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    Founded in 2002, the Sport Marketing Association has led the effort in developing and expanding the body of knowledge in sport marketing by providing forums for professional interaction among practitioners, academics, and students dedicated to the sport marketing industry. The Sport Marketing Association welcomes the submission of abstracts for its 18th SMA Annual Conference.
    The aim of this conference is to bring scientists and scholars together for an exchange on the current state of research and development. The program will include presentations from renowned keynote speakers and leading experts, as well as oral and poster presentations from world-class researchers touching on cutting edge subjects and newest technologies from the field of Performance Analysis.
    How is African athletes’ participation in various international competitions evolving with the rapidly transforming global sport ecosystems? What is the significance of African nation states participating and occasionally winning world competitions? What implications do these victories have for national sports development or management? What are the positive or negative impacts of the resources allocated to these participations?
    We invite empirical, theoretical and methodological papers from postgraduate students, early-career researchers, established academics and practitioners that address and interrogate, from a critical and global perspective, cultural, social, political and experiential frameworks of sport. Contributions from disciplines of public policy, sociology, politics, economics, anthropology, cultural studies, history, communication, law and psychology are welcome.
    Abstracts are welcome on any area of philosophy of sport (broadly construed), including metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics, and from any theoretical approach, including analytic philosophy and critical theory. While IAPS recognizes, values, and encourages interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies, acceptance is contingent on the philosophical content of the project. Emerging scholars are encouraged to submit works in progress.
    While the concept of authenticity has a long history, in recent years it has emerged as a prominent theme in many of the most pressing debates about contemporary communication and culture. We therefore invite paper proposals from any disciplinary background. We are interested in a broad range of papers exploring authenticity and abstract submissions addressing authenticity, e.g. authenticity in sports.
    Vi har gleden av å invitere deg til den niende Kroppsøvingskonferansen på Norges idrettshøgskole. Konferansen retter seg mot forskere, lærere i høyere utdanning og i skoler, stipendiater, master-studenter og andre som er opptatt av Kroppsøving/Idrettsfag/Idrott och hälsa/Idræt i et forsknings- og utviklingsperspektiv. Du er velkommen til å sende inn ditt abstrakt på norsk, svensk eller dansk.
    We welcome presentation on participation numbers in different groups, perceptions and values of children and youth sport and debated aspects of children’s sport. In addition, children’s rights in sport and different aspects of talent identification can be discussed and problematized. Additionally, the conference welcomes presentations contextualizing participation in sport against a background of leisure, migration and a changing society.
    This conference brings together an international and interdisciplinary field of researchers. The unifying interest in the conference is scientific questions about the horse as well as the horse in society and the relation between humans and horses. In focus for the conference this year are questions regarding past, present and future challenges in relation to horse – human activities and interaction.
    This is the tenth anniversary of The Hockey Conference, which was founded by Dr. Colin Howell at Saint Mary’s. The 2020 Conference will occur in a meaningful place and at a meaningful time. Events occurring in Halifax around that time include the Women’s World Hockey Championships, the North American Indigenous Games, and the opening of the new ice rink on campus, the Dauphinee Centre.
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