Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators, Volume 34, 2021, Issue 2


Seamless Transitions: From Teacher to Substitute and Back Again
Alexandra L. Stoddart & Nicole Cameron
Pages: 3-8 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2020.1867271

Motivation Is Not Always Black and White: Attending to African American Athletes’ Psychological Needs for Sport Involvement
Adam D. Ahrens & Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu
Pages: 9-12 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2020.1867269

The Metacognition Journey: Strategies for Teacher Candidate Exploration of Self and Student Metacognition
Claire M. Mowling & Sandra K. Sims
Pages: 13-23 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2020.1867268

Ten Practical Strategies to Motivate Students in Physical Education: Psychological Need-Support Approach
Mika Manninen & Sami Yli-Piipari
Pages: 24-30 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2020.1867270

Adopting the National Coaching Standards in Sport Programs
Brent Heidorn & Peter Stoepker
Pages: 31-36 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2020.1867272

Educator’s Corner

Engaging Students in Health Literacy Through Fiction Novels
LeAnn Olson & Kason O’Neil
Pages: 37-40 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2021.1867444

Coach’s Corner

Scrambled Legs: Instant Running Activities for Elementary-Age Children
Seth E. Jenny
Pages: 41-45 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2021.1867445

Ten Coaching Tips for High School Athletics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Bijen Filiz, Ferman Konukman, Yasin Karaca, & Ertan Tufekcioglu
Pages: 46-49 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2021.1872009

Advocacy in Action

Redesigning High School Physical Education Curricula to Meet Students’ Needs
Shelby E. Ison, Tracey Jakaitis, K. Andrew R. Richards, & Shannon Pennington
Pages: 50-53 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2021.1867456

Theory into Practice

Using Wearable Devices to Enhance Quality of Physical Education for Students
Md. Dilsad Ahmed & Willie Chun Wai Leung
Pages: 54-56 | DOI: 10.1080/08924562.2021.1867458

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