Between cultures in twenty-first century Ireland

    In Youth Sport, Migration and Culture: Two football teams and the changing face of Ireland (Routledge), Max Mauro looks closely at young people’s leisure practices in multi-ethnic contexts, and at issues of inclusion in relation to public discourses around ‘national identity’ and immigration. We asked Dilwyn Porter to read Mauro’s book, and he has written a knowledgeable and appreciative review that shows Mauro’s efforts to be insightful and recommendable.

    Explaining the concept and application of new materialisms to feminist sport and fitness

    Feminist New Materialisms, Sport and Fitness: A Lively Entanglement by Holly Thorpe, Julie Brice & Marianne Clark (Palgrave Macmillan) offers the first critical examination of the contributions of feminist new materialist thought to the study of sport, fitness, and physical culture. We asked Pam R. Sailors, Professor of Philosophy at Missouri State University to read it, and her review bears witness to the complexities dealt with in the book; still, she writes, a good addition to discussions in the area.

    Important contribution to the field of sport and disability studies

    Roald Undlien’s doctoral dissertation “We just knew that we had to be a part of it”: The Youth Olympic Games as a catalyst for social innovation explores how volunteering at an Olympic event can function as a stimulus for social innovation for people with intellectual disabilities. Our reviewer is Daniela Schwarz, and she finds a stimulating and original perspective on social improvement that promotes further studies of social leveraging, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

    Physical activity – not simply a matter of moving about!

    Joe Piggin’s The Politics of Physical Activity (Routledge) uses critical analysis to challenge accepted truths about physical activity and therefore opens up a pathway to more effective, and more socially just, physical activity policy. We asked Karin Redelius for a review, and she welcomes Piggin’s redefinition of physical activity to include, besides health, values such as hierarchy, status and power. His book should be read by everyone involved in promoting physical activity.

    Becoming and unbecoming a fitness doper

    Fitness Doping: Trajectories, Gender, Bodies and Health by Jesper Andreasson & Thomas Johansson (Palgrave Macmillan) compiles several years of multi-faceted qualitative research on fitness doping to provide a fresh insight into how this phenomenon intersects with issues of gender, body and health. Our reviewer is Anders Schmidt Vinther, PhD student at Aarhus University and well versed in doping research. While he acknowleges original contributions to the field in the book, he also has several points of criticism.

    An almost official account of the Video Assistant Referee

    The introduction of the Video Assistant Referee, VAR, in international football/soccer, was met with skepticism, to put it mildly. The whole thing is explained, dubiously justified, and even openly propagated in The Use of Video Technologies in Refereeing Football and Other Sports, edited by Manuel Armenteros, Anto J. Benitez & Miguel Ángel Betancor (Routledge). Our reviewer, media and technology researcher Marcio Telles, brings eminent clarity into this entangled issue.

    Spændende og indsigtsfuld idrætshistorie med et samfundsfagligt perspektiv

    Med relevanta och fokuserade inblickar i idrottshistorien har Hans Bonde och Stanis Elsborg i Med kroppen ind i kulturen: Idrætshistoriske strejflys (Syddansk Universitetsforlag) skrivit en lärobok för gymnasiet som också kan vara av intresse för en bredare kulturintresserad läsekrets. Martin Friis Andersen har recenserat boken, och finner att den, oaktat vissa historiografiska anmärkningar, inbjuder till diskussion om idrottens roll ett historiskt och samhällsperspektiv.

    Fascinating, yet at times confusing, history and analysis of postwar FIA

    A History of Organizational Change: The case of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), 1946–2020 by Hans Erik Næss (Palgrave Macmillan) is the first independent study of FIA’s institutional history. Our reviewer, organisation researcher Cecilia Stenling, confesses to scant knowledge about cars in general and motorsport in particular. So, she learnt a lot about the latter from Næss, but has reservations when it comes to his narrative design as well as his handling of theory.

    A comprehensive overview of the role of economics in the intersection of sport and...

    Brian Goff is a professor of economics at Western Kentucky University, and his latest book is Sports Economics Uncut (Edward Elgar), in which he explores sports as a mirror of the world and a powerful agent of change, and covers subjects ranging from racial discrimination to inequality, law enforcement, managers and risky decisions, club membership, and politics. Our reviewer is Harry Arne Solberg, and he found interesting information and perspectives, albeit with a distinct US-centric bias.

    Practical guide to the nuts and bolts of communication in sport management

    A classic textbook on sport and media has been updated. Britt-Marie Ringfjord has read the 5th edition of Media Relations in Sport by Craig Esherick, Philip H. Caskey and Brad Schultz (FiT Publishing), that takes into account the intersection and trajectory of emerging technologies, platforms and trends with foundational principles of communication. Our reviewer offers a thorough presentation of the various chapters, and concludes that the update keeps the content well up to speed.
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