The Physical Educator, Vol. 75, 2018, No. 4

Effects of a Sound Field Amplification System on Teacher Movement in Physical Education Settings
Stuart Ryan, Michael Maina, Julie Maina

Physical Education Meets Teacher Evaluation: Supporting Physical Educators in Formal Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Hans van der Mars, Jeff McNamee, Gay Timken

Scholastic Basketball Facilities: A Case Study of Schools Within One Midwestern State
Brad Stinnett, Donald L. Hoover, Leah C. Cannady, Scott Lyons, Lawrence W. Judge

Physical Education and Athletic Facility Emergency Readiness: The Emergency Action Plan
Jennifer K. Popp, David Berry, Lawrence W. Judge

Becoming One in the Fitness Segment: Physical Education and Mathematics
Janelle M. Griffo, Pamela Kulinna, Leslie Hicks, Connie Pangrazi

Importance of Bonding in Middle School Intramural Sports Participation: Psychosocial Outcomes Based on Gender and Grade-Level Differences
Joy Pantzer, Catherine E. Dorwart, Andrea Woodson-Smith

Analysis of a Physical Education Teacher Education Field Experience of Working One-on-One With Students With Severe and Profound Disabilities in a Self-Contained Environment
Todd Estel Layne, Jennifer Blasingame

Analyzing the Contribution of Student-Perceived Motivational Climate to Predict Student Goal Adoption in Physical Education: Testing Invariance Relative to Teacher-Induced Climate
Stéphanie Girard, Jean Lemoyne

Assuming the Risk of Open and Obvious Dangers of Climbing Gyms
Ryan Zwart, Sarah J. Young

When Fandom Ends and Harassment Begins
Daniel W. Jones, Leeann M. Lower

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