Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 57, November 2021

Research Articles

Stress mindset in athletes: Investigating the relationships between beliefs, challenge and threat with psychological wellbeing
Paul C. Mansell

A person-centred approach to understanding dark-side antecedents and students’ outcomes associated with physical education teachers’ motivation
Evelia Franco, Javier Coterón, Valeria Gómez, Christopher M. Spray

Prevalence of symptoms of common mental disorders among elite Canadian athletes
Z.A. Poucher, K.A. Tamminen, C.M. Sabiston, J. Cairney, G. Kerr

Open Access
No ego-depletion effect without a good control task
Thomas Mangin, Nathalie André, Abdelrhani Benraiss, Benjamin Pageaux, Michel Audiffren

“By the time I got to London I was like a coke bottle that had been shaken up and was about to explode!” A case study of performance expectations with a retired athlete
Helen J. Heaviside, Andrew J. Manley, Faye F. Didymus, Susan H. Backhouse, Helen R. Staff

Exploration evoked by the environment is balanced by the need to perform in cricket spin bowling
Rian H. Crowther, Adam D. Gorman, Ian Renshaw, Wayne A. Spratford, Mark G. Sayers

Resilience in elite sport and at work – A comparative analysis among German elite athletes and employees
Daniel Westmattelmann, Richard Hossiep, Maike Bruckes, Gerhard Schewe

A Bayesian approach to exploring expertise and putting success in adolescent and young adult golfers
L.M. Carey, J.A. Stone, A.M. Hunter, D.I. Donaldson

Do not drop your gloves: “Winning” a fight in the National Hockey League does not improve chances to win the game
Nadav Goldschmied, Michael Apostol

Transitioning from sport: Life satisfaction, depressive symptomatology, and body satisfaction among retired female collegiate athletes
Karolina Shander, Trent Petrie

Validation of a revised version of the Physical Self-Inventory – Very Short form for youth with intellectual disabilities (PSI-VS-ID-R): A Bayesian structural equation modeling approach
Christophe Maïano, Alexandre J.S. Morin, Cynthia Gagnon, Danielle Tracey, Céleste Dubé, Rhonda G. Craven

The influence of perceived parental responsiveness on athletes’ goal accomplishment, trait cognitive sport anxiety, and thriving: A semi-longitudinal study
Olivier Y. Rouquette, Camilla J. Knight, Victoria E. Lovett, Jean-Philippe Heuzé

This Girl Can, can’t she? Perspectives from physical activity providers and participants on what factors influence participation
Reisha Hull, Lisa Zaidell, Katya Mileva, Rita F. de Oliveira

The Daily Mile™: Acute effects on children’s cognitive function and factors affecting their enjoyment
Lorna M. Hatch, Ryan A. Williams, Karah J. Dring, Caroline Sunderland, Mary E. Nevill, Mustafa Sarkar, John G. Morris, Simon B. Cooper

Moved to action? Gender differences in perceived effort and motor performance after video-based achievement motive arousal
Julia Schüler, Mirko Wegner, Lorenz Assländer, Alisa Haufler, Tobias Krauss, Marcel Lang, Julia Somhegyi, Nicola Baumann

Motivational and emotional effects of social comparison in sports
Kathi Diel, Laura Broeker, Markus Raab, Wilhelm Hofmann

When the final whistle blows: Social identity pathways support mental health and life satisfaction after retirement from competitive sport
Catherine Haslam, Ben C.P. Lam, Jie Yang, Niklas K. Steffens, S. Alexander Haslam, Tegan Cruwys, Filip Boen, Niels Mertens, Koen De Brandt, Xinyan Wang, Clifford J. Mallett, Katrien Fransen

Integrating models of self-regulation and optimal experiences: A qualitative study into flow and clutch states in recreational distance running
Patricia C. Jackman, Rebecca M. Hawkins, Amy E. Whitehead, Noel E. Brick

Testing the Physical Activity Self-Definition Model among low-active adults participating in a physical activity intervention
Tamara L. Morgan, Brittany N. Semenchuk, Todd A. Duhamel, Chris Blanchard, Shane N. Sweet, David Kent, Laura Meade, Diane Whaley, Shaelyn M. Strachan

The effects of an authentic coaching intervention on athlete outcomes: A pilot randomised controlled trial
Ella Malloy, Maria Kavussanu

Open Access
Exercise as a coping strategy and its impact on the psychological well-being of Japanese community-dwelling older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study
Manami Ejiri, Hisashi Kawai, Takeshi Kera, Kazushige Ihara, Yoshinori Fujiwara, Yutaka Watanabe, Hirohiko Hirano, Hunkyung Kim, Shuichi Obuchi

Effects of different types of analogy instruction on the performance and inter-joint coordination of novice darts learners
Hatsuho Zeniya, Hideyuki Tanaka

Momentary affective response to bouts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity predicts changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior during behavioral weight loss
Kathryn E. Smith, Tyler B. Mason, Leah M. Schumacher, Christine A. Pellegrini, Andrea B. Goldschmidt, Jessica L. Unick

Open Access
Physical fitness, cognitive functioning and academic achievement in healthy adolescents
Barbara Franca Haverkamp, Jaap Oosterlaan, Marsh Königs, Esther Hartman

Review Articles

Integrating technology in psychological skills training for performance optimization in elite athletes: A systematic review
Małgorzata Siekańska, Réka Zsanett Bondár, Selenia di Fronso, Jan Blecharz, Maurizio Bertollo

Parents’ experiences of starting and maintaining exercise: A qualitative systematic review
George Ingram, Alister McCormick, Kass Gibson

Short Communication

How could process-oriented research approaches capture the interplay between training and competition in athlete performance preparation? The contribution of ecological dynamics
Ana Ramos, Patrícia Coutinho, Keith Davids, Isabel Mesquita


Imagery ability classification: Commentary on «Kinaesthetic imagery ability moderates the effect of an AO+MI intervention on golf putt performance: A pilot study» by McNeill et al. (2020)
Nicolas Robin, Yannick Blandin

Articles from the Special Issue on Emotions in sport Edited by Claudio Robazza & Montse Ruiz

Open Access
The effect of self- and interpersonal emotion regulation on athletes’ anxiety and goal achievement in competition
Katherine A. Tamminen, Jeemin Kim, Chad Danyluck, Carolyn E. McEwen, Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Svenja A. Wolf

Development and validation of an in-competition emotion measure: The Brief In-Competition Emotion (BICE) scale
Alexander W.J. Freemantle, Lorenzo D. Stafford, Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Lucy Akehurst, Darren L. van Laar

Articles from the special issue Motorcognitive development edited by Prof. Markus Raab and Dr. Lisa Musculus

Choosing an optimal motor-task difficulty is not trivial: The influence of age and expertise
Sabine Schaefer, Christian Ohlinger, Nicole Frisch

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