International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 20, 2019, No 2

Evaluation of sport participation objectives within a health-focussed social marketing sponsorship
Ruben Bagramian, Judith Madill, Norm O’Reilly, Sameer Deshpande, Ryan E. Rhodes, Mark Tremblay, Tanya Berry, and Guy Faulkner

Why do all good things come to an end? An inquiry into the discontinuation of sport sponsor–sponsee relationships
Mark van Rijn, Samuel Kristal, and Jörg Henseler

The corporatisation of football and CSR reporting by professional football clubs in Europe
João Ribeiro, Manuel Castelo Branco, and João Alves Ribeiro

Structure and analyze the football value chain in Brazil
Rosiane Serrano, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Ricardo Augusto Cassel, Aline Dresch, and Maria Isabel Wolf Motta Morandi

The influence of stadium environment on attendance intentions in spectator sport
Heetae Cho, Hyun-Woo Lee, and Do Young Pyun

Tracing the ABC’s of brand community
Joshua M. Lupinek

Sport volunteer service performance, image formation, and service encounters
Younghan Lee, Mi-Lyang Kim, Jakeun Koo, and Hyung-Joong Won

Marketing on Instagram
Li Xin Teo, Ho Keat Leng, and Yi Xian Philip Phua

See it and believe it? Conceptual model for exploring the recall and recognition of embedded advertisements of sponsors
Milica Maricic, Milica Kostic-Stankovic, Milica Bulajic, and Veljko Jeremic

Perceived corporate social responsibility performance in professional football and its impact on fan-based patronage intentions
Dongfeng Liu, Rob Wilson, Daniel Plumley, and Xiaofeng Chen

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