Vacancy | Postdoc in Physical Education, to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences | Apply before January 7, 2021

About the department

The Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies (DTEOS) is one of four departments at NIH. DTEOS offers a five-year physical education teacher education program (integrated master’s degree), a bachelor’s degree in outdoor education, a one-year supplementary programme in practical pedagogical education, a one-year supplementary programme in adapted physical activity, and a master’s degree in sport pedagogy. DTEOS holds a national responsibility for research on physical education and for the physical education teacher education in Norway. Professors and associate professors at the department do 50% research in addition to teaching and supervising, while PhD-students and postdoc scholars usually teach 25% as part of a four-year contract.

About the position

DTEOS’s agenda for the next four years is to make a significant contribution to research on physical education and physical education teacher education, and to develop the department’s international network. In particular, we will conduct research on ‘meanings of physical education’ and investigate the why, how, and what – questions concerning meaningfulness of physical education in the everyday life of actors involved in the subject.

To strengthen already established research groups focusing on these issues DTEOS invites applications for a four-year position as postdoc in Physical Education (25% teaching and supervision included).

Our department seeks an ambitious researcher who independently and in collaboration with others can instigate, carry out and report high-quality research that can be published in recognised research channels. We welcome applicants with experience from social and human sciences. The successful candidate is expected to both conduct empirical studies and contribute to theoretical development related to physical education and physical education teacher education – in collaboration with colleagues at NIH and outside NIH. The postdoc scholar may also be involved in applications for future research grants.

Qualification requirements

The successful candidate will be expected to have

      • a PhD from social or human sciences. A PhD in physical education / physical education teacher education is considered as an advantage.
      • first-authorships on publications within the area of physical education or on publications based on concepts such as “meaning” or “meaningfulness” in relation to other movement contexts
      • collaborative networks outside Norway
      • experience of empirical research and experience of qualitative and/or quantitative methods
      • excellent collaborative skills and a positive and motivating attitude
      • an open and positive mind that actively contributes to the infrastructure and the success of the department

In addition, applicants must provide documentary proof to show that they possess basic skills in planning, implementation, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. Applicants who are unable to provide documentary proof of adequate professional educational competence when employed must acquire such competence over the course of a two-year period. NIH offers a course on University Pedagogy which covers this requirement.

Selection criteria

When assessing applicants, emphasis will be placed on:

      • Research and experience that are relevant to the research topics or questions mentioned above.
      • Experience with international research networks and ability to attract external funding and public dissemination of the research
      • Applicants’ interpersonal and communication skills, and individual qualities that can contribute positively to the workplace environment
      • Personal suitability and motivation
      • Commitments to teaching

In the ranking of applicants, the whole range of qualifications will be considered and assessed, including communication skills and personal suitability for the position.

Working conditions

      • Salary is offered according to the Norwegian State pay scale, employment code 1352, Post doc position.
      • The appointment will be made according to terms applying to civil servants.
      • The NIH is a member of the Norwegian State Pension Fund.

The Postdoc research fellowship period is 4 years. Supervision and teaching physical education pre-service teachers can account for up to 25% of the full-time position. The workplace is at the Department of Teacher Education and Outdoor Studies at the NIH

General information

After the application period has expired a list of applicants will be published. Note that, in special cases, information about particular applicants to a position may be made public even though the applicant has requested that their application should be processed confidentially. Applicants requesting an exemption from publication of their details must explain their reasons for doing so in their application. It is up to NIH to determine whether the request shall be approved or not. If it is not approved, the applicant will be notified so that they can withdraw the application.

The person who is appointed must abide by the applicable laws, agreements, and directives. The responsibilities and duties associated with the position may change with future reorganization at NIH.

The public sector workforce is expected to reflect the diversity of the population in general. NIH therefore encourages qualified candidates with disabilities, gaps in their CV, immigrant backgrounds or different life experiences to apply for the position. NIH practices moderate allocation according to gender quotas as per the Basic Agreement for State Employees. If applicants indicate that they have disabilities or gaps in their CV, their details may be used anonymously for the purposes of governmental annual review.


Applications must be in English and include:

      • a complete response to all bullet points listed above
      • a curriculum vitae
      • a complete list of publications
      • a short overview of future research plans and information about research activities
      • teaching experience
      • name of references

Application deadline: 7th of January 2021.

Further details can be obtained by contacting:

      • Head of Department: Professor Reidar Säfvenbom, tel. +47 23 26 24 25 / +47 93 03 95 06
      • Contact administration: HR adviser Jan Wangen, tel. +47 414 13 035 (HR-department)

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