International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume 8, 2021, Issue 3


Open Access
Practical Advances in Sport Coaching Research in International Sport Coaching Journal
Bettina Callary
Page: 281–282
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2021-0044

Original Research

“A Really Strong Bond”: Coaches in Women Athletes’ Experiences of Inclusion in Parasport
Jessica J. Ferguson, Nancy L.I. Spencer
Page: 283–292
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0052

Influence of a Coach Development Curriculum on Preservice Coaches’ Habitus
Clayton Kuklick, Stephen Harvey, Roch King
Page: 293–302
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0027

Exploring Coaches’ Perceptions of the Feasibility of a Movement-Oriented Games-Based Assessment Within “Made to Play” Programs
David Morley, Andrew Miller, James Rudd, Johann Issartel, Jackie Goodway, Donna O’Connor, Stephen Harvey, Paul Ogilvie, Thomas van Rossum
Page: 303–314
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0038

An Exploration of Recruitment of Elite Athletes to Coaching Within Federations
Stiliani “Ani” Chroni, Kristen Dieffenbach, Sigurd Pettersen
Page: 315–327
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0056

Coaches’ Beliefs About Shy Children and Adolescents in the Context of Team Sports
Kim Nguyen, Robert J. Coplan, Kristen A. Archbell, Linda Rose-Krasnor
Page: 328–337
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0078

Mental Health in Elite-Level Coaches: Prevalence Rates and Associated Impact of Coach Stressors and Psychological Resilience
Jolan Kegelaers, Paul Wylleman, I. (Belle) N.A. van Bree, Francesco Wessels, Raôul R.D. Oudejans
Page: 338–347
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0066

Open Access
Assessing the Value Created in a Social Learning Space Intervention: Four Vignettes of Parasport Coaches
Tiago Duarte, Diane M. Culver, Kyle Paquette
Page: 348–361
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0006

Players’ Perceptions of the Talent Development Environment Within the English Premier League and Football League
Tom O. Mitchell, Adam Gledhill, Ross Shand, Martin A. Littlewood, Lewis Charnock, Kevin Till
Page: 362–370
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0085

Daily Mindfulness Is Associated With Recovery Processes Among Coaches—A 4-Week Diary Study
Fleur Pawsey, Jennifer Hoi Ki Wong, Göran Kenttä, Katharina Näswall
Page: 371–381
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0045

Coaching In

The Union of European Football Associations 2020 Coaching Convention Update and Coach Education in the Football Association of Ireland
Seamus Kelly, Niall O’Regan
Page: 382–393
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0090

Best Practices

An Ecological Insight Into the Design and Integration of Attacking Principles of Play in Professional Rugby Union: A Case Example
Jim McKay, Keith Davids, Sam Robertson, Carl T. Woods
Page: 394–399
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0065


Moving Toward Authentic, Learning-Oriented Assessment in Coach Education
Liam McCarthy, Ashley Allanson, John Stoszkowski
Page: 400–404
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2020-0050


Open Access
A Reflection on the State of Sport Coaching Research, Its Community, and Representation: The 2020 International Council for Coaching Excellence Research Committee Consultation
Julian North, Bettina Callary, Kristen Dieffenbach, Larissa Galatti, Sergio Lara-Bercial, Christine Nash, Donna O’Connor
Page: 405–413
DOI: 10.1123/iscj.2021-0041

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