Leisure Sciences, Volume 42, 2020, Issue 1

    Leisure Sciences presents scientific inquiries into the study of leisure, recreation, parks, travel, and tourism from a social science perspective. Articles cover the social and psychological aspects of leisure, planning for leisure environments, leisure gerontology, travel and tourism behavior, leisure economics, and urban leisure delivery systems.

    Call for Papers | 3rd Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Dance Congress (Ispes 2020)...

    The first Ispes congress was hosted in İstanbul 2018, the second in Alanya 2019. The 3rd Ispes congress will be hosted by İstanbul Aydın University March 13–15, 2020. We will welcome researchers, educators, graduate students and professionals from all over the world to İstanbul Aydın University to present their papers and contribute to the 3rd International Physical Education, Sports, Recreation and Dance Congress (Ispescongress 2020).
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