International Journal of Sport Communication, Volume 12, 2019, No. 3

Scholarly Commentary

The Blockchain Phenomenon: Conceptualizing Decentralized Networks and the Value Proposition to the Sport Industry
Michael L. Naraine
Pages: 313–335

Student Research

#BodyIssue and Instagram: A Gender Disparity in Conversation, Coverage, and Content in ESPN The Magazine
Sara Santarossa, Paige Coyne, Sarah J. Woodruff and Craig G. Greenham
Pages: 336–353

(Inter)National Pastime: Depicting Nationality in Local and National Major League Baseball Broadcasts
Zachary W. Arth, Darrin J. Griffin and Andrew C. Billings
Pages: 354–370

Industry Interview

Interview With Joe Sargent, Director of Brand Marketing, Kansas City Chiefs
Zack Pedersen and Antonio S. Williams
Pages: 371–375

Original Research

Football Players’ Popularity on Twitter Explained: Performance on the Pitch or Performance on Twitter?
Maurice Vergeer and Leon Mulder
Pages: 376–396

The African American Community and Professional Baseball: Examining Major League Baseball’s Corporate Social-Responsibility Efforts as a Relationship-Management Strategy
Shaun M. Anderson and Matthew M. Martin
Pages: 397–418

Case Study

“Insider Dope” and NBA Trade Coverage: A Case Study on Unnamed Sourcing in Sport Journalism
Sada Reed and Guy Harrison
Pages: 419–430

Book Reviews

Fit for America: Major John L. Griffith and the Quest for Athletics and Fitness
Kristi Sweeney
Pages: 431–433

The Anti-Doping Crisis in Sport: Causes, Consequences, Solutions
Matthew A. Masucci
Pages: 434–437

Mascot Nation: The Controversy Over Native American Representations in Sports
Isabell Mills
Pages: 438–439

Applied Sport Management Skills, 3rd Edition
Lauren E. Brown
Pages: 440–441

Sport and Society in Global France: Nations, Migrations, Corporations (Studies in Modern and Contemporary France)
Katja Sonkeng
Pages: 442–445

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