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    Vacancy | Professor in Pedagogy /Developmental Psychology to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences | Apply before February 14, 2022

    The successful candidate will be expected to document extensive research from the field of developmental psychology with pedagogical relevance to PE and PE Teacher Education. We are looking for a professor who has an excellent track record in research designed to help children and youth reach their full potential in general, and in the areas of self-worth, self- perception, resilience, needs satisfaction, and emotional well-being in particular.

    Call for Applications | International Summer School for young scholars in sport history | Oslo, June 27-30 2022. Application deadline January 15, 2022

    This international summer school aims to promote sport history but also more broadly social and human sciences used to analyse the sport phenomenon. The course aims to provide a unique environment for PhD students who seek to develop skills around sport history, and to improve their network in the field. Lectures given by leading experts will cover specific methodological aspects and new issues in the field of sport history. Participants will also have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research in working sessions.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Training load and health problems in football – More complex than we first thought? | Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December...

    Sudden increase in training load has been linked to increased risk of injuries and illnesses (health problems). In the past years, researchers have claimed that easy-to-use calculations can precisely estimate how much training load can increase without increasing the risk of health problems. In his PhD-project, Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen found that it’s not possible to assess risk of health problems based on training load, and that the studies claiming this has substantial methodological weaknesses.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Bicycling in the right direction? | Solveig Nordengen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December 9, 2021

    In her dissertation, Solveig Nordengen presents results from two systematic literature reviews with meta-analyses of cycling and cardiovascular disease, followed by national correlates of commuter cycling and the presentation of a novel bike traffic index to describe trends in cycling over the years.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Physical activity, mental health and academic achievement in adolescents | Ingeborg Barth Vedøy, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December 1, 2021

    In Ingeborg Barth Vedøy’s dissertation, she presents results from a long term study in which she followed 600 adolescents annually throughout their three years of lower secondary school, exploring their physical activity level, mental health and academic achievements. Surprisingly, the overall results show no associations between physical activity and academic achievement among the participants.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Visual Perception in Elite Football | Karl Marius Aksum, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, November 3, 2021

    Karl Marius Aksum’s thesis provides new research about the frequency, timing, duration, and information of scanning behavior in elite football players. The findings suggest that future research on visual perception in football should strive to develop more representative designs in non-restrictive settings. Furthermore, coaches should aim to develop football players’ skills with the help of complex contextualized exercises that include an abundance of information.

    Ledig tjänst | Stipendiatstilling /doktorandtjänst: Pedagogiske og didaktiske perspektiver på «digitaliseringen» av kroppsøving og idrettsfag | Norges idrettshøgskole. Ansök senast 2021-08-01

    Institutt for lærerutdanning og friluftslivsstudier (ILF) ved Norges idrettshøgskole (NIH) har en ledig stipendiatstilling hvor formålet er å øke kunnskapen om elevers læring i den nye mediehverdagen, samt utvikle forskningsbasert didaktikk og konkrete forslag til hvordan digitalisering kan anvendes som verktøy i læringsprosesser innenfor kroppsøving og idrettsfag.

    Vacancy | Postdoc in Physical Education, to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences | Apply before January 7, 2021

    Our department seeks an ambitious researcher who independently and in collaboration with others can instigate, carry out and report high-quality research that can be published in recognised research channels. We welcome applicants with experience from social and human sciences. The successful candidate is expected to both conduct empirical studies and contribute to theoretical development related to physical education and physical education teacher education.

    Vacancy | Professor in Pedagogy / Science of Education / Sport Pedagogy, to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences | Apply before January 23, 2021

    Our institute seeks an ambitious professor who is expected to have strong credentials in the academic disciplines in question. As an active researcher, the appointee should be engaged in national/international grant applications, scientific publication and dissemination, research-based teaching, development of new courses or contributing to existing courses at all three levels of university education, supervision of students, mentoring of young researchers, and research leadership roles.

    PhD studentship in sport philosophy to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Apply before August 7, 2020

    The Department of Sport and Social Sciences has a vacant PhD candidate position in the field of sport philosophy. There is the possibility of applying to one out of two (or to both) predefined PhD projects. One project will be focusing on the ethics of medicalization and performance-enhancing means in sport, and the other on eco-philosophical and environmental issues in sport.
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