Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Vol. 12, 2020, No. 1



Striking a Balance
Edward M. Wojtys

Focus Topic: The Amateur Athlete

Effect of Injury Prevention Programs on Lower Extremity Performance in Youth Athletes: A Systematic Review
Colleen Hanlon, Joseph J. Krzak, Janey Prodoehl, and Kathy D. Hall

Associations Between the Physical Activity Vital Sign and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in High-Risk Youth and Adolescents
Vicki R. Nelson, Robert V. Masocol, and Irfan M. Asif

Weight Gain After ACL Reconstruction in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients
Elle M. MacAlpine, Divya Talwar, Eileen P. Storey, Scott M. Doroshow, and J. Todd R. Lawrence

Sport-Specific Associations of Specialization and Sex With Overuse Injury in Youth Athletes
Eric G. Post, Kevin M. Biese, Daniel A. Schaefer, Andrew M. Watson, Timothy A. McGuine, M. Alison Brooks, and David R. Bell

The Quality, Quantity, and Intraindividual Variability of Sleep Among Students and Student-Athletes
Cédric Leduc, Jason Tee, Jonathon Weakley, Carlos Ramirez, and Ben Jones

Infection Risk Reduction Program on Pathogens in High School and Collegiate Athletic Training Rooms
Mark W. LaBelle, Derrick M. Knapik, James W. Arbogast, Steve Zhou, Lisa Bowersock, Albert Parker, and James E. Voos

Current Research

2019-2020 NFL and NFL Physician Society Orthobiologics Consensus Statement Scott A. Rodeo and Asheesh Bedi

ACL Size and Notch Width Between ACLR and Healthy Individuals: A Pilot Study Hsin-Min Wang, Sandra J. Shultz, Scott E. Ross, Robert A. Henson, David H. Perrin, and Randy J. Schmitz

Does Overexertion Correlate With Increased Injury? The Relationship Between Player Workload and Soft Tissue Injury in Professional American Football Players Using Wearable Technology Ryan T. Li, Michael J. Salata, Sagar Rambhia, Joe Sheehan, and James E. Voos

A Randomized Study of a Strength Training Program to Prevent Injuries in Runners of the New York City Marathon
Brett G. Toresdahl, Kathryn McElheny, Jordan Metzl, Brittany Ammerman, Brenda Chang, and James Kinderknecht

The Musculoskeletal Health Benefits of Tennis
Matthew J. Jackson, Denise M. Roche, Farzad Amirabdollahian, Stefan Koehn, and Omid A. Khaiyat

When the Wave Breaks You: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings After Surfing Injuries
, , , , and Harry G. Greditzer, IV

The Cost Variability of Orthobiologics
Amit Mukesh Momaya, Andrew Sullivan McGee, Alexander R. Dombrowsky, Alan Joshua Wild, Naqeeb M. Faroqui, Raymond P. Waldrop, Jun Kit He, Eugene W. Brabston, and Brent Andrew Ponce

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