International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 6, 2019, Issue 3: Global Perspectives in Coach Education for the Coach Developer



Open Access
Coach Developer Special Issue: Global Perspectives in Coach Education for the Coach Developer
Bettina Callary and Brian Gearity
Pages: 261–262

Original Research

“Learning the Hard Way”: Understanding the Workplace Learning of Sports Coach Mentors
Thomas M. Leeder, Kate Russell and Lee C. Beaumont
Pages: 263–273

Participating in a Learner-Centered Coach Education Program: Composite Vignettes of Coaches’ and Coach Educators’ Experiences
Kyle Paquette, Pierre Trudel, Tiago Duarte and Glenn Cundari
Pages: 274–284

Learning From Practice: The Value of a Personal Learning Coach for High-Performance Coaches
François Rodrigue, Pierre Trudel and Jennifer Boyd
Pages: 285–295

Coach Developers as ‘Facilitators of Learning’ in a Large-Scale Coach Education Programme: One Actor in a Complex System
Diane M. Culver, Penny Werthner and Pierre Trudel
Pages: 296–306

Layers of Learning in Coach Developers’ Practice-Theories, Preparation and Delivery
Anna Stodter and Christopher J. Cushion
Pages: 307–316

Beyond Knowledge Transfer: The Role of Coach Developers as Motivators for Lifelong Learning
Lea-Cathrin Dohme, Alexandra J. Rankin-Wright and Sergio Lara-Bercial
Pages: 317–328

Best Practices

Backwards Design and Program Level Approaches to Coach Development in Higher Education
Eric M. Martin, Scott J. Moorcroft and Tyler G. Johnson
Pages: 329–338

Coaching In

A Coach Developers’ Narrative on Scaffolding a Learner-Centred Coaching Course in Brazil
Larissa R. Galatti, Yura Yuka Sato dos Santos and Paula Korsakas
Pages: 339–348


Searching for a Signature Pedagogy in Novice Coach Education
Julia Walsh and Fraser Carson
Pages: 349–353

What It Really Means To ‘Think Outside The Box’: Why Foucault Matters For Coach Development
Jim Denison
Pages: 354–358

Exploring the Use of E-Portfolios in Higher Education Coaching Programs
Katie Dray and Kristy Howells
Pages: 359–365

Voices From the Field: Q&A With Coach Developers Around the World
Bettina Callary and Brian Gearity
Pages: 366–369

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