Call for Papers | Violent Conflicts 2015: The violent decade?! Recent Domains of Violent Conflicts and Counteracting | Bielefeld University, February 25–27, 2015

football-hooligansAre we living in a decade dominated by an underestimation of forms of violence causing a lack of investment in prevention and intervention? The international Conference on “Violent Conflicts 2015: The violent decade?! Recent Domains of Violent Conflicts and Counteracting” in Bielefeld provides a state-of-the-art description and analyses of current inner-societal forms of violence which have the potential to cause massive crisis within as well as between societies.

Four characteristics determine the conference program: The central facets conflict and violence are connected in discourse to deal with a fundamental question: When does conflict lead to violence and when on the other hand does violence initiate or perpetuate conflict? Second, the conference focuses on the political dimension of current and historical phenomena of violence posing a threat to societies. Third, the conference aims at representing the state-of-the-art of international research on conflict regarding potential of science-to-action transfer and thus, fourth, wants to provide a forum for science in conjunction with other publicities through a systematic exchange of findings and perspectives.

Topics are:

  • Youth and Violence – Generations of conflict (Panel A)
  • Violence and Football – Arenas of conflict (Panel B)
  • Violence and Religion – Spheres of conflict (Panel C)
  • Expressive Violence – Radicalization of conflict (Panel D)
  • Pacification of political violence – suppression of conflict (Panel E)

Panel B: Football and Conflict

Although there are numerous studies in Europe about the broad field of football research, especially in Germany very little is known, however, about conflict in the field of “football”, e.g. respective experiences and motivations of football supporters or ethnic conflicts in lower leagues. International in scope, this panel addresses contributions from academics whose work examines the rich and diverse range of football research. Authors are encouraged to submit papers that are theory-driven, empirical-based, or position papers written from the full range of perspectives in the social sciences (e.g. sociology, educational science, pedagogy, political science, policy analysis, cultural studies, anthropology, management and organization, etc.) on topics such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Fan cultures and identities
  • Conflicts between fans and police
  • Relation between football fans and violence
  • Ethnic conflicts in football
  • Possibilities of dealing with conflicts in football


IN ORDER TO achieve a systematic exchange the conference is composed of three components. Every day will start with a keynote on conflict and violence research, follow up with the panel-sections and end with a panel discussion concerning the variety of topics presented in the panels. To further give room to fruitful discussions there also will be social events in the evenings. Further information concerning the calls is provided in this pdf presentation.

Deadline for submitting an application is November 15, 2014.

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