Sports’ relation to other forms of leisure investigated with an impressive variety of historical...

    Two special issues of Sport in History has been converted into a single 14 chapters volume by the editors Dion Georgiou and Benjamin Litherland: Sport’s Relationship with Other Leisure Industries: Historical Perspectives (Routledge). Our reviewer is Anne Tjønndal, and she offers a comprehensive overview of the collection, which, though it might be better for some to read a few individual chapters, as a whole represents an accomplishment in sport history scholarship.

    Fin ABC-bok på sporttema som för tankarna till Lennart Hellsing

    Åsa Sandell är kulturskribenten som blev boxare som blev författare. Som 28-åring började hon träna boxning och blev förälskad i sporten. Hon debuterade i ringen år 1995 och tog fyra SM-guld. 37 år gammal gick Åsa sin första proffsmatch i Washington D C, USA. Och 2020 publicerade hon en barnbok, Sportig ABC-bok, illustrerad av Malin Norlander (Idus Förlag). Vår recensent Emma Tornborg är förtjust över såväl texten som illustrationerna.

    Brittisk hästsport på film historiskt kartlagd

    Den engelska filmvetaren Stephen Glynn vid De Montfort University går i sin nya bok på djupet när det gäller engelsk galoppsport på film. Peter Dahlén har läst The British Horseracing Film: Representations of the ‘Sport of Kings’ in British Cinema (Palgrave Macmillan), och i sin recension för konstaterar han att Glynns bok fyller ett vakum i sportfilmsforskningen.

    Will conventionalist philosophy solve the moral conflict over the meaning of sport?

    William J. Morgan is a Professor Emeritus at USC and a much-published and awarded scholar within the philosophy of sport. His previous book in this field was Why Sports Morally Matter (2006). His new book is called Sport and Moral Conflict: A Conventionalist Theory (Temple University Press). Shawn Klein, likewise a sport philosophy scholar, learned much from reading the book, albeit disagreeing with important aspects of Morgan’s argument.

    A thesis that helps us understand the role of place of early development in...

    In May 2018, Niels Nygaard Rossing defended his dissertation at Aalborg University, “Local Heroes”: The influence of place of early development in Danish handball and football talent development (Aalborg University Press). We asked Tor Söderström to read and review Rossing’s book, and he points to several important new perspectives on talent development in the book, of which the most fruitful is taking into account the player’s place of early development.

    The sport of tennis – constantly in the frontline of sport history

    Five hundred pages, forty-five chapters, forty-nine authors – the Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics is a veritable treasure trove for academic tennis aficionados. Edited by renowned tennis historian Robert J. Lake, the volume elicited numerous unsolicited enthusiastic exclamations of appreciation and joy from our reviewer, renowned historian of Swedish tennis Johnny Wijk. Actually, his only complaint was the glaring paucity of Swedish tennis.

    Beautifully written, with sound research, balanced arguments and a critical approach

    This review represents a meeting of two very different approaches to tennis history, albeit with one thing in common, the love of the game. David Berry, writer and documentary filmmaker has written a non-academic account of tennis history, A People’s History of Tennis (Pluto Press). Our reviewer is Robert J. Lake, editor of Routledge Handbook of Tennis, a thoroughly academic work. With the said, Lake finds Berry’s book to be beautifully written and painstakingly researched.

    New insights into the complex subculture of the ultras movement

    Fanaticism in association football fandom is being witnessed these days in the wake of Maradona’s passing. Another expression is also the subject of Ultras: The passion and performance of contemporary football fandom by Mark Doidge, Radosław Kossakowski & Svenja Mintert (Manchester University Press). Our reviewer is Lise Joern, well versed in the world of football fandom, fanatic or not, and she really appreciates this sociological study and its novel theoretical approaches.

    Does critical research make a difference to equity and inclusion in sport, health &...

    Into their seventh month of pandemic isolation, lisahunter delivers a stimulating review of Critical Research in Sport, Health and Physical Education: How to make a difference (Routledge), a collected volume edited by Richard Pringle, Håkan Larsson & Göran Gerdin, and featuring a notable clutch of contributors. ’Critical’ is the dominating perspective in the anthology, and in the review lisahunter presents its own critical analysis of the criticality of the ’Criticals’.

    Sport and alcohol – two popular social lubricants in a sticky relationship

    Sport and alcohol go way back in sport history, hand in hand. Drink manufacturers sponsor sport, sports people drink and endorse various alcoholic beverages. Is it a sort of symbiosis? Anyway, it’s been the subject of a number of academic studies, the latest being a collected volume by Sarah Gee, Sport, Alcohol and Social Inquiry: A Global Cocktail (Emerald), which is reviewed here by Alan Bairner – and “there could have been few better choices”.
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