Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 55, July 2021

Research Articles

Effects of a physical education intervention programme for ninth-graders on physical activity-related health competence: Findings from the GEKOS cluster randomised controlled trial
Carmen Volk, Stephanie Rosenstiel, Yolanda Demetriou, Peter Krustrup, Ansgar Thiel, Ulrich Trautwein, Wolfgang Wagner, Oliver Höner, Gorden Sudeck

Aerobic fitness moderates girls’ affective and working memory responses to social exclusion
Anthony G. Delli Paoli, Alan L. Smith, Matthew B. Pontifex, Jason S. Moser

Do you find exercise pleasant or unpleasant? The Affective Exercise Experiences (AFFEXX) questionnaire
Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Zachary Zenko, Spyridoula Vazou

Momentary associations between stress and physical activity among children using ecological momentary assessment
Bridgette Do, Tyler B. Mason, Li Yi, Chih-Hsiang Yang, Genevieve F. Dunton

Composite vignettes of challenges faced by Canadian collegiate student-athletes negotiating the demands of university life
Bradley Crocker, Sidonie Chard, Lindsay Duncan

A longitudinal examination of thriving in sport performers
Daniel J. Brown, Rachel Arnold, Martyn Standage, David Fletcher

Pain intensity and pain unpleasantness in triathletes: A study examining their associations with pain catastrophizing and pain expectations
Alexis Gagnon-Dolbec, Michelle Fortier, Stéphanie Cormier

Open access
The National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic: Change and duration of psychological outcomes
Kristen H. Walter, Nicholas P. Otis, A.C. Del Re, Casey B. Kohen, Lisa H. Glassman, Kathleen M. Ober, Michal Kalli Hose

Follow the leader: Identity leadership and moral behaviour in social situations among youth sport teammates
Colin D. McLaren, Ian D. Boardley, Alex J. Benson, Luc J. Martin, Katrien Fransen, Jordan D. Herbison, Richard B. Slatcher, Justin M. Carré, Jean Côté, Mark W. Bruner

Open access
Getting a grip on the resilience to blur: The impact of simulated vision loss on a visually guided combat sports interaction
Kai Krabben, David L. Mann, Arnt van Helden, Youri Kalisvaart, Daniel Fortin-Guichard, John van der Kamp, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh

EEG neurofeedback improves cycling time to exhaustion
Francesca Mottola, Anthony Blanchfield, James Hardy, Andrew Cooke

Understanding and building clean(er) sport together: Community-based participatory research with elite athletes and anti-doping organisations from five European countries
Andrea Petróczi, Andrew Heyes, Sam N. Thrower, Laura A. Martinelli, Susan H. Backhouse, Ian D. Boardley

Full text access
Relationships among behavioural regulations, physical activity, and mental health pre- and during COVID–19 UK lockdown
Jonathan M. Bird, Costas I. Karageorghis, Mark Hamer

Effects of normative feedback on motor learning are dependent on the frequency of knowledge of results
Ricardo Drews, Matheus Maia Pacheco, Flavio Henrique Bastos, Go Tani

Doing it for the team: Soccer coaches’ identity leadership predicts players’ effort, turnover intentions, and performance
Henning Krug, S. Alexander Haslam, Kathleen Otto, Gahis Safi, Niklas K. Steffens

Memories of school recess predict physical activity enjoyment and social-emotional well-being in adults
William V. Massey, Alexandra Szarabajko, Janelle Thalken, Deanna Perez, Sean P. Mullen

Selection bias in social facilitation theory? Audience effects on elite biathletes’ performance are gender-specific
Amelie Heinrich, Florian Müller, Oliver Stoll, Rouwen Cañal-Bruland

360°-multiple object tracking in team sport athletes: Reliability and relationship to visuospatial cognitive functions
Paul Ehmann, Adam Beavan, Jan Spielmann, Ludwig Ruf, Jan Mayer, Sonja Rohrmann, Christian Nuß, Chris Englert

Last and fast? – A gender-specific analysis of effort gains in swimming relay events across Olympic Games and World Championships during the past 20 years
Claudia Braun, Sebastian Fischer, Xiao Qiu, Julia Limmeroth, Armin Kibele

I’m worth more than you! Effects of reward interdependence on performance, cohesion, emotion and effort during team competition
Xiaolei Shi, Maria Kavussanu, Andrew Cooke, David McIntyre, Christopher Ring

Autonomous motivation, cardiorespiratory fitness, and exercise in rheumatoid arthritis: Randomised controlled trial
Jet J.C.S. Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Sally A.M. Fenton, Peter C. Rouse, Nikos Ntoumanis, Ahmad Osailan, Chen-an Yu, George S. Metsios, George D. Kitas, Joan L. Duda

Open access
Who’s to blame? The role of power and attributions in susceptibility to match-fixing
Deirdre O’Shea, Vassilis Barkoukis, Tadhg McIntyre, Andreas Loukovitis, Carole Gomez, Severin Moritzer, Michalis Michaelides, Nikolaos Theodorou

The reciprocal relationship between nonverbal behavior and sports performance in a cross-lagged panel model
Stephanie Buenemann, Geoffrey Schweizer

Review Articles

Inter-individual differences in sport refereeing: A review of theory and practice
Simcha Avugos, Clare MacMahon, Michael Bar-Eli, Markus Raab

A systematic review and meta-synthesis of mental health position statements in sport: Scope, quality and future directions
Stewart A. Vella, Matthew J. Schweickle, Jordan T. Sutcliffe, Christian Swann

Physical activity to address multimorbidity among survivors of sexual violence: A comprehensive narrative review
Michelle M. Pebole, Katherine S. Hall, Robyn L. Gobin

Short Communications

Judgments of happiness during trail running: Pleasure, engagement, and meaning
Eric Fruchart

Examining profiles of the big five and sensation seeking among competitive climbers
James L. Rumbold, Daniel J. Madigan, Alice Murtagh-Cox, Leighton Jones

Articles from the special section of Social identity Leaders Edited by Jamie Barker, Katrien Fransen, Alex Haslam, Matt Slater, Niklas Steffens

Social identity leadership in sport and exercise: Current status and future directions
Mark Stevens, Tim Rees, Tegan Cruwys

Articles from the special issue Athletic Migration edited by Tatiana Ryba and Natalia Stambulova

Assembling the sense of home in emigrant elite athletes: Cultural transitions, narrative and materiality
Luana Prato, Miquel Torregrossa, Yago Ramis, Saul Alcaraz, Brett Smith

Articles from the special issue Motorcognitive development edited by Prof. Markus Raab and Dr. Lisa Musculus

Formalising a hypothesis for the development of anticipatory skill in time-constrained interceptive actions: Implications for the design of junior sport
Tim Buszard, David Whiteside, Lyndon Krause, Machar Reid

New insights into visual-motor integration exploring process measures during copying shapes
Michelle N. Maurer, Claudia M. Roebers

Modeling talent development pathways in alpine ski racers
Rhiannon L. Cowan, Bradley Fawver, Keith R. Lohse, Troy Taylor, Paul R. Ford, A. Mark Williams

Articles from the Emotions in Sport edited by Claudio Robazza and Montse Ruiz

Psychobiosocial experiences in sport: Development and initial validation of a semantic differential scale
Claudio Robazza, Montse C. Ruiz, Laura Bortoli

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