A fierce critique hitting wider than intended (?), but not as hard

    Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, Professor Emerita at University of Toronto, is an avid critic of various aspects of sports, including its gender and sexual politics, and the Olympic Games. Her latest book is Gender, Athletes’ Rights, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Emerald Publishing). Since it’s a book about law written by a sociologist, we asked a legal scholar, Mikael Hansson of University of Gothenburg, for a review.

    New Esport book fills a void, but has notable weaknesses

    Whether or not esports can be incorporated in the wider concept of traditional sports is a serious bone of contention among sport scholars which is touched upon in Ryan Rogers’ collected volume Understanding Esports: An Introduction to the Global Phenomenon (Lexington Books), though not as cleverly as in many previous works. And our reviewer Anne Tjønndal have other reservations as well, however some chapters do pass muster.

    A comprehensive book in exercise psychology for undergraduate students

    The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice by Lox, Martin Ginis, Gainforth and Petruzzelli (Routledge), now in its fifth revised edition, is a textbook for undergraduates with a number of useful pedagogical features which, according to our reviewer Peter Carlman, makes it particularly useful for developing exercise interventions, with significant and useful theories, models, and practical examples.

    Impressive account of American sports, albeit with less sociological theory than expected

    Widely published and award-winning American sociology professor emeritus, Christopher B. Doob has a new book with Routledge, Great Expectations: The Sociology of Survival and Success in Organized Team Sports. We asked Anders Östnäs, Lund University, to read Doob’s book and present us with a review. Our reviewer regrets the paucity of sociological theory while enjoying the narrative that came in its place.

    Laudable ambitions, disappointing results

    In this original review for by Dominic Malcolm, Peter Krustrup’s long-awaited summing-up of 17 years of research around the health benefits of football, Football as Medicine: Prescribing Football for Global Health Promotion, edited with Daniel Parnell (Routledge), is critically assessed. While commending the basic premise of the book and its trust in football as medicine, he regrets the lack of critical perspectives.

    Avhandling som løfter frem noen viktige spørsmål om idrettens rolle i samfunnet

    Den 7 februari 2020 försvarade Daniel Bjärsholm sin avhandling Idrott som medel – inte som mål: Förutsättningar för socialt entreprenörskap inom idrotten (Malmö universitet). Fakultetsopponent var Solveig Strame från Høgskolen i Molde, och det är också hon som svarar för forumets recension. Efter en genomgång och analys av artiklar och kappan konstaterar vår recensent att Bjärsholms argument för en vidare roll för idrottens ligger rätt i tiden.

    A guide to reading a guide to reading Deleuze

    In her recent book Deleuze and the Physically Active Body (Routledge), Pirkko Markula, kinesiology scholar, dancer, choreographer, examines Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy and demonstrates how the moving body can initiate social change. We commissioned our resident expert on French philosophy Kalle Jonasson to review the book, and his highly readable review offers insights also into his own thoughts on Deleuze.

    Excellent textbook for outdoor learning, albeit not for all

    The textbook Adventure and Society by Simon Beames, Chris Mackie and Matthew Atencio (Palgrave Macmillan) offers a broad, cross-disciplinary study of various societal aspects of adventure, ranging from the everyday to the extreme. We asked Anne Tjønndal for a review, and she finds this superb book to be useful for inclusion into the course literature for under-graduate studies in outdoor learning.

    Captivating read about the early history of baseball

    Long before baseball became America’s national pastime, Europeans of all ages, genders, and classes were playing a similar game with varying names. In his book Pastime Lost: The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English Baseball (Nebraska UP), David Block looks for the roots of baseball mainly in England. Our reviewer Isak Lidström is highly appreciative of Block’s efforts, but calls for a wider perspective.

    Värdefull om än överteoretiserande avhandling om vägen till fördjupat lärande

    Heléne Bergentoft disputerade i maj 2019 på avhandlingen Lärande av rörelseförmåga i idrott och hälsa ur ett praktikutvecklande perspektiv (Göteborgs universitetet), i vilken hon ådagalade samband mellan undervisning och lärande av rörelseförmåga samt transfer av kunnande. Suzanne Lundvall reder ut teoretiska utgångspunkter och begrepp i denna inte helt lättlästa men väl läsvärda bok.
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