Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 37, July 2018

Highlighted Articles

The psychology of ultra-marathon runners: A systematic review
Review Article Pages 43-58
Gregory S. Roebuck, Paul B. Fitzgerald, Donna M. Urquhart, Sin-Ki Ng, Flavia M. Cicuttini, Bernadette M. Fitzgibbon

When you don’t get what you want—and it’s really hard: Exploring motivational contributions to exercise dropout
Original Research Article Pages 59-66
Heather K. Larson, Kimberley McFadden, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Tanya R. Berry, Wendy M. Rodgers

Integrating insights from the parasport community to understand optimal Experiences: The Quality Parasport Participation Framework
Original Research Article  Pages 79-90
M. Blair Evans, Celina H. Shirazipour, Veronica Allan, Mona Zanhour, Shane N. Sweet, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung

Sports Psychology

Can creative role models prime creativity in soccer players?
Original Research Article Pages 1-9
Philip Furley, Daniel Memmert

Contextual factors influencing decision making: Perceptions of professional soccer players
Original Research Article Pages 19-25
Hannah R. Levi, Robin C. Jackson

Perfectionism and coping with injury in marathon runners: A test of the 2×2 model of perfectionism
Original Research Article Pages 26-32
Gareth E. Jowett, Andrew P. Hill, Dale Forsdyke, Adam Gledhill

The relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and pre-competition emotions of youth footballers
Original Research Article Pages 33-42
Tracy C. Donachie, Andrew P. Hill, Howard K. Hall

‘Post-Olympic blues’ –The diminution of celebrity in Olympic athletes
Original Research Article Pages 67-78
Karen Howells, Mathijs Lucassen

Consequences of prosocial and antisocial behaviors in adolescent male soccer players: The moderating role of motivational climate
Original Research Article Pages 91-99
Ali Al-Yaaribi, Maria Kavussanu

The temporal integration of information during anticipation
Original Research Article Pages 100-108
Oliver R. Runswick, André Roca, A. Mark Williams, Allistair P. McRobert, Jamie S. North

“An important cog in the wheel”, but not the driver: Coaches’ perceptions of their role in doping prevention
Original Research Article Pages 117-127
Laurie B. Patterson, Susan H. Backhouse

The influence of refereeing experiences judging offside actions in football
Original Research Article Pages 139-145
Vicente Luis del Campo, Aitor Canelo Fariñas, Francisco Javier Domínguez Márquez, Jesús Morenas Martín0

Longitudinal relations of mental health and motivation among elite student-athletes across a condensed season: Plausible influence of academic and athletic schedule
Original Research Article Pages 146-152
Rachel B. Sheehan, Matthew P. Herring, Mark J. Campbell

Exercise Psychology

Does exercise identity moderate affective and cognitive reactions to feedback on physical fitness?
Original Research Article Pages 10-18
Fabienne Ennigkeit, Frank Hänsel, Christopher Heim

Momentary negative affect is lower during mindful movement than while sitting: An experience sampling study
Original Research Article Pages 109-116
Chih-Hsiang Yang, David E. Conroy

The influence of music genre on explosive power, repetitions to failure and mood responses during resistance exercise
Original Research Article Pages 128-138
Samantha Louise Moss, Kevin Enright, Simon Cushman

Special Section on: Disability Research in Sport and Exercise guest edited by Kathleen A.Martin Ginis & Brett Smith

Introduction to the Special Section of Psychology of Sport and Exercise ‘Innovations in Disability Sport and Exercise Psychology Research’
Pages 155-156
Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Brett Smith

Sport Psychology

Fight without sight: The contribution of vision to judo performance
Original Research Article Pages 157-163
Kai J. Krabben, John van der Kamp, David L. Mann

The dynamic interplay between burnout and sleep among elite blind soccer players
Original Research Article Pages 164-169
Chunxiao Li, Andreas Ivarsson, Andreas Stenling, Yandan Wu

Narratives of participation among individuals with physical disabilities: A life-course analysis of athletes’ experiences and development in parasport
Original Research Article Pages 170-178
Veronica Allan, Brett Smith, Jean Côté, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung

“Sport saved my life” but “I am tired of being an alien!”: Stories from the life of a deaf athlete
Original Research Article Pages 179-187
Thomas Irish, Francesca Cavallerio, Katrina McDonald

An evaluation of the effects of mindfulness training from the perspectives of wheelchair basketball players
Original Research Article Pages 188-195
Luke A. MacDonald, Florin Oprescu, Bridie M. Kean

Development and validation of the Wheelchair Imagery Ability Questionnaire (WIAQ) for use in wheelchair sports
Original Research Article Pages 196-204
Andrea Leigh Faull, Eleri Sian Jones

Exercise Psyshology

Promoting physical activity for disabled people who are ready to become physically active: A systematic review
Review Article Pages 205-223
Eva Annika Jaarsma, Brett Smith

Exploring narratives of physical activity and disability over time: A novel integrated qualitative methods approach
Original Research Article Pages 224-234
Toni Louise Williams

The Anabasis of Patrick: Travelling an allegorical narrative map of illness and disability
Original Research Article Pages 235-243
Javier Monforte, Víctor Pérez-Samaniego, José Devís-Devís

A test of the Environmental Stress Hypothesis in children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder
Original Research Article Pages 244-250
Yao-Chuen Li, Matthew Y.W. Kwan, Heather J. Clark, John Hay, Brent E. Faught, John Cairney

A longitudinal examination of leisure time physical activity following amputation in England
Original Research Article Pages 251-261
Ross Wadey, Melissa Day

A meta-analysis of physical activity interventions in people with physical disabilities: Content, characteristics, and effects on behaviour
Review Article Pages 262-273
Jasmin K. Ma, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Physical activity self-management interventions for adults with spinal cord injury: Part 1–A systematic review of the use and effectiveness of behavior change techniques
Review Article Pages 274-285
Jennifer R. Tomasone, Stephanie M. Flood, Jasmin K. Ma, Natalie V. Scime, Shauna M. Burke, Lindsay Sleeth, Stephanie Marrocco, The SCIRE Research Team

Physical activity self-management interventions for adults with spinal cord injury: Part 2 – Exploring the generalizability of findings from research to practice
Review Article Pages 286-295
Shauna M. Burke, Jennifer R. Tomasone, Natalie V. Scime, Jasmin K. Ma, Samantha M. Harden, Dalton L. Wolfe, The SCIRE Research Team

Struggling to stay and struggling to leave: The experiences of elite para-athletes at the end of their sport careers
Original Research Article Pages 296-305
A. Bundon, A. Ashfield, B. Smith, V.L. Goosey-Tolfrey

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