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    Call for Papers | “Sport and Game Studies” | Special Issue of Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence. Call ends May, 1st 2018

    The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence is devoted to fostering discussion at the interface of philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology and political theory. The journal welcomes original articles providing philosophical insights about topics such as conflict, war, crime, and aggression, and encompasses contributions from the history of philosophy to more interdisciplinary studies.

    Call for Papers | “Managing Abuse and Integrity in Sport” | Special Issue of Sport Management Review. Call ends September 28, 2018

    For this special issue, we encourage submissions from scholars both inside and outside of the sport management domain (e.g., sociology, social psychology, coaching and pedagogy, psychology, sociocultural studies, criminology) to provoke a broad, interdisciplinary, and critical discussion about the management of abuse.

    Call for Participation | Eliminating violence in sport and creating safety for athletes | Safe Sport International inaugural conference, Madrid, April 6–7, 2018

    Violence, including sexual, physical, psychological abuse and neglect, threatens not only the ethical and social basis of sport but also the physical, emotional and mental health of the athlete. The Safe Sport International (SSI) conference to addresses research evidence, policy responses, preventive strategies and the growing demand for safe sport practice to secure sport as a place of safety for all athletes.

    Call for Papers | 2016 Sports and Violence Conference | March 19, 2016, Ashland University, Ohio

    The Sports and Violence Conference will be held on March 19, 2016 on the campus of Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. We are seeking paper and panel proposals that engage the conference theme.

    Call for Papers | Violent Conflicts 2015: The violent decade?! Recent Domains of Violent Conflicts and Counteracting | Bielefeld University, February 25–27, 2015

    Are we living in a decade dominated by an underestimation of forms of violence causing a lack of investment in prevention and intervention? The international Conference on “Violent Conflicts 2015: The violent decade?! Recent Domains of Violent Conflicts and Counteracting” in Bielefeld provides a state-of-the-art description and analyses of current inner-societal forms of violence which have the potential to...

    Debate on violence in sport at Sport&EU

    The latest issue of Sport&EU Review featured the launch of a series on violence in sport. In an introductory contribution, Bart Ooijen provided a short report on the role and actions taken by the European Commissionto prevent violence from occurring in sport. The editorial team of the Review decided to carry on the debate online and recently posted a second contribution to the thread: in it,...
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