Public defence of doctoral thesis | Visual Perception in Elite Football | Karl Marius Aksum, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, November 3, 2021

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at 10:15, Karl Marius Aksum will present and defend his dissertation Visual Perception in Elite Football at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH), in Auditorium Innsikt.

Aksum’s thesis provides new research about the frequency, timing, duration, and information of scanning behavior in elite football players. It also provides results from the first-ever study of gaze behavior of elite football players in 11 v 11 match play.

Overall, the findings suggest that future research on visual perception in football should strive to develop more representative designs in non-restrictive settings. Furthermore, coaches should aim to develop football players’ skills with the help of complex contextualized exercises that include an abundance of information, as opposed to decontextualized and isolated exercises in which vital information is removed from the players.

Review Committee

The review committee consists of Anne Marte Pensgaard, Professor, NIH; Mark Williams, Professor, College of Health, University of Utah, US; and Keith Davids, Professor, Sport & Human Performance Research Group, Sport and Physical Activity Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Karl Marius Aksum’s primary supervisor has been Geir Jordet, Professor, NIH; Associate Professor Christian Thue Bjørndal, NIH, has been assistant supervisor.


10:15-11:00 Trial lecture
“Why football coaches need to fall out of love with Rondos in practice: A scientific and theoretical rationale”
13:00-16:00 Defence of dissertation

General Information

The event is open to everyone, with a limited number of seats.

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