International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 19, 2018, No 2: “Critical Issues and Challenges in the Sport Industry of Growing Economies”

The sports industry in growing economies: critical issues and challenges
James J. Zhang, Euisoo Kim, Brandon Marstromartino, Tyreal Yizhou Qian, and John Nauright

A model of fans’ reaction to resurrected brands of sport organizations
Dorian-Laurentiu Florea, Catalin Mihail Barbu, and Mihai Constantin Razvan Barbu

Using international sport events as part of a brand construction strategy
Rogelio Puente-Díaz

Examining service quality and social impact perceptions of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games
Tiago Miguel Ribeiro, Abel Correia, Rui Biscaia, and Carlos Figueiredo

Factors affecting the regional strategies for developing and advancing the Chinese sport industry
Yan Wang, James J. Zhang, Nathan David Pifer, and Minkil Kim

Attracting international spectators to a sport event held in Asia
Yasuhiro Watanabe, Cassendra Gilbert, Mohd Salleh Aman, and James J. Zhang

Reversing the tide of sport globalization from west to east? Examining consumer demand for table tennis clubs in the U.S.
Yi Zhang, Minkil Kim, Jerred Junqi Wang, and Brenda Pitts

Is Egyptian soccer well-positioned for business purposes? Assessing competitive balance in the Egyptian Premier League
Mohamed F.A. Ebrahim, N. David Pifer, Saad Ahmed Saad Shalaby, Karim Mohamed Mahmoud El Hakim, Hosam El Dien El Sayed Mubarak, and James J. Zhang

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