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    I overkant lettlest og generelt om Ståle Solbakken

    Den tidigare norske proffsspelaren och senare fotbollstränaren Ståle Solbakken – sedan 2013 tränare för F.C. København – porträtterar sig själv i boken Løvehjerte (Aschehoug), ”i samarbete” med de båda sportjournalisterna Peter Sloth, Danmark, och Knut Espen Svegaarden, Norge. Vår recensent Mads Skauges grundliga och kritiska läsning framhåller positiva inslag i boken, men menar att den missar flera önskvärda fördjupningar.

    Lundh med mesterverk i gravejournalistikk om svensk klubbfotball

    Olof Lundh, framträdande fotbollsjournalist som gärna gräver upp det dom andra vill begrava, publicerade år 2018 boken Allsvenskan enligt Lundh: Makten, pengarna och tystnaden i svensk klubbfotboll (Albert Bonniers Förlag). Mads Skauge har läst boken, med stigande intresse, och han tycker att vi alla ska läsa mer av Lundh – och snart kommer Mads att få recensera årets Lundh-bok, Landslaget enligt Lundh.

    Norway’s first PhD course in sociology of sport at Nord University

    In September 2019, Nord University I Bodø, above the arctic circle in Norway, arranged the country’s first ever graduate course for Ph.D. students in the sociology of sport. In this report from the week-long event, two of the local participants, Anna Adlwarth and Mads Skauge, and the main initiator, Anne Tjønndal, describes the academic as well as the social goings-on; apparently, a great time was had by all.

    Five reasons why VAR is doomed to failure

    In this opinion piece, Mads Skauge convincingly argues that VAR, the video assistant referee, goes across the inherent nature and beauty of football (The Beautiful Game! ), He lists five main paradoxes of VAR, and concludes that VAR technology is sucking the life out of football. He fears that the fight against VAR may be lost, but he believs that it is a fight worth fighting.

    Conference Report | EASS 2019, Bø, Norway: Sports and the Environment | June 2019

    The 16th conference of the European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS) took place in Bø, Norway, in June 2019, hosted by The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). As usual there weremany delegates and sessions and papers, and as our rapporteurs rightly say, there is no way two people can cover the whole four-day conference. Given that, Anne Tjønndal and Mads Skauge has made a brilliant job of it!

    Ulseth hits the mark with full-length biography of Nils Arne Eggen

    About Otto Ulseth's 472 pages long Nils Arne Eggen biography Nils Arne: A life in black white (Aschehoug), our reviewer Mads Skauge writes that “not one page is superfluous, and the title's double meaning is realized with strong stories that stay with the reader”. The book is recommended for both football nerds and for people who are more interested in the private individual and his personal life.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Mads Skauge, Nord University

    Mads Skauge is a PhD candidate in sociology at Nord University (Bodø). His doctoral thesis deals with social inequality in Norwegian youth participation and activity in organized sports and at commercial gyms. His research interests and fields of expertise are mainly within sports sociology, social inequality, youth, sports, fitness, public health, sports politics, e-sports, talent selection, football and quantitative methods.

    Useful book on narrative approaches to inequality in the sporting field

    The anthology Equity and Difference in Physical Education, Youth Sport and Health: A Narrative Approach, published by Routledge and edited by Fiona Dowling, Hayley Fitzgerald and Anne Flintoff, makes innovative use of narrative method to explore the issue of equity in sporting contexts. Mads Skauge has read a fine collection and found inspiration for new approaches in hs own future research. Can you ask for more?

    Ulseth med lengre fulltreffer om Eggen

    Om Otto Ulseths 472-sidiga Nils Arne Eggen-biografi Nils Arne: Et liv i svart hvitt (Aschehoug) skriver vår recensent Mads Skauge att “ikke én side er overflødig, og tittelens doble betydning virkeliggjøres med sterke historier som setter spor hos leseren. Boken anbefales både for fotballnerder og for andre som er mer interessert i personen Eggen.

    Behøvende og interessant om fotball-ledelse med Norge som case

    Jon Morten Melhus och Morten Eriksen-Deinoff är båda civilekonomer med ledarskapsintresse och stor kärlek till fotbollen. I boken Fiks fotballen söker de svaren på varför den framstående idrottsnationen Norge misslyckas i just fotboll. Mads Skauge har läst boken och uppskattar den analytiska anslaget, och trots en del kritiska synpunkter rekommenderar han boken till fotbollsintresserade.
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