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    Beautifully written, with sound research, balanced arguments and a critical approach

    This review represents a meeting of two very different approaches to tennis history, albeit with one thing in common, the love of the game. David Berry, writer and documentary filmmaker has written a non-academic account of tennis history, A People’s History of Tennis (Pluto Press). Our reviewer is Robert J. Lake, editor of Routledge Handbook of Tennis, a thoroughly academic work. With the said, Lake finds Berry’s book to be beautifully written and painstakingly researched.

    A People’s History of Tennis: Feminists

    This is the second chapter in a book which is aimed at a general and not an academic readership and it is appropriate that it is published here because its central contention, that the first female players had to fight to keep women’s tennis from not being separated off from men’s tennis with a softer ball, lighter racket and smaller court, was first outlined during the ‘The Development of Women’s Sport: Separate but not Equal’ conference held in Malmö in 2010.

    The Physical Educator, Vol. 75, 2018, No. 4

    Originally published in 1940 by Phi Epsilon Kappa as a quarterly publication for its fraternity members, The Physical Educator is one of the longest standing journals providing research-based articles relating to physical education, health, recreation, and related areas. Read TPE if you are interested in physical education, health, recreation, dance, exercise science, sports medicine, and sports management.
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