Kinesiology Review, Volume 8, 2019, Issue 3: Sport for Children and Youth


Open Access
Introduction to the Special Issue on Contemporary Youth Sport: Critical Issues and Future Directions
Alan L. Smith and Daniel Gould
Pages: 145–149

Scholarly Articles

The Current Youth Sport Landscape: Identifying Critical Research Issues
Daniel Gould
Pages: 150–161

Youth Sport Motivation and Participation: Paradigms, Perspectives, and Practicalities
Maureen R. Weiss
Pages: 162–170

Performance Enhancement and the Young Athlete: Mapping the Landscape and Navigating Future Directions
Chris G. Harwood and Sam N. Thrower
Pages: 171–179

Youth Sport as a Vehicle for Social Development
Dawn Anderson-Butcher
Pages: 180–187

Making High School Sport Impactful
Stéphanie Turgeon, Kelsey Kendellen, Sara Kramers, Scott Rathwell and Martin Camiré
Pages: 188–194

Mastery and Belonging or Inspiration Porn and Bullying: Special Populations in Youth Sport
Jeffrey J. Martin
Pages: 195–203

Promoting Physical Activity Through Youth Sport
Karin A. Pfeiffer and Michael J. Wierenga
Pages: 204–210

Physical Growth and Development in Young Athletes: Factors of Influence and Consequence
Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones
Pages: 211–219

Concussion in Youth Sport: Developmental Aspects
Tracey Covassin, Kyle M. Petit and Morgan Anderson
Pages: 220–228

Mental Health and Organized Youth Sport
Stewart A. Vella
Pages: 229–236

Maltreatment in Youth Sport: A Systemic Issue
Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia and Ashley Stirling
Pages: 237–243

Examining the Impact of Coaches’ Feedback Patterns on the Psychosocial Well-Being of Youth Sport Athletes
Thelma S. Horn
Pages: 244–251

Revealing Findings in Youth Sport Parenting Research
Camilla J. Knight
Pages: 252–259

Taking Stock of Youth Sport Group Dynamics Research: A Scoping Review
Brennan Petersen, Mark Eys, Kody Watson and M. Blair Evans
Pages: 260–268

Advancing Youth Sport Scholarship: Selected Directions and Considerations
Alan L. Smith, Karl Erickson and Leapetswe Malete
Pages: 269–277

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