Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 41, 2019, Issue 1

Transformational Teaching, Self-Presentation Motives, and Identity in Adolescent Female Physical Education
Nina Verma, Robert C. Eklund, Calum A. Arthur, Timothy C. Howle, and Ann-Marie Gibson

Coaches Coaching Psychological Skills—Why Not? A Framework and Questionnaire Development
Rosemary A. Arthur, Nichola Callow, Ross Roberts, and Freya Glendinning

Longitudinal Sport Motivation Among Young Athletes in Intensive Training Settings: Using Methodological Advances to Explore Temporal Structure of Youth Behavioral Regulation in Sport Questionnaire Scores
Valérian Cece, Noémie Lienhart, Virginie Nicaise, Emma Guillet-Descas, and Guillaume Martinent

The Effects of Overt Head Movements on Physical Performance After Positive Versus Negative Self-Talk
Javier Horcajo, Borja Paredes, Guillermo Higuero, Pablo Briñol, and Richard E. Petty

Markers of Early Specialization and Their Relationships With Burnout and Dropout in Swimming
Heather K. Larson, Bradley W. Young, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, and Wendy M. Rodgers

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