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    A few real nuggets among less valuable and sometimes questionable contributions

    “A novel attempt to write exclusively about different aspects of psychology, exclusively related to football.” That’s how Karl Marius Aksum describes the ambition behind the collected volume Football Psychology: From Theory to Practice, editied by Erkut Konter, Jürgen Beckman and Todd M. Loughead (Routledge). Unfortunately, writes our reviewer, the book does not deliver on that intention; out of 25 contributions, Aksum can name but a handful that is up to speed on the current state of knowledge in the field of sports psychology.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Visual Perception in Elite Football | Karl Marius Aksum, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, November 3, 2021

    Karl Marius Aksum’s thesis provides new research about the frequency, timing, duration, and information of scanning behavior in elite football players. The findings suggest that future research on visual perception in football should strive to develop more representative designs in non-restrictive settings. Furthermore, coaches should aim to develop football players’ skills with the help of complex contextualized exercises that include an abundance of information.
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