Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 17, 2020, Issue 1

Introducing the Epidemiology Council of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health
Brigid M. Lynch, Andrea Ramirez Varela and Terry Boyle
Pages: 1


Criterion Validity of the Sedentary Behavior Question From the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire in Older Adults
Miguel A. de la Cámara, Sara Higueras-Fresnillo, Verónica Cabanas-Sánchez, Kabir P. Sadarangani, David Martinez-Gomez and Óscar L. Veiga
Pages: 2–12

Development and Testing of a Brief Play Space Audit Tool
Jeanette Gustat, Christopher E. Anderson and Sandy J. Slater
Pages: 13–20

Evaluation of Step-Counting Interventions Differing on Intensity Messages
Catrine Tudor-Locke, John M. Schuna Jr, Damon L. Swift, Amber T. Dragg, Allison B. Davis, Corby K. Martin, William D. Johnson and Timothy S. Church
Pages: 21–28

Evaluating the Feasibility, Acceptability, and Effects of Deposit Contracts With and Without Daily Feedback to Promote Physical Activity
Stephanie G. Kerrigan, Evan M. Forman, Mitesh Patel, Dave Williams, Fengqing Zhang, Ross D. Crosby and Meghan L. Butryn
Pages: 29–36

A Controlled Evaluation of a CBPR Intervention’s Effects on Physical Activity and the Related Psychosocial Constructs Among Minority Children in an Underserved Community
Kara C. Hamilton, Mark T. Richardson, Shanda McGraw, Teirdre Owens and John C. Higginbotham
Pages: 37–44

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Do Physical Activity, Caloric Intake, and Sleep Vary Together Day to Day? Exploration of Intraindividual Variability in 3 Key Health Behaviors
Stephanie A. Hooker, Laura B. Oswald, Kathryn J. Reid and Kelly G. Baron
Pages: 45–51

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Sedentary Behavior and Chronic Disease: Mechanisms and Future Directions
Paddy C. Dempsey, Chuck E. Matthews, S. Ghazaleh Dashti, Aiden R. Doherty, Audrey Bergouignan, Eline H. van Roekel, David W. Dunstan, Nicholas J. Wareham, Thomas E. Yates, Katrien Wijndaele and Brigid M. Lynch
Pages: 52–61


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Extension as a Backbone Support Organization for Physical Activity Promotion: A Collective Impact Case Study From Rural Kentucky
Margaret McGladrey, Angela Carman, Christy Nuetzman and Nicole Peritore
Pages: 62–67


Whole of Systems Approaches to Physical Activity Policy and Practice in Australia: The ASAPa Project Overview and Initial Systems Map
William Bellew, Ben J. Smith, Tracy Nau, Karen Lee, Lindsey Reece and Adrian Bauman
Pages: 68–73

Self-Efficacy, Not Peer or Parent Support, Is Associated With More Physical Activity and Less Sedentary Time Among 8- to 12-Year-Old Youth With Elevated Body Mass Index
Krista Schroeder, Martha Y. Kubik, Jiwoo Lee, John R. Sirard and Jayne A. Fulkerson
Pages: 74–79

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Approaches to Improve Causal Inference in Physical Activity Epidemiology
Brigid M. Lynch, Suzanne C. Dixon-Suen, Andrea Ramirez Varela, Yi Yang, Dallas R. English, Ding Ding, Paul A. Gardiner and Terry Boyle
Pages: 80–84

High-Intensity Interval Versus Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training in Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease: Hemodynamic and Functional Adaptation
Bianca Fernandes, Fabio Augusto Barbieri, Fernanda Zane Arthuso, Fabiana Araújo Silva, Gabriel Felipe Moretto, Luis Felipe Itikawa Imaizumi, Awassi Yophiwa Ngomane, Guilherme Veiga Guimarães and Emmanuel Gomes Ciolac
Pages: 85–91



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Introducing 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years: A New Paradigm Gaining Momentum
Mark S. Tremblay
Pages: 92–95

Open access
Development of WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Sleep for Children Less Than 5 Years of Age
Juana Willumsen and Fiona Bull
Pages: 96–100


GRADE-ADOLOPMENT Process to Develop 24-Hour Movement Behavior Recommendations and Physical Activity Guidelines for the Under 5s in the United Kingdom, 2019
John J. Reilly, Adrienne R. Hughes, Xanne Janssen, Kathryn R. Hesketh, Sonia Livingstone, Catherine Hill, Ruth Kipping, Catherine E. Draper, Anthony D. Okely and Anne Martin
Pages: 101–108


The South African 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Birth to 5 Years: An Integration of Physical Activity, Sitting Behavior, Screen Time, and Sleep
Catherine E. Draper, Simone A. Tomaz, Linda Biersteker, Caylee J. Cook, Jacqui Couper, Monique de Milander, Kamesh Flynn, Sonja Giese, Soezin Krog, Estelle V. Lambert, Tamarin Liebenberg, Cyndi Mendoza, Terri Nunes, Anita Pienaar, Alessandra Priorieschi, Dale E. Rae, Nafeesa Rahbeeni, John J. Reilly, Louis Reynolds, Marie-Louise Samuels, Ricardo Siljeur, Jody Urion, Mariza van Wyk and Anthony D. Okely
Pages: 109–119


Exploring Stakeholders’ Perceptions of the Acceptability, Usability, and Dissemination of the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years
Rebecca Stanley, Rachel Jones, Christian Swan, Hayley Christian, Julie Sherring, Trevor Shilton and Anthony Okely
Pages: 120–125

The South African 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Birth to 5 Years: Results From the Stakeholder Consultation
Simone A. Tomaz, Anthony D. Okely, Alastair van Heerden, Khanya Vilakazi, Marie-Louise Samuels and Catherine E. Draper
Pages: 126–137

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