting into its midst young people from all over the world. He posits a dialectical synergy between fitness as a social practice and the governing values at the heart of social media.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Anna Qvarfordt, University of Gävle

    Anna Qvarfordt is a senior lecturer in Sports Science at the University of Gävle. She has a PhD in Sport Science and in her dissertation she analyses the legitimacy of global anti-doping policy from the perspective of elite athletes. Anna is also involved in research on fitness doping where young people's perceptions of body image, health, exercise and doping means are studied.

    Call for Papers | Antologi: Sport Management, Del III, Idrottens marknader och idrott som livsstil och konsumtionskultur. Deadline den 1 december 2019

    Har du forskning inom det här området? Är du intresserad av att bidra till detta läromedel? Vi har i dagarna börjat planera den tredje volymen i serien om sport management på svenska, och söker nu relevanta ämnesområden och möjliga artiklar för Del III, som vi avser att ägna åt idrottens marknader och idrott som livsstil och konsumtionskultur. Vi hoppas höra av dig under de närmaste veckorna.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Mads Skauge, Nord University

    Mads Skauge is a PhD candidate in sociology at Nord University (Bodø). His doctoral thesis deals with social inequality in Norwegian youth participation and activity in organized sports and at commercial gyms. His research interests and fields of expertise are mainly within sports sociology, social inequality, youth, sports, fitness, public health, sports politics, e-sports, talent selection, football and quantitative methods.

    Call for Papers | “Sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship”. Special Issue of International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. Call ends March 30, 2019

    The aim of this special journal issue is to focus on how sport entrepreneurship is related to the fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship, emphasising the way sport fits into individuals lifestyles based on cultural and social trends. Thus, the issue will be the first to explicitly focus on how sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship need to be integrated in order to advance the entrepreneurship literature. 

    Call for Papers | “Sport, fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship” | Special Issue of International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal. Call ends March 30, 2019

    Sport entrepreneurship is rapidly gaining ascendancy as a legitimate sub-area of entrepreneurship that combines health, wellness and fitness aspects that are increasingly important in today’s global society. The aim of this special journal issue is to focus on how sport entrepreneurship is related to the fitness and lifestyle entrepreneurship.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Søren Bennike, Danish Football Association

    Dr. Søren Bennike was until quite recently a Post-Doctoral researcher and lecturer at the 'Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports' at the University of Copenhagen. He taught the courses 'sport in the welfare society' and 'the organisation of sport – in theory and practice'. He is now working at the Danish Football Association as Project Lead of Research & Knowledge.
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